Does anyone know where I can get 2'x8' of this terrible wood paneling? Haven't had much luck finding it at the stores.

I know Home Depot has done that sort of thing for me before, but I think it was only cut length-wise. I think I'll need to start with a wider board and cut it down a bit on both sides.

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Does anyone know if there's a hardware store or something that would cut a board to size? I currently don't have the saws / etc. that I could do that with.

I made this for my (almost) 2yo's Star Wars themed room, but I'd like to make it more permanent than the foam / fabric I'm using currently as the backing.

Anyone else just lose power for a couple of minutes?

Anyone know if there's a place around town that has curbside for shipping UPS packages that already have labels, etc. ?

Just received and assembled a 3d printer recently. Made this for my daughter who loves anything Darth Vader related.

It's a "marble" look PLA, so thought a bust would work well :D

Eh.. anyone else just have their power flicker?

Cloudflare outages are pretty rough on the internet 😬

I know someone who is potentially putting an offer on a house in Waterhill region tomorrow. Anyone have any idea how much % over asking they are going? Would the best plan be to look at Zillow/Redfin data?

Yes! Accepted to speak at - this is one of my favorite conferences I've been to.

Pretty excited about this GitHub replacement of npm (the registry not the CLI)

These are far from scientific measurements but this whole living on a dirt road thing is a bit absurd. Also why are there so many dirt roads in Ann Arbor proper?

I say this as someone who moved here from the middle-of-nowhere Ohio (where there were ZERO dirt roads 🙃)

Weird. The power company must have been in the neighborhood. Within 5 minutes of reporting an issue they were working on the power lines near by.

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If you're at all interested in GraphQL I highly recommend coming to this event. Eve is an expert & author on the subject

Oh hey

"The Boston suburb now mandates the addition of protected bike lanes on all streets due for planned street upgrades."

Submitted talks to a bunch of conferences today 🤷‍♂️ after taking last year almost entirely off from conference speaking, hoping to get back to it a little this later summer/fall

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