@csalzman This looks much like the item in question (tho the Newegg one is 600w)

It's simply listed as a shop light, but there may be some heat from them, too, even if they're not listed as such.

Regent Lighting HSL600 Halogen Shop Work Light 600 Watt - Newegg.com

"Vice Magazine ... claimed a written agreement with a Mainland Chinese woman barring discussion of her sexual orientation and relationships was not “legally binding” so therefore could be ignored"

Holy shit, #vice.


As promised, mastodon.social code of conduct has been updated to add "casteism and advocation of casteism" to the list of explicitly prohibited offenses

I missed the initial wave of "ok Boomer" but this tweet got me caught up

Considering how Spiderman likes to run, jump, and climb on buildings, shouldn't his real name be Peter Parkour?

(pinned from @rbdwarf@twitter

Any value in a 25 year old "Unix for Dummies" other than as an antique?

Any antique book collectors want this?

Had the first multi vehicle accident out on the street in front of the house tonight.

I was out with the dogs about a block away and heard a crump of metal-folding impact. Police came rolling up as we got to the house.

Not sure what happened, and hopefully no one was badly injured. It seemed they cleared it quickly.

An image search of that name yields satisfying results

Beyond disappointed that the mention of a "Ruth Vader Ginsburg" costume was without photographic accompaniment.

Lorenzo found his friend crying.
"What's wrong, Fibonacci?" he asked.
The mathematician sniffled. "I made this sequence of numbers but I worry they aren't useful."
Lorenzo patted his shoulder. "Don't cry. I'm sure they're more than the sum of their parts."
Fibonacci wailed.

The real difference between cooking and baking is with baking, you measure

Putting together my grandfather's drafting table in my office at the new house.

The light in here earlier this afternoon, filtering through the turning leaves and the west windows, was incredible, and completely un-photographable.

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