@samfirke Lansing did some temp parking-protected bike lanes on Mich Ave 2 summers ago, with sandbags wood chips, and potted plants. SEMCOG approvingly put up a pic of it at a meeting yesterday. lansingcitypulse.com/stories/i


@tmy @samfirke
From this presentation a little while back, looks like they're considering queue jumps at Sheridan/Manchester/Stadium, Huron Pkwy, Pittsfield, Carpenter/Hogback, and Hewitt.

I dig it, though I'm concerned some of those get *so* backed up that the bus will still spend a bunch of time stuck before reaching the queue jump.

Hey, team Masto -- the League has open postings right now for a "Tech Business Analyst" (posted 5 days ago, open until filled, $75-80k ish) - linkedin.com/jobs/search/?curr

And an "Events Coordinator" (posted yesterday, also open until filled, $43-50k ish) - linkedin.com/jobs/search/?curr

Both in our A2 office on Green Road, near UM property dispo.

(Re-tooting outside my default privacy setting)

extremely unpopular automotive opinion that I deeply hold 

@bhtooefr considering these vehicles are also substantially more dangerous for surrounding road users, this opinion is good actually.

"Glow in the dark ovaries"?! Gettin one of those pins too, looks like.

Oooh, how does one procure if not in Toledo? I have a cardiology PA in the family who could use a glittery heart pin.

Also y'all are making me think I need a bigger shed so I can get one of them fancy cargo bikes.

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My own two-wheeled notable to report: Friday was my first bike commute day since knee injury, and it didn't go badly! Yay!

(Saturday informed me I should not have tried to do the whole 15-mile r/t on my first day back, but at the time riding was too nice to cut myself off and transition to the bus. /shrug )

@csalzman I'll put in a plug for the Ikea "Ektorp" line. Comfy enough (I'm generally anti-couch), and with interchangable fabric covers that are launderable, cheap enough to have a spare set, and easyish to swap on/off. Super handy for when small people decide to draw on the couch.

@teacherpatti So, if you get any acceptances, does that mean you have to send 2 queries the next day to hit your annual rejection target? :)

Me too - I have to guess the twp neighborhood streets haven't been cleared yet, since the city was in pretty good shape by yesterday afternoon.

For sure - and with lots of low-income parents who may lack good child care options, snow days can be major hardships. (Esp since ypsi's major employers - UM, UMHS, EMU, and St Joe's - are all open today)

I was def surprised to not get the robocall until 445am. Things looked pretty treacherous already last night.

Ps everybody be careful out there. It's ice skating weather.

everybody's fine 

Parenting psa:

If your kid needs a midnight ER run for croupy breathing difficulty, know that they'll get good steroids and come home happy as a clam in short order.

...Know also that they'll be high as a kite the next day, and the combo of no school, 'roid rage, and too cold to go outside is bonkers.

So, movie and popcorn time it is. (OG Mary Poppins)

Status quo is "nothing/open the window and back door", it is a gas range, but hood interest is primarily smoke / grease particulate rather than combustion byproducts.

Kitchen q: does anybody have experience with / strong opinions on recirculating range hoods?

(this is sparked by @dgoings meme boost just now, but I think I remember @Cornellbox tooting about it previously?)

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