Kitchen q: does anybody have experience with / strong opinions on recirculating range hoods?

@murphmonkey I just installed a 50ish dollar one in our kitchen. It’s way better than nothing. However doesn’t stand a chance against heavy smoke. Mostly it redirects steam and some smoke through the filter.

We have poor lighting in our kitchen and honestly the best part has been having a light.

@murphmonkey If you’re going from nothing: yes, worth even a basic ductless one.

if you cook a lot I’d go with a vent out the roof if you can.

@csalzman @murphmonkey guessing if you have a gas cooktop exterior exhaust is more helpful than electric as a lot of that gas exhaust isn’t filterable afaik (unlike, say, smoke particulates if you burn something)

@csalzman @murphmonkey fwiw my plan is a recirculating hood after we replace our gas range w/ an electric induction range. Our current “ventilation” is leaky windows & when we can, a box fan 😬

@sstrudeau @csalzman @murphmonkey I have an induction cooktop thingee, but it takes adjustment. If you're accustomed to gas or electric burners, none of your timings work.

@twbrandt I’ve already cycled out our non-induction cookware & have a single hob I use sometimes. And I’ve lived in enough rentals I adapt quickly to new appliances...

Status quo is "nothing/open the window and back door", it is a gas range, but hood interest is primarily smoke / grease particulate rather than combustion byproducts.

@murphmonkey @sstrudeau yeah, a hood will definitely be better than nothing. also, you _can_ install one all by yourself, you _should_ get someone else to hold the dang thing in place while you screw in the screws.

@csalzman @murphmonkey @sstrudeau
I think that actual venting is far superior to recirculation and should be pursued if possible.

I also have some thoughts about local interpretation of the mechanical code requirements that I will withhold from a public forum.

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