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@twbrandt @csalzman I also Konmari'd our book collection 3 years ago before our move. we are down to a very small half bookshelf of adult books, and I love it. I rarely reread a book and AADL is so fantastic I feel no need to own any but my absolute faves.

saw two good toots from other Mastodon instances boosted into my feed (via @twbrandt and @csalzman). Good omen. Seems like the last big tipping point for Mastodon to meet my Twitter needs is for good material to flow between instances.

I also pledged to the Mastodon developer's Patreon.

On a related note, RIP to the homebrewing software I was using (Brewtoad) that shut down on 12/31/18. Excellent product, I was paying $20/year but not enough others did and they couldn't pay rent.

Just sent @dzombak $14 and I declare that I am official sponsor of all toots sent in February on

someone riding a Bird scooter away from Pioneer HS. They were wearing a ski helmet and goggles, suggesting that this ride was premeditated. Are there always Bird scooters available at Pioneer?

This is the first time I've seen anyone wear a helmet on a Bird.

My goal was to bike an average of 100 miles per month in 2018 ... I'm pretty close 😉

cool this kind of worked, waffle maker and wheelbarrow are spoken for! decent, seldom-used juicer still available for a song...

if anyone wants empty bottles for homebrewing, or knows a friend who does, I'd love to give a few cases of clean empties to a good home

got a 2nd router set up as a wireless repeater, it was a 2010 Asus RT-N 16 gathering dust. Easy as pie with the stock firmware. Amazing when tech just works 🙏

pressure cooker
canning supplies
wine corker
tons of homebrewing equipment
spare cargo bike (Yuba Boda Boda v3)
food dehydrator
camping supplies
balance bike
hammer drill
metal knockout punch set
Kill-A-Watt meter

make me an ultra lowball offer on these, or trade me something like food

hand-held electric mixer
waffle iron

pasta making attachment for Kitchen Aid stand mixer
ice skates for little kids (7 and 4)

This looks pretty decent for spinning up a thing-sharing platform within Ann Arbor:

If it took off, the pricing would be tolerable. The only thing is, I think the service I have in mind will be for *free* borrowing and lending, not renting. This platform is set up for $. I want renumeration to be simply in points and badges like StackOverflow.

called Congresswoman Dingell's DC office, asked her to support a select committee on a Green New Deal. Took 1 minute. Now, back to work, feeling good that I took a small action at this pivotal moment.

Cultivate is a great space. I'm jealous.

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@george @samfirke Not sure if this posted--The Schwaben Verein was founded in 1888. Originally a burial socie­ty, it was also a social club, mostly for Ger­mans who arrived during the 1880s wave of immigration. Originally members had to be from Swabia, but today it's open to any German or person of German ancestry. In 1908 it bought the Relief Fire Company Park (the Fire Department had by then be­come professional), where it built a club­house, beer garden, and small bowling al­ley.

Trying out remote work locations in Ypsi today. Was at YDL, currently tooting from Beezy's

someone mentioned to me that Wurster Park used to have a beer garden, circa 100 years ago when it was the German neighborhood. Anyone know anything about beer gardens in historic A2?

wondering if I can plan a birthday party game for an 8 y/o that is somewhere between an escape room, murder mystery dinner, scavenger hunt, and D&D game. There would be adult characters following a script, and the kids would figure out puzzles and solve riddles and dig up treasure.

@csalzman any advice for things I could riff on?

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