Hey, team Masto -- the League has open postings right now for a "Tech Business Analyst" (posted 5 days ago, open until filled, $75-80k ish) - linkedin.com/jobs/search/?curr

And an "Events Coordinator" (posted yesterday, also open until filled, $43-50k ish) - linkedin.com/jobs/search/?curr

Both in our A2 office on Green Road, near UM property dispo.

(Re-tooting outside my default privacy setting)

Also y'all are making me think I need a bigger shed so I can get one of them fancy cargo bikes.

My own two-wheeled notable to report: Friday was my first bike commute day since knee injury, and it didn't go badly! Yay!

(Saturday informed me I should not have tried to do the whole 15-mile r/t on my first day back, but at the time riding was too nice to cut myself off and transition to the bus. /shrug )

everybody's fine 

Kitchen q: does anybody have experience with / strong opinions on recirculating range hoods?

(this is sparked by @dgoings meme boost just now, but I think I remember @Cornellbox tooting about it previously?)

My other concern is that the end result looks the same either way to me, and the 100 corps narrative distances the solution from the humans affected.

For ex, we need to reduce driving of motor vehicles, esp single-occupant ones. If we start from asking/understanding why individuals drive so much, we're more likely to achieve the outcome in a way that supports those individuals' mobility needs, where if we start from "it's Exxon's fault, kill oil", we risk leaving people stranded w/o options.

This narrative bugs me, and I'm looking to understand why it shouldn't.

Part of my objection is that it seems most often to be presented as a balm -- don't worry, you don't have to turn out the lights / drive less / eat lower on the food chain, because climate change isn't your fault -- rather than as an actual strategy. And in that sense, it's presented in opposition primarily to people who are proposing concrete individual/aggregate actions.

ELI5: how does the "most carbon is emitted by 100 large corporations" narrative get us closer to climate action? How do the solutions look different when we start from Shell and Exxon rather than starting from a discussion of individual action?

Been a while since I looked at non-MS office software suites. Anybody have strong opinions?

Are OpenOffice / LibreOffice the options? Looks like Libre can save to current MS formats, Open can't -- are there other major factors?

See also Allen Park, Hazel Park, Oak Park, Wayne -- a little more pricey, but still generally move in for under $150k in neighbs at least as walkable / bikeable as 75% of A2.

Yes, A2's job concentration means it has a much higher share of non-driving commutes (and 70% of commutes are < 10 miles so could be non-driving), but that's not reason to dismiss other places as lost causes for sustainable urbanism.

Apparently one of the UM properties in the deer cull is about a hundred yards south of our office. We've heard 4 gunshots in the last 10 minutes -- so they're apparently up and culling.

legislation / affordable housing 

legislation / affordable housing 

residential solar panel taxation 

(And / or, anybody want copies of Arkham Horror, Power Grid: First Sparks, or Gates of Loyang?)

Anybody know whether any of the game shops / used book stores in town do used board games? I need to clear out some shelf space.

"Mama, what's a hobbit?"
"That's a question for your father. "
"Daddy, what's a hobbit?"
"Hmm? Oh, well, Chapter One, An unexpected party...."

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