Biked the littlest kid to Briarwood for a check-up. He hated the doctor's office but thought it was a nice day for cycling:

At Workantile to let someone in, had time to kill. So I shoveled out the bike rack that the DDA's people had blocked with crusty snow. Satisfying.

I sent Yuba Bikes my blog post about all the stuff I've carried on their bikes. I did not win the photo contest, but they liked my post enough to send me a swag package 😀

Normally I would be opposed to shilling for a company but I make an exception for world-changing cargo bikes. I'm at 3,920 miles on their bikes so far.

Getting honked and yelled at while biking with my kids this morning - and an apology in the end.

Hope to write more (incl. blogging, though not just there) in 2020. I think the keys will be keeping it shorter & hastier. First one in the bag!

Mark Maynard used to blog about local stuff, often in depth and things that weren't getting covered elsewhere. He has since been lost to Trumpworld and it's a shame. There's a massive opportunity cost to folks immersing themselves in Trump and making him their dominant interest and pastime. I think the shift in his blog is a great example of the cost to other things.

Test: even if my toots are private by default can I make just this one public? If so, one more reason Masto >> birdsite

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So yes, I'm going to keep talking about a wholesome revolution.

Not as an alternative, but as a complement to all you warriors out there.

We got your back. 💞🌈💪

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"If two men in a world of more than 7 billion people can provide €300million to restore Notre Dame, within six hours, then there is enough money in the world to feed every mouth, shelter every family and educate every child. The failure to do so is a matter of will, and a matter of system."

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I'll be boycotting Mighty Good, which is honestly pretty easy because Roos is better.

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Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square, Marble Arch, Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus occupied and closed to traffic

Feels like something

#london #xr

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Correcting Disparities:

"I live on the border of two states with extremely different minimum wage laws. I worked for a company that moved over the border from the state with the higher (though still not sufficient) minimum wage to the other state. We were able to keep our jobs but we had to take a pay cut. Meanwhile, the boss bought a new house in California and kept her house here as well.

During the process of the move, I happened to find a Post-It note with the admin credentials to the payroll system. Every week for the few months I stayed on after the move, I gave myself and my co-workers a few extra hours of pay to make up for the money they were trying to save.

Nothing happened to me. And it felt like a good deed."

This was a story of workplace resistance on Steal Something From Work Day

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The Ann Arbor Townie Calendar is a thing that has a number of important dates on it, including home football games, art fair, the car show, and other things that are useful to know. You can subscribe to it here

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