today is the only day you can boost this but only if you also live in purple grid world

I remember being a very small person staying up way past his normal bedtime to watch this on TV at my grandparents' house where we were on family vacation. Really have little recollection of it in particular beyond that, and only a vague, received sense of the momentusness of it all. Now, of course, I wish I'd been more aware of it and had clearer recollection of the details from then.

I'm following the Apollo_50th play-by-play on the birdsite

The ceiling fan began to turn again!

We can run AC for an hour or so for a cold soak, and then back it off for the peak hours.

One thing I got from the 13 minutes to the Moon podcast series (/highly/ recommended) is that Apollo was the point where people went from bragging about how BIG their computers were, to how SMALL they were. And the silicon chip industry had most of its production going to the Apollo program for the first few years. So the space program really did launch that chunk of our current world.

Given the time it's taking and the number of households affected, I have to assume the problem here is more than just a downed wire.

On the DTE site I keep wanting to call it "View Outrage Map"

Spending this morning of the 50th anniversary of the technical summit of the first Moon landing in the dark without power, but for a small glowing rectangle which is a descendant of those technologies.

Weird storm anyhow. It was making the dogs squirrelly when I took them out, right before the rain kicked in

“Election security czar” seems like an ironic title, but what do I know?

[puts this hat on forwards, then backwards, then forwards again]

There's a real pleasantness to having the intersection right next to our house completely blocked.

I feel sorry for the guys who were working here. They got absolutely poured on as they were trying to finish up here

For 2 weeks only: Join EFF for just $20!

If you're already a member, share to remind your friends that we need EVERYONE'S help to protect your privacy and freedom online, and to build a better digital future!

Thanks, past-Phil, for brewing this beer when it wasn't a billionty degrees out. I really appreciate having it now when that is the case, and I'm sitting outside to get the grill going.

Not buying from Amazon today is great. Not having Amazon be the first place you look is good tomorrow. I get tech stuff from Newegg. Paper books from Powell's. Ebooks from Kobo (or Smashwords, or direct from the author where possible). Look around!

Ha, seriously if 'improving diversity' is a 'political issue' for you and just not something you should be doing as a not garbage dev, you're probably just a bigot.

I make a personal variant on Mani's 'Bicycle Thief' with gin (Hendricks), Lillet, St Germain, tonic & lime. A lovely thing to sip at while sitting in the evening breeze and reading. And a lovely evening to enjoy it in.

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