Just wrote the governor and my state reps regarding the measles. I think it is time we stop vaccination exceptions for non-medical reasons and declare a health emergency to force medically able folks to be vaccinated in areas w/ outbreaks.

If you have a second, please report this Instagram account as spam or impersonating. It is a bot trying to pretend to be me... instagram.com/ablyler1/

What do folks do with yard signs after elections? I have a collection growing in my basement...

Some jerk took down my "No on Prop A" yard sign while I was at work! Caught the suspect on video... video.nest.com/clip/4289a6a50e

Since Eastern Michigan beat Purdue and now Purdue beat Ohio State. That means that Eastern Michigan is better than Ohio State, right?

Anyone have suggestions on researching the candidates for the Ann Arbor Public Schools Board this year? The information at annarborvotes.org/ann-arbor-pu is helpful, but I still fill like I don't have enough information.

Is there a good app that posts to both Mastodon and Twitter?

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