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I would sort of like to transition into engineering management. Goals for 2020-2021 I suppose.

I wish Baudrillard and Adam Curtis were less fucking relevant, but here we are.

Beginning to think the democrats are not good at their job, good people ;)

today's lunch task is The Moving Comcast Conversation. I think I did it!

We found 6 tiny tennis balls underneath the shelving units in our laundry room. Six! And shredded remains of one more.

Laramie had some odd ideas about storing his toys :).

Beginning to marvel at the efficiency of everyday storage of things :).

Gotta love an aggressive driver in an enormous Toyota pickup truck rocking the stars and bars decals. In SE Michigan. Bruh.

A trip we undertook to save $210 on some moving expenses turned into an "oh shit, my iPhone" and then "oh shit, the _back_ of my iPhone", which is a $540 "repair" from Apple. Can mail it in to a service center in WA for about $160, so we will have saved $50 to negative-330 after all is said and done :-/

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Does anyone have a spare old smartphone I could borrow for like a week? I need to send Heather's in for service and I want to swap her SIM card out into a loaner, but we've packed our surviving old phones :)

Good people, this needs to be the year when I get down to recording my Historical Adventure Hour podcast. I suspected that the 30 Years War would be a good season; am deep on preliminary reading and this is more epic than I'd thought it could be. So that's three seasons lined up.

We can do so much with so little actual change--it's getting everyone on board and pulling the same way that is the problem:

It was nice, the whole not living in a failed republic thing. We should do that again sometime.

No _you_ just spent the last two hours stepping through functions in the javascript developer console to track down a gnarly AF dynamic import error.

Watched the end of The Good Place, and now I'm sad in a happy way :). A great, if frequently extremely corny and goofy, show.

"Only a great fool would call the new [politics] diabolic... it is not even Machiavellian, for Machiavelli's teaching was graceful [and] subtle. Nor is it Neronian. Nevertheless one may say of it that it fiddles while Rome burns. It is excused by two facts: it does not know that it fiddles, and it does not know that Rome burns."

I'm not even sure it can be excused any longer, if I can misappropriate this.

yonder politics 

This is quite literally tyranny.

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