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The lawns under my neighbors' oaks (those who are doing No Mow May) are full of baby oak saplings!

I'll try to transplant a few, my survival rate is low for this but it's trending up.

OpenStreetMap / nominatim question 

Some of my geocoding searches on addresses fail on Nominatim but succeed on Google. E.g., 11407 Algonquin Drive Pinckney, MI USA.

Is there a way I can contribute these addresses to the OSM project?

This morning before work I watered the trees I helped plant at my kids' school. They're off to an okay start!

I'm curious to see how well these tubes work for forcing vertical growth (to get out of deer browsing range).

Pictured: a basswood aka linden.

Got my gold badge yesterday at StackOverflow (I started using R seven years ago, holy cow) and just used my new power to unilaterally close a duplicate question. Satisfying.

Beautiful morning at the skatepark. So lucky to have a world -class facility here 😍

Got my fakie shuvs adjusted to the smooth surface.

Three classes down, 13 trees planted! This school really needs more trees. Maybe all schools do though.

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For Earth Day I'm planting trees with classes at school. The kids are putting so much love into it, they started adding these moss coverings and idk how it's gonna turn out but it's so lovely 🌱

Huh and near where he lived is Baldwin Ave. Is that named after him?

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TIL James Baldwin lived in Ann Arbor, according to this page from his FBI file

My kids' school is doing a native plant sale as a fundraiser. If you want to order some plants in the next couple of days, check it out:

Need to buy a few pieces of induction-compatible cookware:
- ~1 qt pot with handle
- ~10 qt stock pot
- small or medium frying pan

Any recs for brands/places? I started trying to research and got overwhelmed

Ann Arbor area request for portable induction or hot plate 

I was supposed to get a stove delivered today and it showed up damaged so no go. Anyone have an induction hob or regular hot plate I could borrow tomorrow for a few days?

Landed my first pop shuvits this afternoon! Skaters on Reddit pointed out that they're easier to do fakie (riding backward) which is definitely the case and something I would not have figured out on my own.

Sliding a rail at Allmendinger Park yesterday on my .

Then I took a nasty slam at West Park this AM. I need pads for this too, frozen ground is not softer then concrete.

Welcome @phiggins to a2mi! We met via an meetup. Most of the posters on this instance have their toots protected to followers-only so consider following some folks.

Also a few of us incl. me are on Strava, I see you have Zwift listed so if you use Strava feel free to connect there.

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