There's talk about changing our name from "Ann Arbor" to "Washtenaw County" so as to include our friends in Ypsi, Pittsfield, Dexter, Saline, et al. Any objections?

@instance I support this. We should be inclusive - one of the things that grinds me about a certain segment of A2 residents is the idea that A2 is a walled garden, which of course is not true.

One issue is that anyone outside of SE Michigan has no idea what "Washtenaw County" is, so in the instance description we should say that it includes Ann Arbor, Ypsi, Dexter, Saline, etc.

@instance I don't know if the web server can support the load of all of Washtenaw County!

I mostly kid, but any placename is going to by nature exclude. To me, in ypsi, "a2" is arguably more appropriate as a regional identity definer than "washtenaw"

@murphmonkey @instance this is why, after I made the initial point, I said it was fine to not actually change the name. I think being inclusive in the description is good enough

Hello to you, too, fellow ypsi'an and Kimmy gif fan!

@instance Most of the other instances aren't geo-defined, and I think that the term isn't exclusive (but I'm an insider, so I might not recognize my privilege).

But I *REALLY* like having a short URL when I have to type it, especially on the phone.

@instance I'd prefer keeping the URL as-is, but I'm indifferent as to the actual name

@kylelady I think people generally agreed that updating the site’s description to be more inclusive is a good-enough solution.

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