birdsite ramblings 

It struck me this morning how much like our artificially limited supply of new housing is mirrored by the dramatic results of the semiconductor shortage.

Made a long thread about it

the Expanse (no spoilers tho) 

We watched the series finale, which after so long snuck up on me.

Having not read the books yet, I was very happy with where they left things - the writers ties most everything up while leaving a door open to future seasons or films if the show is picked up again.

A full week+ after my kids were exposed, unmasked, to their grandfather who was actively sick with covid for DAYS

Both kids are asymptomatic and testing negative.

Before going sledding at Huron Hills this morning, cold called my daughter's BFF, which was a good call

2021 was a difficult year for me, and much more so for so many others.

I just want to take a second before the year closes to thank you. If you're reading this, you helped me this year. Honestly. Thanks.


Looking forward to some extreme short staffing over the next few weeks because of Omicron. Our quarantined staff in our system has doubled since Monday and is now by far the highest number quarantined all pandemic.

Electric Car Battery Monitoring 

This is a very interesting service.

You sign up and you can get a one-time report, or a monthly report, that tells you how healthy an EV's battery is, as compared to other models of similar age and mileage.

I think it would be very useful for used EV shoppers, and possibly useful for owners too. The reports are only as good as the data they gather, so I signed up for monitoring.

ugh had to call in sick for the first time in years. Off to the covid testing clinic I go

covid risk evaluation 

I was talking with my physician about our experiences in the pandemic.

We have cancer patients who think they'll be fine and refuse to vaccinate or mask.

And on the other end of the scale there are folks who are in their 30s, fully vaxxed with no risk factors, asking for doctors notes to allow them to avoid working in an office. Whose health has suffered from excessive covid avoidance.

Anyway, we really screwed up public health messaging.

also thanks @Cornellbox for the perspective in that thread. I appreciate it.

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It seems we all had a rough week, right? I'm trying to focus on the positives.

1) I can work remotely today and be with my kids, we are all safe and healthy
2) My wife and I are getting along better this week, having resolved some problems, mostly about our new dog.
3) I found some free snow tires for the minivan yesterday
4) I have a trip planned in 5 weeks without the kids.

14 East was shut down due to an overturned semi truck

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part 2

My birthday plans today were scuttled by a surprise quarantine from school for my 4th grade daughter, so I guess it'll be a daddy daughter day - which is fine actually.

Both kids started their vaccine series this week, work is nuts and we're having a bit of high-level turnover, and I'm now in my forties.

Yet I feel pretty good, all things considered.

AAPS shenanigans 

Looking back at others' tweets it's clear that AAPS board members are specifically talking about 4 days of in-person school and a fifth day virtually. No timeline on how or when that would happen.

For my family, virtual school just didn't happen. My son's needs make him almost uniquely unable to do school virtually. My neurotypical daughter struggled greatly as well.

AAPS shenanigans 

Specifically It was Trustees Querijero, Gaynor, Baskett, and Lazarus who spoke positively about a 4-day school week.

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