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For learning how to fix your own bike, Ann Arbor's own co-op, Common Cycle, is a fantastic resource. Open Sundays 11-3 at 416 W Huron.

Spent the morning volunteering as a mechanic for the first time.

Observations: if you get there at 11 it's pretty quiet. After 12:30 and you might have to wait.

Cool group of people there!


Urban Rider in Kerrytown is having a back to school sale in case someone was thinking of getting a cargo bike.

Do you watch television in real-time anymore?

Flight Booking is so broken

We booked a flight -Chicago to DTW to Norway

if I wanted to board at DTW instead of Chicago it's an extra $1000 per ticket for THE SAME FLIGHT!

So we are flying one-way to Chicago from DTW, and then back to DTW, to Norway.

It's an aggressive incentive to burn extra jet fuel.

This is so aggravating.

I'd like to do Park(ing) day this year in A2. Anybody got a big rug, fake grass, houseplants or anything they could contribute to the mix?

@Cornellbox - any instructions/ ratio on that lillet Gin cocktail of yours?

we are also without power. Trying to make the most of it!

Vacation is a month away and I'm so checked out already. Send help

input needed re kids on bikes

Planning a group bike ride for this weekend and whoops art fair threw a wrench in things.

on a scale of meh to terrifying, how worrisome is crossing Packard to get to Argus Farm stop as part of a largish group of other kids and parents?

Imagine it's Sunday around noon, last day of the art fair

has the damnarbor piece been posted on Nextdoor? I'm not on that site and I figured it would get roundly roasted there.

pedestrian safety in Ann Arbor 

Hey local Toots, if you see evidence that a car has run amok in the city please 1) take a photo, 2) post it here with hashtag and 3) post to seeclickfix

4 is a fantastic age. Enjoy the dad feelings and keep up the good work



It should be noted this $1B just covers facilities, buses, and tech. Instruction budget cannot come from the sinking fund.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves about our education system: we often find we are teaching our children poorly in world-class buildings.

The 4.15 mill 30-year bond was the highest of three proposed, and the reason given for the high ask was that a poll showed people would vote for it.

The three options presented were basically

1: Needs (2.45 mills)
2: Wants (3.2 mills)
3: Dreams (4.15 mills)

From what I've heard and seen, the administration is pretty free-spending with sinking funds - most recent example that comes to mind is buying a decrepit church for $850k in our neighborhood to prevent a daycare from moving in.

This money was spent with no specific purpose in mind, and it is currently unusable. It was bought solely to prevent the daycare from moving in due to neighborhood traffic concerns.

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