The Ann Arbor Townie Calendar is a thing that has a number of important dates on it, including home football games, art fair, the car show, and other things that are useful to know. You can subscribe to it here


A few us, including @samfirke and @dzombak, maintain it. If you are interested in helping keep it up to date, let us know.

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I've just renamed it the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Community Calendar. Are there any Ypsi folks who would like to help keep it up-to-date? @samfirke @dzombak

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@dgoings @samfirke @dzombak Thanks Dylan. Give me your email address and I'll add you.

@twbrandt @samfirke @dzombak cool, just threw some of the bigger events on there. Let me know if we want to try adding more fine-grained/smaller events, there's plenty of stuff I'd love to publicize!

@dgoings Thanks Dylan! Add whatever you think would be useful to know. I've mostly been adding major disrupters (home football games, art fair) and cool stuff like FoolMoon, summer festival events, etc. @samfirke @dzombak

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