Thanks, internet ad, I have no need for this but am also very glad that it exists

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And the award for the cover of the week goes to … Bloomberg!

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Looks like my team at Mozilla is hiring for a remote Senior Software Engineer! Let me know if this looks interesting and I can put in a referral

Also I think I should start more toots with "Now see here."

Yes, I just watched 5 minutes of Dutch people cycling. It was very relaxing.

I should probably blog about this too, but a conversation in a slack reminded me of "Crossroads of America Records" which published most of the good bands in the indie/emo scene around Indianapolis in the mid-00s to mid-10s:

I also probably should have thrown a CW on this for "extremely niche content"

Good morning! Save this one, maybe, for a time when you just can’t even.

Friends, a good friend of mine suffered an awful spinal cord injury a few years ago which left him a quadriplegic. Finances are precarious, and he particularly needs help now. If you can donate even a small amount, it would be helpful.


One time i tried to text my wife to tell her i was still in line at walmart. The autocorrect didn't allow me to spell my wife's name, since it wasn't in the dictionary, and kept "correcting" it to the name of a food item that it spelled similarly. Meanwhile it made damn sure that Walmart was capitalized.

there's the glorious AI future for you: making sure humans pay proper respect to our corporate overlords while making the most important person in my life an inexpressible un-person

When you've sent me a press release about your acromym-thing, and I don't recognize the acronym and your info doesn't define it, you're doing a bad job at PR.

Heard a promo for “tech elevator”. Apparently it’s some sort of business acceleration boot camp? Frankly, I’d rather go to a “bootsie camp” and accelerate my funk.

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