As a reminder: if you notice spam, please report it using the site's built-in reports feature. That sends an alert to the moderators, and it'll get taken care of quickly.

I've fixed a configuration problem which previously prevented image or video uploads of over 8 MB.

Now, videos up to 40MB are supported. (Other limits: no larger than 1920x1200px and no greater than 60 fps).

Images up to 10MB should also be supported.

Running some software updates; the site may experience some availability blips over the next short while.

We're considering starting a Patreon for and possibly expanding into offering Instagram and YouTube alternatives.

Please let us know what you think with this quick survey!

Fundraising time!

If you enjoy this site and want it to stay online, please consider contributing a few dollars: currently costs $22/month to operate. This covers application servers, file storage, backups, the domain, and email sending.

Contributions made so far are enough to keep the site online through June of this year, assuming costs stay roughly the same.

Thank you to everyone who's contributed thus far!

This server has been updated to Mastodon 3.2:

Please let me know if you see any weirdness around audio/video uploads or playback.

This server has been updated to Mastodon 3.1.2, which resolves a security issue and fixes some other bugs: is funded by your contributions. The site costs around $20/month to run, and at this point in time, the site has consumed all the money people have donated.

Please consider contributing to keep alive!

Errors/slowness sharing or viewing media today are caused by service issues at our cloud storage provider:

Errors/slowness sharing media right now are caused by service issues at our cloud storage provider:

Re: this site has already blocked federation with Gab. Please continue to report any content that violates our site rules ( to moderators.

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