Lots of food 

Anthony's Carnivorous Delight medium, take-and-bake

history, and "interesting times" 

I keep thinking about how 19C historians described the Athenians with awe and respect, like "They invented democracy!" but then never mentioned all the horrible crap they did.

Somehow that seems salient these days.

I have the feeling we've passed beyond the line future historians will call "antebellum".

We live in a world where Creative Commons shills NFTs, the biggest revenue stream for Firefox is promoting Google, and Microsoft is a platinum member of the Linux Foundation.

Covid, fate, film analogy 

Maybe all these variants are some kind of brutal but fateful intervention, like the Groundhog Day film, but instead of Bill Murray it's the whole world, and we're stuck in this never-ending variant loop until we finally figure out global cooperation.

what’s a good source for at-home COVID tests in town? (not sick just prepping)

I was totally ready to assume it was some ridiculous anti-Biden counter-tour thing.

Hell, maybe it is anyway.

What even is a charter bus company, these days, if not a political statement in the form of graphic design pain?

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I was going to make a snarky comment about the tour bus labeled "FREE ENTERPRISE" parked in the Holiday Inn lot... but then I looked it up and it's... the bus company's name?



now that Lemmy is federating, consider checking out e.g. @nichewiki :)

It's not even November yet in my time zone but National Novel Generation Month (NaNoGenMo) has kicked off with a bang. I laughed pretty hard at this novel about a beleaguered teacher whose students keep interrupting them and throwing them off track of their lecture--

Sample output: github.com/victorangeloblancad

Development thread: github.com/NaNoGenMo/2021/issu



Total Wine has opened on Lohr in the old Borders site

will need to start going there I think


tired: calling it a grift
wired: calling it a big sloppy pile of flim-flam

Lifted from a retweet from a friend:

Today, in Target's parking lot:

GUY: Sign this petition for Voter ID?

ME: Do I have to show ID to sign it?

GUY: No.

ME: So how do you know I'm a voter?

GUY: We verify name, address, and sig via the voter registry.

ME: You just explained why Voter ID is not necessary.

@dzombak Could I pick your brain some time about some Swift code? I am stuck like a StuckObject<T>

ballot time 

Does anybody have a guide to which of the oddly-worded proposals on the ballot are just oddly worded vs cunningly deceptively worded? Prop A we've discussed, but there are four of them?

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