brownout flash in Pine Valley neighborhood

YES I KNOW I HAVE TERRIBLE WINDOWS. But sometimes that's ok.

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Transitions are Sometimes Endings, and the day after Christmas is probably the worst time of the year to try to sell something, yet here I am.

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gonna pronounce barbeque as bar-beck and see who gets angry first

If you're interacting with retail/food servce in the next 2 days you're going to ask for things with "please" and accept them with a warm smile and eye contact and a "thank you so much", and you're going to touch/move things at little as possible, and you're going to tip at least 30%

Is there an instance dedicated to board games?

Please boost for visibility.

#AskingForAFriend #BoardGames #Games

Looking for a job working on FOSS?

The free software job feed fossjobs is now on the fediverse, too:

Follow @fossjobs

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1,753,359 accounts
+989 in the last hour
+19,677 in the last day
+23,378 in the last week

So, um, any clues on who this character is? I'm guessing something to do with _Alien(s)_ but 🤷

CBC Ideas "Flirting with Fascism: America's New Path" will take -all- the shine off your weekend happiness.

But it's a good episode.

"Not every Trump voter is a white supremacist, but every Trump voter felt it acceptable to hand the fate of the country over to one."

fuck it. bob the builder is a cryptid. who gives a shit. boost this you cowards

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