The level of disinformation about proposal A is astonishing. Several people today expressed a very earnest belief that it's passage would mean an expansion for our wonderful library (which attentive readers will recall this same lobby successfully shot down!), and/or that the mayor would have profited personally as the developer of the proposed building on the site. These are things that they came to believe not from Fox News, but apparently from fellow A2ites.


Tragically, the fluoride, GMOs, and flu shots have weakened everyone's critical thinking skills without regard for partisan identity.

@murphmonkey @hypomodern yeah it is interesting that antivax seems to be a nonpartisan affliction

@twbrandt @murphmonkey @hypomodern "Our findings corroborate analyses that show that the intent to vaccinate differs among conservatives and liberals with conservatives expressing less intent to vaccinate."

Anecdata: one half of my family

@twbrandt @murphmonkey @hypomodern I think it started out as a lefty thing and then conservatives added it to their list of things to not trust the government about

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