I could really do without all this precipitation. Also without the cold.

anywhere in/near A2 to get spicy fried chicken when Ma Lou's is closed?

(they don't open until Tuesday)

Some jerk took down my "No on Prop A" yard sign while I was at work! Caught the suspect on video... video.nest.com/clip/4289a6a50e

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today's NWS weather icon is labeled "Chance Rain then Rain"

there is a strong possibility that this is correct

@csalzman @dzombak but chris if there's cyclists people might need to pay attention while driving and we can't possibly have that

I have been sitting at my desk at home, with a view of my (one-way) street, for about ten minutes this morning, and I've already watched one car go the wrong way down it.

An oncoming car —going the right way — honked at him. He pulled into a driveway, waited for the car to pass, and then pulled back out and continued driving the wrong way.

The next time a driver complains to me about a cyclist doing something they disapprove of, I'll have to leave the room to avoid punching them.

I decided to just use the one Mastodon account after all, regardless of topic. Trying to cut down on social media time as much as I can, and playing the multi-account game feels antithetical to that.

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Washtenaw County is having another cleanup this coming Saturday, Oct. 20, 9am - 2pm, at Rynearson Stadium on the EMU campus. Protip: Get there early!


“what on earth is circling us at such low speed?”

*looks up tail number*


chris dzombak is brought to you today by Hyperion Coffee

🇺🇸 Tuesday, October 9 — 1 week from today — is the last day to register to vote in Michigan for the November election. You can verify that you’re registered here: webapps.sos.state.mi.us/MVIC/V

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