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"via an ElasticSearch server that it left exposed on the internet without a password"


"An associated Kibana installation running on the same server is also available, without a password"


Another gorgeous evening at a2sf... but 15 degrees warmer this week!

For me, Elizabeth Warren has to be on this ticket, which means there's room for only one of Harris or Sanders. The question is can America handle two women on a ballot? Can we tag Harris in specifically to blow up Trump or Pence at a debate?

Do debates even matter in the general, though? I mean there were actually people who thought Trump might have actually won a debate last time around, so maybe not?

(he's not a good candidate, so this is a-OK.)

Sounds like Joe Biden is getting absolutely destroyed out there tonight.

You know what? I'm just gonna add Architecture back in and cut something else.

In my last investigative game, I notoriously cut "Architecture" as a skill, but inadvertently left in clues that could be found with it.

Without spoiling anything, I'm back-tracking solution chains and folks, it almost happened again ;).


"As long as the JSON string is only evaluated once, the JSON.parse approach is much faster compared to the JavaScript object literal, especially for cold loads."

Who's got two thumbs and is going to see Barcelona vs. Napoli at Michigan Stadium in August?

This guy.

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