New to home ownership in Ann Arbor, with a few projects in mind. Does anyone have recommendations for plumbers, electricians, and/or people to frame and drywall?

@jessemurray are you looking to finish your basement? I think @timsaucer had his done a few years ago, but you might want to wait until lumber prices come down.

@george @timsaucer The finishing is probably going to be at least a year out, so hopefully prices start to drop by then, but if not it can wait a bit longer. I'm mostly trying to get a list together to make research and estimating easier as I go down the project priority list.

@jessemurray @george
Generally speaking, everyone seems to be crazy busy. Finding someone with availability will be a challenge.

Contractors I know have their own framers and drywallers, can't help much there

For electrical, I've worked with Snider Electric in the past. I've also heard good things from several people here about del Zoppo Electric.

For plumbing, Adam Wagner (Busy Bee plumbing) helped with our project last year. He also did plumbing for @twbrandt for his addition.734-474-0360

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