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We put a little chair on our front porch and it has rapidly become the official seating partner for all of the delivery services

I gotta figure out how to buy Guayaki's canned mate at some kind of cheaper price.

Nearly got into a car accident on m14, sheesh. A driver just sort of decided to bail on the Main Street exit at 45mph, right into me. Thankfully, nobody in the lane next to me so I could bail and the cars behind me were able to brake in time.

I do not remember the roads being this full of shit drivers!

I think that we might have clearance to hire remote now?!? I'm officially a manager? Might be time to try to set up a breakaway Ann Arbor office, at last! Mwah-hah-ha!

The living room here screams "I pay models to lounge here and wander around with a Martini glass and tiger-print robe"

I think the robe and cocktail shaker probably come with the house!

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Funky house alert, funky house alert—live like a Miami tycoon of the 80s in this Portland, OR townhouse:

Megacorp benefits upgrade—gotta mention the times they're good if I grouse when they're bad: parental leave is now up to 12 weeks instead of up to 6.

Not that I am planning to become a parent, but for a lot of coworkers, that's super-nice!

God-_dang_ I am cranky about a lot of stuff today :)

Good pro-tips here, like making sure that we're cognizant of company record-keeping and reporting requirements when being threatened with loss of life or injury.

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MegaCorp mandatory HR training week! Gotta renew our anti-corruption and anti-bribery certificates 🤣

Always a good time.

I know the answer to this (it rhymes with product shmock-in) but it is deeply annoying that I can't export a playlist from spotify and import it into iTunes.

Well, I just ordered a bunch of nerd art for my office

Furniture free for the price of taking it off our hands—a buff-colored Jaymar leather sofa and armchair, in great condition. The leather is clean and has no cracking (I've maintained it reasonably well if sporadically). These were a Treasure Mart find (RIP, Treasure Mart) and cannot negotiate the tight turn to our basement stairs or I'd keep them 🤣.

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