Twitter: we can’t ban white supremacy, it’s too difficult.
Ravelry: hold my yarn

York (née Morgan and York) has a pretty cool patio/biergarten situation going on. They're open till 11 on Friday and Saturday now, and they've had live music the last couple days. Ricewood is serving dinner on the weekend too.

The Conscious Advertising Network (CAN) officially launched this month. Brands who sign up commit to “endeavour to avoid advertising with media outlets that fuel hatred..."
👍 #TogetherWeCAN

Had to duck out of the very good Workantile 10th b-day party to get the kiddo home. We sang happy birthday to Workantile and I’ll be honest that I’m a little misty eyed about that. 🥳😭🥰

Where do people building owner/operated software hangout? People who aren't seeking an exit?

Whoever was hesitant about MBP keyboard repairs; Briarwood is now (apparently, since I am literally at the G Bar now) fixing them in-house once parts are in hand.

@csalzman I am thinking you said something?

@bdimcheff discovery is tough on Masto, I like to check the Federated Timeline occasionally to find new people to follow, but it’s not great.

Would love optional follow recommendations, that aren’t built on the assumption that more follows are better. Burbsite always shows 3 recs no matter what. I’d like “oh hey, someone bubbled up past the threshhold and so it’s worth pointing them out to you"

There was a time, not too long ago, when I thought to myself, "I can take the trash out before it rains."

That was the past. Life barrels on.

That's just sad...

Maker Media is no more. After 15 years, the company behind Make Magazine and Maker Faire has closed its door:

@twbrandt what was the static cloud host you mentioned a while back? “net-something” from my ragged brain ain’t helping with the googles

While the power is out I may as well photograph a rose.

I think their idea is that it's a kind of Conservation Thievery. They don't want to spook everybody, they just want to harvest a little here and there as the opportunity presents, and let nature take its course to grow replacements over time.

So it's that one weekend every year when somebody finds out that the truck is unlocked and steals ONE OR TWO THINGS from it.

Today it was the USB C cable.

They carefully detached it from the lighter adapter, and left that. They took the dimes also, but left the quarters.

Always happens (if we leave the truck unlocked) in the quiet time between Umich and high school graduation.

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