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For learning how to fix your own bike, Ann Arbor's own co-op, Common Cycle, is a fantastic resource. Open Sundays 11-3 at 416 W Huron.

Spent the morning volunteering as a mechanic for the first time.

Observations: if you get there at 11 it's pretty quiet. After 12:30 and you might have to wait.

Cool group of people there!

I keep hearing talking heads pontificating about packing the court, statehood for DC, PR etc, and electoral college changes.

It's interesting to think about and all, but it sure strikes me as similar to someone talking about how they'd spend their money if they won the lottery.

Based on mastodon convos here, I got the kids out of the house and visited Stinchfield Woods for this fine afternoon. My daughter is quickly becoming a good exploring buddy.

Next we gotta work on picking up my son's pace and endurance. He petered out about 15 feet in.

Every Friday for me is being the parent helper for 3 or 4 virtual learners. This Friday the kids are paying markedly less attention than the last.

Our K teacher is having a ton of technical difficulties - so far the majority of time is still spent resolving tech problems rather than interacting.

We made the decision to pull our 5 year old from A2connect, we are going fully virtual because he really gets nothing out of the synchronous virtual meetings.

I'm way more proud of this joke idea/photoshop than I probably have a right to be.

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Zoom Kindergarten week two

"Mrs. M can I go to the potty?"

Yes you may!

10 seconds later child runs back into camera view

"Oh wait I can take you with me!"

iPad shows bathroom walls while Teacher frantically begs child to turn off camera

end scene

My fire pit has yet to ship, so I can't really host a tootup this week. Unless folks are available earlier and then we could go stare at the goats around 6ish.

On the plus side for this weekend, I tore out an old drop ceiling in my basement, and found an existing laundry chute that my wife has been begging me to find room for. It's currently behind some drywall in our kids' bathroom.

Another big purchase I'd been considering for next year is a solar roof.

But looking it over, I'm thinking our energy and financial payoff would probably be better served by maximizing our current (poor) house efficiency. Especially with DTE's recent change in net metering policy.

also, the Creeping Charlie is doing a good job of banning my backyard already.

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I just got into a discussion with my sister about how lawns are so bad and she asked if they're so bad why do I still have one?

Good point.

So what do I replace it with? Clover? Moss? I want something low-maintenance. I'm thinking I plant a few more trees while I'm at it.

Ok, here's a wild one.

Now : Baby, it's Cold Outside :: Baby it's Cold Outside : Invention of the phonograph

If your kids (or adults) want to check out some goats eating poison ivy, they are going to be at the South side of Thurston Nature center from today at 10AM, through the 21st.

Virtual Kindergarten has been an unmitigated disaster for my 5 year old son. It's made everything worse.

We are pulling him next week. It's not sustainable.

My daughter has done as well as can be expected, given the restrictions of virtual learning for 8 year olds.

It's weird watching both a virtual Kindergarten and a virtual 3rd grade class. They're covering the exact same subjects - muting/unmuting, using hand signals, saying hello.

Looks like the schools have a universal curriculum set up for at least the first week.

So Thursday the 17th, I think we can do an outdoor tootup if weather permits and folks are interested. I don't have a fire pit yet but perhaps this is the excuse I need to get one.

let's say 7pm. Kids welcome, if you're comfortable with it.

Today got an email sent to my 5 year old.

"Please review this information on the link below. It is very important you learn how to navigate this app for your virtual school year. We anticipate this orientation process will take no more than 3 hours."

click link

404 not found

Masto-meet Tootup options week of Sept 13th

Rode to a friend's house and back last night using the protected William St lanes, and then the temp protected Division lanes. It was magical.

No way I would have ridden Division after dark in years past. Now it's no problem.

cool van vibes 

While we are looking at a new minivan, I've been wondering a few things.

1) Why aren't airbrushed vans a thing anymore?
2) Why were they a thing to begin with?
3) Why is there such significant overlap with SFF and airbrushed vans?

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