Ran outside and it was actually a P-51 Mustang flying over from Oshkosh.


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I hate burning hydrocarbons as much as the next person

but dammit, hearing the roar of the B-17 and B-25 from Willow Run fly over our house is always cool.

anti-union ranting 

I'm usually very pro-union BUT

Apparently the Umich Nursing Association was able to negotiate making the vaccine voluntary for Nurses who work there already.

Same thing happened this week at AAPS, the teacher's union negotiated weekly testing and universal masking instead of a vax mandate.

This is not a good look IMO

Something interesting about EVs: They're kind of always "on" in some way.

My car makes lots of little clicks, whirs, and noises just sitting outside. Usually these things are related to monitoring and keeping the battery healthy.

A2council conspiracies 

Just FYI in case you thought A2council had toned down

You may know CM Hayner is facing recall for social media posts with homophobic slurs in them.

The latest conspiracy peddled by his defenders is that the person who initiated the recall is a fake persona created by some shadowy moneyed interests whose sole purpose is to get Jeff Hayner off council and make themselves more money somehow.

The above is being spread by ex-councilmembers including Eaton and Kunselman.

Today is the first day back from vacation and I'm very happy to have a down day off work, to clean up, relax, and recuperate.

It was a great trip, but still I learned a lot about how *not* to vacation with kids

Main lesson: staying in one spot, preferably within walking distance to a beach and other amenities, is vastly preferable to seeing more things by driving everywhere and switching housing every 3-4 days.

Next year we will be in Sutton's Bay and staying put.

Does anyone have knowledge of Backflow Prevention Device inspections?

I got a letter from the city saying that I need to have a plumber come out and inspect our "Backflow Prevention Device" and certify it within 30 days.

I apparently need to do so once every 5 years.

I'm wondering if this has to do with the Sprinkler system we don't use any longer.

TIL the bug that's destroying my Asiatic Lilies is the Red Lily Leaf Beetle, and its larvae have the delightful defensive tactic of carrying their excrement around on themselves.

@sstrudeau @samfirke Family Bike ride has to be cancelled again. I am having to deal with a family emergency and have no space or time to plan it.

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This will be my first Friday back at work since the pandemic began, and consequently my first weekend totally off work in as much time.

I'm with Tom, ban 5 day work weeks.

Really looking forward to a bikepacking camping trip up to Brighton Rec tomorrow for an overnight. Also looking forward to the pasty I got from BCSW bakery to heat at the campfire for dinner.


This week wasn't bad, mostly because I took a day off to just relax in the middle of it. It was nice, highly recommend.

Also sold a car so that weight's off my back.

Today is our kids' last school day- I'm very happy about it and they're both kinda melting down.

One is v upset that 3rd grade is over.

The other is v upset the school is taking back his iPad.

Lansing area real estate questions 

My sister is looking to move to the Lansing area, and is house shopping. She mentioned East Lansing, Okemos, DeWitt, and Grand Ledge

It's been a while since I've lived there - any advice? Her wants are:

1.5+ baths

I loved living in Lansing proper but I don't think the schools are fantastic.

I told her I doubted she would be able to afford Okemos on that budget.

$$$ Bikes for sale 

Woom 2 14" bike in red: $350
Woom 3 16" kids bike in purple: $350

Let me know if anyone here is interested before I list them.

These are the best available kids bikes, and with the bike market being COMPLETELY INSANE the above prices are actually discounts from usual sales, checking recently sold on ebay.

I also have a pair of women's and men's classic bikes that I'll be selling quite soon.

Just sold my old Accord! Yay no more dealing with goofballs on FB Marketplace.

I got a ton more hits on FB Marketplace than Craigslist, although the folks who contacted me through craigslist tended to be more serious.

Now to sell some bicycles...

My homeowner's insurance renewal came through today, I don't usually pay much attention to it but

premiums went up by 70%!!!

I called to ask why and they said there was nothing they could do.

Guess I'll be shopping around for home insurance.

Still selling the Accord, dealing with people while selling an old car is the pits. I'm taking the weekend off from that because it's our anniversary.

Plans include relaxing without the kids, maybe check out a few shops and get dinner tomorrow.

I got around to putting my 2006 Accord up for sale finally. Had a guy test drive today and offer me $1000 less than asking, which was tempting just because it means dealing with less people.

Immediately after telling him no, another guy, this time from Cleveland (seriously?) called and talked to me for like half an hour about the car, asking lots of questions already answered in the ad.

Then tried to offer $2000 less.

Wife says he is an energy vampire. "Don't sell it to Colin Robinson!"

it's a fun group, everybody is vaccinated (!). I'll be leaving the kids at home but folks have brought their kids in the past.

Anyway, if you've ever thought about doing some bike camping, let me know. We have space for 150 but less than 20 have committed.

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Consider this an invitation to anyone reading this who wants to join in.

I have a bike-camping trip planned for the afternoon of June 19th, at Brighton Recreation area.

This is with a local crew of relaxed riders who are more about the journey than the destination.

It will be less than a 25 mile ride, mostly on quiet dirt roads. We carry all our gear on bikes but sometimes someone meets in a car too.

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