The local bar has stopped selling Fish and Chips, which was excellent and the only thing I ordered there.

I asked Twitter for some recommendations and boy did they oblige.

Might do a midwestern Fish Fry road trip sometime.

Locally, gonna try Cuppy's in Ypsi. Any others?

I saw an old Ford Ranger parked next to the new Ford Maverick and damned if they aren't the exact same size.

I think the larger headlights and taillights were throwing me off in pictures online.

It looks like a nice little truck

In Chinese class my daughter has been playing a game called Crypto Hack where if you answer questions correctly, and you can be rewarded with crypto OR you can try to get other people's passwords and hack into their account to get their crypto.

This is 4th grade Chinese class.

Our coffee grinder, a 10 year old $10 Mr Coffee unit, broke yesterday.

I took the opportunity to do my usual "research too much and make a simple decision hard" song and dance.

Lots of articles about superiority of burr grinders. Lots of grinders at the $100 range with very mixed reviews, a few with decent reviews at $250.

But we have been happy enough with the coffee ground up by our $10 Mr. Coffee blade grinder, and it's still available. So I bought that.

Hope everyone's basements are dry and power is on, or returns quickly.

A lot of rain over the last day.

My vision insurance sneakily changed how they cover contacts - they still cover 8 boxes a year, but now only if those boxes have 30 contacts in them, meaning 4 months of coverage.

Last year they covered boxes with 90 contacts

Surprise $500 bill!

Cars Erich wouldn't mind driving around town 

Today's example:

Replace the BnB stickers with weird A2 stickers

Welp, a house on my street just hit the market above a half million.

I *think* they're being optimistic.

Today I took a personal day!

So here I am, with a day off and no kids, filling my time with errands and chores as usual. I think I'll take a break for a couple of hours and read.

Plan for today is to dig and set posts for the chain link. Probably finish it off this weekend if anyone is interested in watching a fence go up/ helping out

Ran outside and it was actually a P-51 Mustang flying over from Oshkosh.


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I hate burning hydrocarbons as much as the next person

but dammit, hearing the roar of the B-17 and B-25 from Willow Run fly over our house is always cool.

anti-union ranting 

I'm usually very pro-union BUT

Apparently the Umich Nursing Association was able to negotiate making the vaccine voluntary for Nurses who work there already.

Same thing happened this week at AAPS, the teacher's union negotiated weekly testing and universal masking instead of a vax mandate.

This is not a good look IMO

Something interesting about EVs: They're kind of always "on" in some way.

My car makes lots of little clicks, whirs, and noises just sitting outside. Usually these things are related to monitoring and keeping the battery healthy.

A2council conspiracies 

Just FYI in case you thought A2council had toned down

You may know CM Hayner is facing recall for social media posts with homophobic slurs in them.

The latest conspiracy peddled by his defenders is that the person who initiated the recall is a fake persona created by some shadowy moneyed interests whose sole purpose is to get Jeff Hayner off council and make themselves more money somehow.

The above is being spread by ex-councilmembers including Eaton and Kunselman.

Today is the first day back from vacation and I'm very happy to have a down day off work, to clean up, relax, and recuperate.

It was a great trip, but still I learned a lot about how *not* to vacation with kids

Main lesson: staying in one spot, preferably within walking distance to a beach and other amenities, is vastly preferable to seeing more things by driving everywhere and switching housing every 3-4 days.

Next year we will be in Sutton's Bay and staying put.

Does anyone have knowledge of Backflow Prevention Device inspections?

I got a letter from the city saying that I need to have a plumber come out and inspect our "Backflow Prevention Device" and certify it within 30 days.

I apparently need to do so once every 5 years.

I'm wondering if this has to do with the Sprinkler system we don't use any longer.

TIL the bug that's destroying my Asiatic Lilies is the Red Lily Leaf Beetle, and its larvae have the delightful defensive tactic of carrying their excrement around on themselves.

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