Just got back from Nausicaa on the big screen. It was a subtitled version (which I didn't expect; website had said dubbed), but it was really great to see it that way.

Even better, it held up for the 15 year old, who got themes and concepts that weren't there for him as a kindergartener.

If you want to get technical, the animation isn't nearly as good as later Ghibli work, but it's still visually fantastic.

I may have to get the graphic novels from the library again, now.

For any dice.campers on alts that might be wondering, the sysops are aware it's down, and are trying to find time to investigate:


Spent a couple of minutes on birdsite, and now I hate all of humanity. Good night Wesley. I'll likely kill you in the morning.

If you're really missing Eastern Accents-style cakes and baked goods, Tai Pan may be for you, too. Got a very familiar looking cake for the birthday kid today.

It's a haul to get there (John R between 13 and 14 Mile in Madison Heights), but I think it's pretty close (and they even have the hot dog buns)

It is really not a good idea at all to advocate the use of Linux and/or other FOSS operating systems, especially among governmental organizations, based on the potential to "save money". FOSS isn't free as in 'free beer', and investments should be made into them to keep their development going. Using FOSS isn't about saving money at all. It's about redirecting those money that went to those vendors of proprietary and harmful software to what is really beneficial to the entire society.

Used birdsite for (comparative) good over the weekend: Heard Charity Nebbe (you're a long time local public radio nerd if that name means anything to you) on "It's Been a Minute" and tweeted out a Hey! to her. And she tweeted back
"I left a large part of my heart at @MichiganRadio! It's wonderful to hear from you!"

This belief, that you only want 'smart people', that leaders of society and captains of industry must get away from the vast sea of ordinary people so they don't get Ordinary People Mind Cooties...

I can't stress this enough. This is an evil belief and the more it finds a home in STEM and tech companies, the more unspeakable suffering will result from it.

This belief is the Atlas Shrugged myth, the idea that all the problems of Earth are caused by other people, the untermenschen, that if you just put all the self-selected supermen together you get paradise.

It's what's driving Silicon Valley's Cloud and Big Data and Disruption fixation. It's what's driving transhumanism and "rationalist" cults and Bitcoin and the alt-right. It's what's making SV ignore the inflated rents they're cursing cities with and the suffering that causes.

It's fascism.

A. Privacy is not a good, it is a human right

B. Google is a surveillance capitalist; its business model is diametrically opposed to respecting privacy

C. Google protects *their* information, not yours, because that’s what your information becomes once they have it: their asset

"This was a Sunday comic from over 30 years ago. We've had plenty of time to do better."

RT @JPMajor@twitter.com

After yesterday's UN biodiversity report I can't help but be reminded of this eternally on-point @calvinandhobbes@twitter.com comic

🐦🔗: twitter.com/JPMajor/status/112

Lyft is apparently giving out free credit to some folks to break the line. Don't do it at all.

Cory Doctorow was the guest on Canadaland with Jesse Brown, and it's a really smart episode all about creators and walled gardens (FB, et al, but also major labels and studios). I also learned the phrase "Zucker-vegan"

Highly, highly recommended listening:


Sonic's new catchphrase is a mouthful but I think it might catch on

TL;DR: "Voting with your wallet" in capitalism doesn't work because those with a bigger wallet get more votes.

And policing the consumption behavior of others is just shouting to people how they should ineffectually vote with their wallets.

A little more: Some peoples' wallets are so restricted that their capitalist "ballots" are also restricted, consumption-wise. Please bear this in mind.

If you want to affect *real* change for the better in this corrupt world, go after the system. Hold corporations accountable for the consumer goods they create, how they do it, and support plans to downsize them and democratize and unionize their workplaces.

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