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@kylelady I think people generally agreed that updating the site’s description to be more inclusive is a good-enough solution.

@george hmm, that does seem to be the case :/ I made a settings change and we'll see if it works now?

FYI: site will be down for a few minutes later tonight for a software update.

I've seen a few posts about what you need to know, but I finally went and read the official FAQ. It explained the federated timeline in a way I understand better than others. Also, hashtag search is apparently just a filter on your federated timeline.

@ed_packet no, we don't. If people want to contribute translations I would be happy to host them, but I don't think I have the bandwidth to lead that project in the immediate future

And on the tech side, we've completed some under-the-hood tuning to keep the server running happily. has been updated with some additional information about the site, including some content-related policies affecting how this site interacts with the broader world of Mastodon instances.

Thanks to @Erich and @samfirke for donating recently to keep things up & running here!

There's talk about changing our name from "Ann Arbor" to "Washtenaw County" so as to include our friends in Ypsi, Pittsfield, Dexter, Saline, et al. Any objections?

Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti & Friends Community

👋 is a friendly social network for people living, working, studying around Ann Arbor — including Ypsilanti and elsewhere. And our friends.