Oh my god, this quote someone posted on Reddit, I'm not sure who said this but...

"I need privacy. Not because my actions are questionable, but because your judgement and intentions are."

For those who still visit the birdsite, the Steak-umm account thread here was more than a little bit unexpected:



Birdsite link, humor in the Covid era 

Ooo! Philip Glass's Akhnaten is on PBS Great Performances on Sunday! That is a BEAUTIFUL opera and a BEAUTIFUL production (with a BEAUTIFUL lead). You should watch it! (Y'know if you like Philip Glass.)

Uspol, Dissolving the Republic 

This week I've definitely not been as productive as if I was at the office. Still getting some things done. But I'm more scattered than usual.

Planning some continuing education for next week to get caught up on that. Trying to keep my CAD peeps busy while everything is shut down.

Not sure if I'll get put on hiatus in another week or two if no projects are happening.

Enjoying the weather though. Seconding @hypomodern on the deck thing (I'm out here right now!)

Too many street lights around here, but it's a wonderful clear night

Engaging in some vitamin D therapy here, and recommend the same to all of you.

Wish I could share this in a way that would block the view of what Richard Thompson is covering; surprising and unexpectedly good:


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This could be a thread to replace stupid April 1st pranks: share covers of songs, especially the more unexpected ones.

#2287 "Pathogen Resistance" 

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