"New York City removed the last public payphone on Monday"

Uhm ok, so how do I exit the Matrix now?

Centuries before we had American Sign Language (#ASL), Native "Hand Talk" was thriving across North America. Plains Indian Sign Language (#PISL) was used so widely across the Great Plains that it became a universal language for both deaf and hearing people to communicate between tribes. At one point, tens of thousands of indigenous people used PISL for trade, hunting, conflict, storytelling and rituals. It formed the basis for ASL and has largely been lost to history. youtu.be/s1-StAlw3aE

The world needs actual, factual revolutionaries, and I am a nearly washed-out academic with bad joints who can't remember to move my towel to the hook closest to the shower.

The VK-Pocket. When you look at it, it looks back at you with your own eyes.

The eye on the screen is a live view. The black dot to the left is a wide angle high resolution camera; it performs face detection and crops the eye region for display, wherever it is in the frame.

mastodon isn't silent and dead if you understand from the get-go that you've got to follow like a MFer and prune people back later. some of the other alt social media are .... just silent and dead

Boost This Picture of Xena and Seven of Nine to raise awareness of the Nineties

@dzombak do accounts I follow here bring resources (images, etc) into the local instance as downloads, or am I viewing them as transclusions from wherever folks uploaded them? I don't want to stress your server by subscribing to bigger feeds if I can avoid it.

I think the distinction is that rather than being one giant sadness machine that none of us can change, a fediverse full of tiny sadness machines each of us can tune in our own ways to make them a little less sad a little bit at a time makes room for optimism, and maybe even hope. It's a place to put the thin edge of the wedge.

advice on mastodon rationalization 

So I have a couple-three accounts, here and there, and I tend to participate a lot more in this one, and follow a bunch of people but never post at @vaguery@mastodon.social

I don't think the experience of following a bunch of folks all over would hurt my experience here, but would it increase the amount of crap the server has to handle?

Mastodon/fedi server recs (because :birdsite: literally blocked me from posting it lol)

General-purpose: octodon.social, mas.to, weirder.earth

Lefty/social justice-oriented: rage.love, kolektiva.social, social.wxcafe.net, eldritch.cafe

Scientists/academics: fediscience.org, scicomm.xyz, scholar.social

Creatives: wandering.shop, photog.social, mastodon.art, pixelfed.social

Techy: cybre.space

Black-run: ubuntu.buzz

Geographical: cloudisland.nz (NZ), mspsocial.net (Twin Cities, MN), 438punk.house (Montréal, Punklandia)

In my poking around on Mastodon today I find that I've developed an unconscious adverse reaction to seeing the word "Home" at the top of a feed.

woodworking tools 

I don't wanna lead anybody into temptation or nothin' but I just saw this notice for a Braun & Helmer online estate auction coming up


ukraine, birbsite 

On a slack I'm on, where several folks are reporters and politicians, they saw this thread and immediately thought it was propaganda from UKR.

But then they saw the ship actually sank.


Favorite in-thread meme: "Well at least they put the fire out."

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