Wash Co covid numbers 

Washtenaw County just released numbers of cases/million broken down by non-UMich affiliated individuals. I charted them up against the total numbers of cases/M in Washtenaw County

These numbers are a bit old unfortunately but gives a good picture of where we are.

Again, I stress Umich is testing a TON so these numbers probably do NOT reflect actual COVID infection concentrations

covid post-vax transmission 

In the coming weeks, with the amount of data coming out about how effective these vaccines are at preventing transmission, we will see countries begin relaxing restrictions for those vaccinated, a la Israel's Green Pass.


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covid post-vax transmission 

A study preprint just came out where they tested healthcare workers in Great Britain twice a month for COVID. They compared two groups: vaccinated vs unvaccinated -

result is 86% prevention of asymptomatic infection after 2 doses (and 72% after 1)

Almost all of the remaining cases were asymptomatic and extremely unlikely to transmit.


UMich Covid 

Umich Covid cases continue to be a concern BUT positivity rate continues to fall, which is a great sign. So far this week testing positivity is down to 1.1%, which is a really good sign.

UM has already run more tests this semester than all of last semester.

Ann Arbor Schools 

After the announcement this week that Ann Arbor was planning on abandoning in-person school for the year, the Reasonable Return folks started a GoFundMe to form a PAC and retain legal counsel.

They've now raised more than $30,000 in less than 24 hours.

I guess if the board's intent was to get peoples' attention, they've succeeded.


Ann Arbor Schools 

It appears that the school board has voted to remain in remote only mode for the remainder of the year for most students.


optimistic covid data 

In the past month the US has more than doubled the average vaccinations per day - from 811k to now 1.67M a day.

Vaccine shipments have increased by 60%.

We have gone from a 7 day average of 224,000 new cases a day to now 85,000 and falling!

My daughter just asked for $5 for wiping off the dinner table.

Said Joe Biden says $15 an hour should be minimum wage.

She is really slow so...

vaccine excitement tempered by MAGA BS 

I know folks are probably sick of my happy vaccine posts but dangit, these vaccines are incredible! We should be shouting it from the rooftops! It's a damn miracle.

In related news my 70 year old MAGA mother in law, an uncontrolled diabetic, says she might not get vaxxed because she saw on the Epoch Times some "credentialed experts weighed in and are raising interesting questions."

more good vaccine news 

CDC says covid transmission with vaccinated population is unlikely enough that quarantine is no longer necessary once fully vaxxed.

Still recommends masking and social distancing.


Every single time we call my 5 year old cute, for the past year or so, he always responds "I'm not cute, I'm cool!"

We say it so many times a day, and he always corrects us (strangers too)

Anyway, now he has it down to a single word that he yells


My wife and I are both two-shot vaccinated now so that's a big relief.

Johnson and Johnson released their results and it looks really good, though I can see how some will interpret it otherwise.

66% effective at preventing disease and 100% effective at preventing hospitalization and death at day 28. One shot fridge-stable formula. Rising efficacy over time. Effective against the new strains. Really rejoicing at this news.

Getting stuff done was the theme this week - Got solar panels installed, enjoyed the transition of power, got my second vaccine, and worked the vax clinic.

I'll be working the Vax clinic all day tomorrow, and looking forward to seeing more excited members of the public coming through. They were very happy to get vaccinated, and that feels great.

Working the vax clinic last night, we had lots of excited A2 school teachers were coming through.

Made me pretty happy to see them all.

Fundraising time!

If you enjoy this site and want it to stay online, please consider contributing a few dollars: a2mi.social/about/more#donatio

a2mi.social currently costs $22/month to operate. This covers application servers, file storage, backups, the domain, and email sending.

Contributions made so far are enough to keep the site online through June of this year, assuming costs stay roughly the same.

Thank you to everyone who's contributed thus far!

bad vaccine supply news 

This week the federal government said it would release the stockpile of millions of doses of COVID vaccine at the request of states.

Today we find out that there actually is no such stockpile. It was all a lie.


Sooooo done with virtual school right now.

"facilitating" virtual Kindergarten. They've been on Zoom all morning so far. They've had two 20 minute breaks, in which they were expected to do more work, on their ipads!

"This is a work break not a play break."

After the break they get to watch a movie.

I'm taking them outside instead. This is bullshit, pardon my french.

This week was a bit of a blur - work has been crazy busy and I picked up a couple shifts at the vax clinic.

I got a new bike frame in the mail but it'll be months before I can build it up, so that was a bit exciting.

Looking forward to next week, 3 big things happening!

Martin Shkreli Elle Piece 

I feel like this might be a topic on conversation for a while in some circles. Just posting it here to give folks some context when you're clueless, like me.

TL/DR: A journalist who was covering Martin Shkreli fell in love with him. She divorced her husband, lost her job, and now she waits for him to be released from prison.


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