Is posting stuff for sale allowed in mastodon? I’m not trying to turn it into a marketplace, I just have some old brewing equipment I’m trying to have out of my basement

@micah I think posting is fine. I'm looking to get involved with the AABG again, maybe @samfirke can share your post with them?

Also of you have a hot lauter tank/cooler-with-a-ball-valve, I'd be interested.

@george @micah @samfirke a CW tag about "for sale" or "late stage capitalism" would be nice.

@george @samfirke closest I have is a keggle, but I think I’m going to use it to collect RO waste water from my, um, new hobby. My worst cooling was done with two copper chillers. One professionally wound and one rib cage style, wound by me connected with hose

@micah @samfirke I, too, have a worst chiller. I made it myself, it's slow to chill, and it leaks (not into the wort).

@george @samfirke mine doesn’t leak but only because it is a tightly coupled system. So tightly it doesn’t disassemble. Or store easily

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