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Amazon _really_ wants me to watch Carnival Row, but boyyyyyyy it looks bland-o mcblanderstein-y.

I like Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevigne as much as the next guy, but... I don't think they have the spark to carry a movie or show. Orlando can be great as part of a cast, and Cara seems pretty cool in real life. But... neither one has that sparkle that makes me want to watch them lead something.

big storm to the north and west, looks like

If you, like me, struggle mightily to sleep at night, I can now recommend 20mg of CBD oil. Been trying it out for 3 weeks now, and results are extremely promising. Only had difficulty getting to sleep once or twice, as compared to every night.

Real estate listings are frequently unintentionally hilarious. Cursed images, "an unusual amount of storage space", etc.

Brian showed up, fixed my problem (a broken exterior faucet with a hose that had fused to it) and then, gratis, off the clock, he fixed my storm door before leaving.

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I want to write more Elixir and Rust code professionally.

Black Sands & the Remixes, The First Fires, Days to Come

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I'm only listening to Bonobo today, and remembering just how much I love these albums.

Here's a weird-sounding request: does anyone here know of a local source for goat's milk? Ideally raw goat's milk?

Short of buying a goat, that is. Urban life, etc.

They accidentally ruined large swathes of other grass to get to the places where they intentionally ruined the grass so that they could plant new grass? I think?

They also took down part of a fence.

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Does anyone know what in the hell the plan with tearing out the grass at Haisley's recess yard was? They tore big chunks of it out, and then... replaced it? Weird.

I just wanted to know how much a nissan leaf would actually cost, but now I am stuck in a hellscape of emails, texts, and phone calls.

Current status:

(but laughing because it's a non-critical I told you so moment)

OH: "I agree with that statement, but only on the grounds that writing software is possible"

"I did hard work and am now tired", the social media site 😂

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