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This will either be insufferable or tremendous fun, definitely excited to see which:

After hearing from clients and some neighbors about the UNFAIR and MASSIVE increases we were all facing in our water bill, our quarterly bill came. For a quarter in which we _also_ added a large garden plot to our yard which we water daily, we owe an additional $90.

Gasp, shock. Horror.

My hair is turning grey at a much faster clip this year. I WONDER WHY.

(I'm ok with this color change.)

We announced two of our upcoming titles this weekend: Gotham Knights (Assassin's Creed-like freeroaming hero business in a post-Batman world; drop-in co-op) and Suicide Squad (antihero team tactics / grinding to fight evil Superman in a post-Batman world; they have some pretty neat plans for the shared multiplayer space). Reaction has been pretty enthusiastic! Gotham Knights in particular wow'd everyone. This business unit is going to try to make some money in 2021!

Also: clearly over Batman ;)

I treated myself to this, and man—these really are amazing. God-tier snacking. Treat yourself!

I am beginning to think maybe this furniture company just cannot ship a backsplash 😕🤣😜😬

Miss Rue is better, so there is the prospect of sleep this weekend!

We are spinning a lot of plates at work right now, in preparation for a huge year ahead. This feels like a recipe for pottery shards right now.

Heather and I watched "Atlanta" over the past couple of weeks--it's a pretty great show, and I like that it manages to both make me feel like an outsider _and_ like the show is talking to me directly.

What America needs now is a nap.

Well, that weekend was a total loss. I think we're all on the upswing again.

I wish I was better at sleeping and not constantly mulling over the worst, but the former has been with me my whole life and the latter is just the sauce 2020 is simmering us in.

I hope all you lovely people had a better time than I, and that we all have a great week!

It’s 4:22 and I’ve been up all night with my sick dog again. This sucks, to put it mildly!

Does anyone here have any recommendations about where to get a long (60") marble backsplash for a vanity? The company we bought new vanity from sells a matching backsplash, but it is apparently impossible to ship a 60" piece of marble without breaking it! (They've tried twice now.)

My intern is moving on to graduate school! TIME FLIES YO.

Philip Glass' Satyagraha arrests me every time I hear it; especially the Rabindarath Tagore sections, geez.

OH, uh... at work 🤣

me: “sony, give me the profiles for account ids []”
sony: “sure thing: [{}]”

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