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For learning how to fix your own bike, Ann Arbor's own co-op, Common Cycle, is a fantastic resource. Open Sundays 11-3 at 416 W Huron.

Spent the morning volunteering as a mechanic for the first time.

Observations: if you get there at 11 it's pretty quiet. After 12:30 and you might have to wait.

Cool group of people there!

a good friend is unfortunately moving away, and his house in a beautiful A2 neighborhood is for sale if anyone is looking. Has a darkroom and lots of storage. Also the landscaping is fantastic and very

Riding the bus downtown for free, to check out the free AADL Ann Arbor Comic Arts Fest and enjoy the Summer Game (also free!)

We are blessed with a great Library, folks.

guys. GUYS. the AADL Summer Game is live.

Also the Ann Arbor Comics Art Fest is this weekend at the downtown Library. I went last year and thought it was really great. Might be a good rainy weekend activity!

Your A2 or Ypsi Library card gets you free bus rides every weekend this summer, starting tomorrow! Love this promotion.

Heard a throwback Sean Paul song on the radio, "Shake that Thing." Looked up the lyrics. Reggae patois does not translate well to the written word.

this week The Accidentals from Traverse City play Sonic Lunch. If you haven't seen them play, I would highly recommend you take this opportunity. Incredible talent.

cargo bike rally tomorrow 6/9/19 starting at 2pm. Commie High. Test rides courtesy of the Kerrytown cargo bike shop for the curious.

ban cars 

This was taped to a streetlight in my neighborhood. Anti-development types in Ann Arbor campaigning against DTE's redevelopment of a brownfield site.


thank you Normal Park garage sale, for this unbelievably smoke-free and enormous macrame hanging planter.

the thermometer on our grill broke.

Good thing I checked out a FLIR camera from the library this week!

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