Ed Yong’s last pre-sabbatical covid article is out today. It’s a comprehensive condemnation of the continued failures of the US system and a dire warning about the inevitable next pandemic. He tries to inject a hopeful note in his conclusion, but it’s really grim.


@mcc my company value “unexpectedly human” is attracting a lot of questions already answered by my company value

Who called it "pretending to be overpowered by your little puppy while playing with Rope Toy" and not 


earworm (again) 

AND THAT FAIRLIGHT SOUND this pushes a lot of musical buttons for me is all, I guess

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earworm (again) 

OI fuck I can't get this out of my head after nearly a month.

Especially the second part from about 2:15 through the fucking phase shifter (my youth!) and that mad dubstep bass drop in the final chorus at 2:55 or so.

This is a good song, one that should be a hit, and which also needs to be played loud.


Thor:Love & Thunder after-credits tag 

"Roy Kent! Roy Kent! Here's here, he's there, he's every fucking where, Roy Kent!"

shoutout to the I-75 electronic billboard stuck in Windows recovery mode

not to mention that this group of "all people who make art" includes nearly everyone. The foundation of this ideological parlour trick is the reduction of "art" to include only that which takes on the form of a commodity. When of course most acts of creation past and present do not and cannot be sold

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no form of property ever empowered artists and it never will

So, Amazon thinks my novella paperback content is stolen from my ebook content, and I have been unable to resolve the issue.

They are now telling me they are closing my author account. The whole experience with them has been traumatic.

If you want to read my work, it's available from other vendors, and I plan to go back to hand-selling my smaller stuff. I was happier that way, honestly.

DTE outrage map 

So I'm gonna pan-fry a whole 18 ounces of bacon I just bought, because WTF that shit is expensive.

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DTE outrage map 

Just checked and our address's status is very much "We have updated the estimated time of repair! But we're not going to tell you!"

This is a very interesting article: "Why No Roman Industrial Revolution?", it explains in detail what set of circumstances led to the start of the Industrial Revolution in Britain.

tl;dr: Almost all trees in Britain had been cut around 1000CE; so coal became the dominant fuel. First surface mining, then deep mines. Those get full of water so pumping is needed, and that was the killer app for the steam engine. The technology for the steam engine happened to be available from cannons.

None of this was the case in the Roman empire. But read the article, it's a lot more interesting than that.


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