We KonMari'd our books 3 or so years ago. I'll occasionally reach for something that isn't there and then just get it from the library instead or move on to one of many other books out there I want to read:


And we did another round of it last week and filled up two more boxes. It's entirely changed my relationship to books. I still read just as much. However, I don't go into used book stores without a mission anymore.

@csalzman they can KonMari my books when they pry them from my cold, dead fingers.


@twbrandt @csalzman I also Konmari'd our book collection 3 years ago before our move. we are down to a very small half bookshelf of adult books, and I love it. I rarely reread a book and AADL is so fantastic I feel no need to own any but my absolute faves.

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I'm more on @twbrandt side with books, but we're presently working on a purge of CDs (my wife was a Borders music Dept manager and then wrote album reviews for AMG; so we've got a few hundred)

Anyone looking for an obscure album (esp late 90s- early 00s), I may be able to hook you up. Or if you want a random album or 3, let me know.

@Erich @csalzman

@Cornellbox @twbrandt @csalzman oh late 90s early 00s is my sweet spot. Any riot grrl stuff?

@swearengen I did! I won't be going to the shows but jealous of anyone who is.

saw S-K a couple years back. very very good.

@Erich I rarely re-read books too, with a few notable exceptions, like The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, which I re-read every few years. It's like visiting an old friend.

But I do like them on my shelves. I'll see books I've read and remember what I enjoyed about them. People will come over and look them over and that leads to great conversations.

@twbrandt @Erich don’t get me wrong: we still have hundreds of books (lol to the idea of someone getting down to 30)!

@csalzman @twbrandt I think I have about 60 right now, not counting children's books. I could probably get down to 40 easily. 30 might be rough.

@csalzman @twbrandt ok I lied. I took a closer look and I need them all.

@twbrandt @Erich @csalzman moving every few years in nyc = we got good at pairing back. We’re down to one big bookcase from about 4-5x that not counting kids books which are nuts

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