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THIS IS A QUILT. Somebody designed this and sewed it up with hundreds or even thousands of pieces of fabric. Don't ever let anyone say textiles can't be art. Amazing. (Not my photo, quilt is by Montse Forcadell Blasco.)

There needs to be an absolute bottom people can hit where they still have reasonable housing, nutritious food, and access to decent health care. Society does not benefit from letting people fall to the point where they can no longer even try to improve their own situation.

Some A-level trolling from NPR playing an audio clip of Bill Clinton announcing his presidential candidacy saying the words: "...I believe we can make America great again..."

Hey local Masto folk, library fans, and infrastructure nerds! You guys really should check out the latest 99% Invisible podcast: titled "Palaces for the People." All about shared community space, and especially libraries.


Earwormed with "Undertow" by Ivy.

Now listening to it for a 3rd or 4th time.

Sometimes you just gotta sink in and feed the earworms.

This is genuinely useful and informative; a thread about the numerous systemic factors that led to the conditions suspected of causing the Ethiopian Air crash. tl;dr software is only a band-aid for broader issues

@trevorsumner’s Tweet: twitter.com/trevorsumner/statu

Dropping my kid off for his carpool to go to practice for the local (Det) pro ultimate Frisbee team, like a true Ann Arbor dad.

And the award for the cover of the week goes to … Bloomberg!

Forgot to gear up with 47 layers today, so now I'm standing out on a roof wishing that this-morning-Phil had had more than two neurons of memory to rub together.

The amount of hurry up and wait that I have to deal with is just one of the joys of this job.

Really weird weather outside right now:

Clear skies and stars overhead, but thunder and lightning all around. It's really remarkable!

Why is 14.03 pi day anyway. What kind of sick joke is that

I said "tornado" and pointed at the window where we heard the train horn, "Sounds like a train."

"You're an asshole."

There's now apparently a copy/clone of HourlyFox for Mastodon (for your "who to follow" needs):

I've got a press release from the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute regarding their 'Protect Your Power' program.

I have no idea how I ended up on their list. I'm happy to forward it to anyone who is interested.

(Their point is not to use higher than 10% ethanol in small equipment engines.)

(unspoken, unkind, non- neighborly, unprintable words about a neighbor)

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