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Nobody's asking the _real_ questions at this Unreal Engine 5 preview event, such as: "how do we pull friends via your online service SDK when we're proxying a gameserver", lol.

I'm sure all this mind-blowing animation tech is really cool too.

uspol, CA-25 tea leaf reading 

the CA-25 special election was a massacre; the dems should have been able to sleepwalk their way to the seat (the district is heavily D/Ind, and they lost by double digits).

Turnout is everything, and the Dems didn't bother trying to win that district after beating up a progressive insurgent in the primary. Hopefully it'll be a wake-up call for the fall.

Someday, I'm going to have to tell him I love the 1900s-1930s era so much for role-playing game background versimilitude reasons, lol.

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I am managing a couple of projects that we're working on with contractors at work. One of whom is an extremely friendly man from Mexico City. The other week we were talking about my love for history, and how I've done a lot of reading about the history of Mexico.

Today, he asked if I could read spanish because he has some historical literature he'd like to send me 🤣 . Time to learn some spanish!

I am tired of everything having to be the most difficult and annoying version of itself. Tired!

Even my closely curated twitter feed is a relentless window into dystopian nightmares today, good people.

Go not into the agora on this day!

Good people: my doggos have started to cozy up together like this during TV time and it’s adorable! Sibling cuddle nap time!

Today: patio furniture, banana pudding, a blue jay and an enormous crow shouting at each other in a tree

Also, we replaced our old, wobbly roof yesterday. This is a big peace of mind improvement! Was weird to watch a group of men working as a team again! Also weird and awkward: they thanked us repeatedly, presumably for giving them work to do? Few masks, no distancing. All hispanic.

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Been some Centralia-coal-mine-level fires burning all week at work, but it's weird that we're big enough now to have a Team Mostly For That.

Netherrealm is shipping a major expansion during this crisis, which is enormous and the community is pretty hype. Making money is a good idea, I hear!

I'm recovering a bit from my funk and am now Mad About Politicians again :).

Getting our roof re-done today, which I guess is OK now? In any case, we had a couple of minor leaks and the shingles were in very bad repair, so this will be a weight off my mind. But it's a heck of a way to wake up!

also the Buschs up here on plymouth has a pretty legit asian section. Better than Plum Market!

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Made katsukare this evening, and it was pretty dope. I love katsu in all its many forms and now that I've unlocked the skill to make it for myself... yum!

Can't wait to keep trying new things! I think katsudon is next up

Hulu and Amazon recruiters are blowing up my inbox. If any of y'all are looking for software engineering positions (and, uh... willing to work for either of those companies), I'd love to point them at someone else :)

Good people of the A2/Ypsi area: are there farm-stands and/or vendors of local farm produce one might visit in the Ypsilanti area? Heather is going out for other supplies in that direction soon and it's always nice to pick up fresh produce as part of any outing, especially these days.

Banana bread from a recipe in the back of a video game manual, as is the way 🤣

making bagels and banana bread. Cleaned our gutters, turned over a second garden bed, sanded some drywall patches, and prepped the remaining holes _for_ patching.

Picked up supplies.

Am tired!

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