Please reply with recommended precautions to take when Ohio invades the rest of the states.

The only planet in the solar system that is entirely inhabited by Robots now has a helicopter.

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Episode of Lupin we just watched had a Piketty book in a scene; not the focus, but clearly identifiable. For some reason, this amuses me greatly.

I like the future we used to have so much more than the one we’re getting.

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...even if there's bright sun. Inverter needs the grid connection to match wave for making AC. Equipment to synthesize waveform and automatically disconnect from the grid and wiring up interconnect to panel to be able to feed just a few key circuits (refrigerator, freezer, a few essential locations) is all more involved and costly.

(Nb. This is my general understanding. I'm not an EE, and it's been a few years since I was really steeped in this)


Terraria developer cancels Google Stadia release after Youtube account ban that killed all of his Google services access.

Highly recommending this planning- and development-related episode of 99PI to all of you (on the off chance that you aren't already a regular follower of the program):

99% Invisible - 429- Stuccoed in Time -!0a6

Local freecycle 

New undermount round bowl sink - free to good home. Porcelain, about 13" diameter, made by Porcher

I was going to use this for our bathroom addition - was planning to make a concrete counter, with this underneath - but ended up doing something different. So I don't have a use for it anymore.

My dad shared some dad jokes, this among them:

I have a joke about trickle down economics. But 99% of you will never get it.

Uspol, tax, land use 

Make me smarter:
I think I recall seeing earlier mentions of Georgism and taxes on land, and being mostly unfamiliar with the concepts, I'm asking for some brain expansion.

This morning, I saw tweets about Biden having lived in a Georgist colony (Arden) in Delaware, and that he's already familiar with the ideas.

Anyone have thoughts about this or what it could mean?


I feel like saying "we did it! we survived trump! it's over!" but, uh...

first let's pour one out for all the people who didn't survive Trump

The new GM logo (did you even know GM has a new logo?) was described as "elephant on a surfboard," and that's now my first thought when I see it.

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