Supporting Me With Cryptocurrency

You can support me with cryptocurrency by completely divesting yourself of it and not investing in it again until and unless dramatic improvements are made in its stability, energy consumption, and fairness.

We had my in-laws and a couple other of my wife's relatives over for Thanksgiving dinner. Her uncle is dealing with cognitive impairment, and it's hard seeing that progressing.

Having a kid who wants to be a cook means things like very good homemade dinner rolls and two desserts (an apple pie and a pumpkin cheesecake).

I'm thankful for what I have, and while I have it.

climate politics 

The very least you can do is that whenever you get to vote, vote for a candidate that helps mitigate the climate catastrophe. That almost never includes policies involving the stimulation of the economy, tax breaks, supporting our existing economy, companies, and jobs, the securing of our borders, patriotism, or anything like that. So if you can’t tell who’s green, at least vote against those that want more of the same because it sure isn’t helping, whatever they are doing.

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I've walked past this for more than a year, but only noticed it today. It's so low because the accessibility ramp wrapping the building runs along there now.

And once more, McSweeney’s hits it out of the park. “That’s just the way it is—due to specific policy choices that I lobbied for and got.”

Wirecutter writers are creating a digital picket line for Black Friday with the request being not to shop via Wirecutter:

Covid stories 

or We Are Not Yet Out of the Woods, No Matter How Much We Wish It Were So

This is extremely on point for me, because I was at an event this weekend where I was one of only a handful of mask wearers inside the space.

I'm planning a @hpr series on #ham radio exams around the world. These will be 30 minute shows where we summaries how you would go about getting an Amateur Radio License in your area.

If you would like to be interviewed as part of this please DM me, including which region you are from.

I'd also appreciate hearing from you what questions you would like to hear answered ?

If you want to listen to the result they will be posted here

I'd appreciate a boost 🙂

Twitter is trying to boost my involvement by sending an email saying "Don't be selfish," as if I owe someone there my time and attention. They can -F- right off with that noise.

(Yes, I haven't completely deleted it yet. No, I'm mostly not using it, thus the badger-grams)

Maybe it was listening to Happy Rhodes; maybe it's the season. In any case, I recently remembered October Project and Mary Fahl.

Tagging @Ohbejuan specifically, but some of the rest of you might also like this.

"Bury My Lovely"

They're called "Meta" because their business is selling your metadata.

Remembering things I wanted and needed to hear, and saying them to a clearly nervous new writer, feels really good. I am always surprised by how fabulous it feels to be kind, and how it raises my own mood.

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