I'm lost in time. What day is this? What week? What year? Ok ok I know what year.

Thanksgiving was fine, better than usual if anything since it normally involved eating overcooked vegetables and trying to have inane conversations with my full-on-Q in-laws.

not tired of winning today, I tell ya what

We just plunked down money to get Solar.

Got an article on the subject all finished up, look for it next week.

New week, same as the last week really.

Highlight this week was sitting in on a virtual talk by Angie Schmitt at the Washtenaw Biking and Walking Coalition.

Her book "Right of Way" just came out, about the pedestrian safety crisis. Looks like a good read, I'm going to order it.


covid coming wave 

If you and your loved ones are doing everything you can already, maybe stop reading now.

Hospitals across the US are getting inundated. In the previous surge we could send volunteer healthcare workers to the hot spots.

That can't happen when the whole country looks like this.

Dangerous days ahead, folks. Avoid any risky activities if you can. No in-person unmasked indoor gatherings of any kind.

Be good to yourselves

I know this is an unreasonable ask, but I'd love nothing more than to never hear anything ever again about Donald Trump or his family after Biden's inauguration.

I don't care if it's about a trial, him running again, him leaving the USA.

A complete media blackout of any Trump-related news would be incredible.

checking in on Trumpers 

Just for fun I checked on the FB page of my mother in law, a die hard MAGA.

As you might expect, tons of reposts of MAGA folks alleging fraud. Very little engagement though with her friends (which aren't many tbh)

When this election is called, I just don't know what happens to these people. There is no great awakening coming though, that much is clear.

"Oh Wow Donald Trump is gonna be so mad"

"Who cares! Donald Trump is a LOSER"

"We don't have to worry about coronavirus any more cuz Joe Biden's gonna take care of it!"

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I'm in charge of the pod of kids on Fridays.

Told them about the Biden call.

They went nuts. It's great to see.

It's been a week eh?

I polished off a blog post on Solar, look for that sometime soonish. Maybe we will wait until the election stress dies down to push it out.

Everyone here is healthy physically and getting better mentally. The election stress isn't over but we'll get there, I'm hopeful.

As alluded to by @bdimcheff, it looks like they're officially calling it now.

Biden is president-elect!

ear worm 

Was listening to a podcast about a McDonald's commercial jingle that ended the advertising careers of everyone associated with it.

They played the jingle like 10 times in it and my kids were cracking up yesterday.

And now they're running around singing it. I'm in hell!

Play the video and you can be in hell with me. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Heading to Crooked Lake tomorrow for some coldweather camping. Still not sure whether I want to brave using the ebike a la @samfirke or load up the mountain bike like last time.

The ebike would allow me to bring a ton of fun stuff like a coleman stove, kettle, cast iron pan, real food etc. But I'd have to charge the battery somewhere.

The MTB would be fine but I'd love to eat real warm food.

This whole solar thing needs to be a blog post I think. Don't have a blog though!

Did a quick scale mockup of the new Hummer EV just to see exactly how big it is.

It's... too big.

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