People getting ready for pond skating at Greenview Nature Area, near Pioneer HS in Ann Arbor

@rstats there's a new version of my janitor 📦 available on CRAN!

Read more about what's new in version 2.1.0 here:

I have a left-handed child who is learning to use the computer. Any tips? Do lefties keep the mouse configured how it is and just use their middle finger for left-click, or re-map it? Etc.

@rstats well that's unsatisfying. I'll be back bright and early on Jan 4th I guess.

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Preparing version 2.1.0 of my janitor package for release (today!) to CRAN

How could we design an ecological experience in Ann Arbor that might have this effect?

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The founder of Signal tried to develop an experience that would change how participants see the natural world and compel them to act on climate & ecological preservation.

New post: making rubber soles from a bicycle tire to sew onto footed pajamas. It's PPE for toddlers!

Took my hungry kids to McDonalds drive-thru, ordered only fries b/c all the main dishes have meat.

Then checked online later and the fries have meat added to them 😡

McDonalds fries in other countries? No meat. Burger King, Wendy's fries? No meat.

Just these dumb McDonalds fries. That weren't even that good.


I rode Ann Arbor's newest advisory bike lane on Granger this weekend, with my 6 y/o. It was very nice. Cars came both ways at once and operated as they should to pass us.

I hadn't expected how much slower & calmer the striping would make the street *feel*!

More coworking community thoughts: will there be a boom post-COVID, when many newly-remote employees find themselves looking for a productive and happy place?

Just sent out a Workantile member update. Things are looking good physically (in the space) and financially - I'm feeling optimistic about a Workantile continuing to thrive through and post COVID.

I finished the novel "A Children's Bible" - and felt the need to apologize to my children. I would say it's a novel about climate dystopia except, if an catastrophic future is likely, do you call that dystopia or reality?

It was good though. If anyone else has read, I'd love to discuss with someone - I'm betting I missed a lot of bible imagery and am wondering about the ending for the adults.

New blogpost: reflecting on the first year of the William St. Bikeway (and using the Strava heatmap to look at how bike traffic has increased on William St.).

Fixed a kid's boot with my sewing awl and a piece of old bike inner tube. Before and after:

Left organizers working furiously to get Biden elected - then the struggle continues.

Good that they call out "the “voter-consumer” problem—the idea that voting in the presidential election is the stuff of our political identities, an act of self-expression that we exercise once every few years before leaving the rest of the work to the adults in elected office."

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