This floor is pretty splendid. (Pung house, inn on ferry street, detroit)

This author is at least a few clicks more confident in the pro-climate motivations of market actors than I am, but even dialing that back there's optimism to be had here:

Cincinnati doing pretty well in the downtown riverfront park game.

YALL. When my kids were about 6 months old, my wife decided Riverside Park needed a playground. And it's here!

"Daddy, I drew this for you because it's things that you love: Darth Vader and a pie!"

Some more wholesome leaf- related content from the morning errands walk.

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guy on a roof using a leaf blower to clean out clogged, water-filled gutters.

The dia de los muertos exhibit at the DIA is worth a trip -


The warbirds of ypsilanti have been especially active this past week!

Finally nice fall weather, and I am...visiting the jungle? Clearly doing something wrong here.

Saw bunches of scooters in downtown detroit yesterday, both parked and in use. One guy doing stunts off curbs, some teens I chatted with just riding around for fun, other folks clearly headed somewhere. Also tons of bikes, ppl waiting for streetcar, FAST bus sighting.

Stopped, watched: a lil' excavator slooooowly backing up a ramp out of the new basement under an old building on Mich Ave

@Cornellbox is NCARB the same board that makes so much new construction use this "palette"? Because that would explain a lot.

For the post-adventure celebration, the cafFiend is treating everyone to chocolate-covered coffee beans and brown sugar coffee ice cream.

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Sunday morning preschool RPGing ( ) requires a high props : rules ratio.

Here, our heroes Super-X and Princess Tiger Lily with their friend the Toll Troll, recruiting the CafFiend to help them counteract the Sleep Demon who had put Washington DC to sleep.

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