feeling occasional mild discomfort is fine and something we should all expect and be prepared for when interacting with other people in the world

Glad I went out and looked at the lunar eclipse, even if only for a minute.

Glad to be tucked in now, too.

I'd call that a success. I cooled the other half of the water to just the point of starting to freeze. So when I poured in the wort and mixed it together, it was about 75F, near perfect temperature and in only half an hour.

Using the Michigan cooler for a roughly 200F temperature drop for the boiled wort.

Today seemed like a good day for shepherds' pie. So I did.

Are federal holidays real if the federal government is closed?

Salt/sand truck now dumping stuff on the scene, so I guess it was out on the street.

FD on scene already. Looks like a hood open now with tons of steam/smoke. I think it's in the parking lot and not on the street

Can't quite zoom in enough, but I think that's a car on fire over there.

A reminder of how strong you (and all of us are) - we've survived to the midpoint of this administration.

The best antidote to Facebook et al is just to continue building viable communities outside of those systems, using open protocols.

lifehack: whenever public wifi asks you for your email, instead of giving it to them, do this ONE NEAT TRICK

look at the name of the company trying to collect it (it will never be the restaurant or cafe, always some soulless data brokering tech firm) and type in "sales" or "hello" @companyname.website

give them a taste of their own medicine!!

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anti-capitalist reminder: you are worth so much more than your productivity

"we don't build em like we used to"
"yeah they used slaves and asbestos back then"

I am not on a roof today. Somehow, things have gotten to the point where this constitutes news.

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