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What is the deal with recruiters including super dad-jokey images at the top of their cold-contacts? All of a sudden, they're all doing this!

This snow is massively difficult to remove, ugh. turns into ice immediately.

It is amazing how bad the dropbox app is now. I finally got the "new" version a few weeks ago and every day or so it gets stuck in a loop where it takes an entire CPU just for itself!


How is it possible that I hate Amazon's various APIs so much? I've never been able to wrap my head around the way they structure things over there.

A very "what the fuck is this shit and why did you make it happen to me" sort of day from the dingo.

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Today is Dexter, the pup's, adoption day. In the face of this early snow he's requested to be returned to El Paso, whence he came 😂

An instant classic; I always pause to listen when it comes up in the shuffle:

"Don’t forget: if we had a national health care program, you’d have to wait to receive treatment!"

It's such a sham argument, because ain't nobody in my demographic seeing a specialist without a long wait anyway.

India/Bangladesh/Pakistan are the places to watch for climate emergency early warning, good people

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