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For learning how to fix your own bike, Ann Arbor's own co-op, Common Cycle, is a fantastic resource. Open Sundays 11-3 at 416 W Huron.

Spent the morning volunteering as a mechanic for the first time.

Observations: if you get there at 11 it's pretty quiet. After 12:30 and you might have to wait.

Cool group of people there!

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A few years ago on a lark I illustrated and laid out an essay that Dave-o wrote called "In Michigan". He recently published it on his site.

The essay is phenomenal and well worth reading. It gets at the sort of melancholy I feel every winter in this fair state:

Looking at travel next August to and Bergen areas of . Any tips or experience folks can share would be excellent.

Plan is 10 days, most in Lofoten. Renting a car in Lofoten to see the area, and using public transit in Bergen. Staying in BnBs mostly.

Current focus is hiking and kayaking. Might also do Flåmsbana, bike Flåmsdelvegen and then kayaking in Nærøyfjord.

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The Yellow Vests protests in France should remind us that if we are to make meaningful progress on climate change, the wealthy must pay their fair share and lead the way.

Expecting the poor and working class to bear the economic consequences alone will lead to disaster.

Unfortunately for all of us, the wealthy have proven themselves unable to sacrifice since time immemorial.

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bathroom is getting closer to finished by the ... day? Week?

My attic is not well insulated. Who has recommendations on a company to blow in insulation?

any ideas on cost?

Took a little ride this afternoon on some new-to-me trails near my house. It was a crunchy ride through the woods, chock-a-block full of leafless trees and leaf-full pathways meandering by half-frozen ponds.

A woman was walking her german pointer on another path, but not another soul in sight.

Get out there! And bundle up, there's a chill in the air.

I need to figure out a better way to personally fight climate change. I definitely have not been doing all I can.

My bimonthly birdsite sesh is tonight

Yesterday's snowman has some impressive staying power!

Ann Arbor is doing a major reconstruction of Nixon between Plymouth and Dhu Varren, and they're soliciting final opinions.

I live up in this neighborhood, and biking on Nixon ain't great.

The draft includes a bike lane with painted buffers, and tons of roundabouts. Not bad, but bollards or other physical barriers would be much better.

I have no idea how to make a roundabout very bike-friendly.

Local city governments are uniquely able to be positive change agents in fighting climate change. Sprawl and traffic congestion are significant pollution drivers, yet we continue to prop up policies that restrict urban growth, increase cost of living, and thereby promote sprawl.

Fixtures installed. next up: shower doors, finish caulking, hang med cabinet.

My lifted Volvo wagon on All Terrain tires may be a bit overkill in this early snow, but it felt right this morning.

recent Reddit thread on Orangeburg pipe. I somehow have a PDF of the properties that the city collected info on, the list is referenced in multiple city sites but apparently no longer available online.

I'm not sure what liability ramifications would be on publicly hosting the file. Seems strange the city doesn't keep it up anymore.

reading this Mlive story about plans for the Library Lot Center of the city. The three major proponents have vastly different ideas of what could go there, but no talk of them committing their own money towards a project so a parking lot it shall stay.

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