@samfirke Will check Strava - I am mostly cycling ndoors this time of year.

@samfirke Hopefully pokes them in the right direction. It is frustrating to replace a 95% effective dishwasher for a simple broken plastic part.

@samfirke I also would have preferred a better strategy for affordable generic drugs for my patients, but this looks better (for now) than telling them to drive to Canada.

@samfirke It might be up to Mark Cuban, who has recently embarked on a PBC for low cost generic drugs (@costplusdrugs). I went down many rabbit holes a few years ago trying to find a way to 3D print replacement parts for a dishwasher rack after standard replacements were no longer being made...I could see him possibly taking on a business that specializes in 3D printing old and out of stock replacement parts for popular appliance models. It does seem that there is a business opportunity here.

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