Seed share at my place, Weds 5:30-6:30pm. All welcome, whether you have seeds to contribute or not.

Event page:

It's early in the process but so far I'm most impressed with CKAN

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Anyone have thoughts on data catalogs / data portals? Experience with specific platforms? The city where I work is looking to catalog its many disparate data sources for better discovery, quality, and usage.

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My package hit 1,000,000 downloads! I wrote a reflection on its journey and my experience as an open-source developer.

Ordered a 🍐 🌳 from the Washtenaw Conservation District's tree and shrub sale! Nice prices and specimens, stock is moving fast.

I used Jitsi meet (open source Zoom alternative) for my kid to chat with friends and it worked great! No accounts or sign ins needed but still acceptable security

Riding on a day like today is nice except for cleaning the drivetrain

Logged 12 miles biking with my 2 year old this weekend, all <15 degrees F. Farmer's market, getting takeout, and Target curbside pickup. He kept asking for more. These Michigan kids...

People getting ready for pond skating at Greenview Nature Area, near Pioneer HS in Ann Arbor

@rstats there's a new version of my janitor 📦 available on CRAN!

Read more about what's new in version 2.1.0 here:

I have a left-handed child who is learning to use the computer. Any tips? Do lefties keep the mouse configured how it is and just use their middle finger for left-click, or re-map it? Etc.


Preparing version 2.1.0 of my janitor package for release (today!) to CRAN

How could we design an ecological experience in Ann Arbor that might have this effect?

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