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switch friend code 


i wanna be ur fren

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Who recently got a heat pump? Was it @george? What’d you end up with?

lengthy, shareable a2council endorsements post 

I made a big ol endorsement post that has a lot of reasons to vote for the good people, tell your friends and neighbors 😉

i wrote a thing about a2council conspiracies 

I know most of you have muted but if you haven't, here's a thing I wrote the other day about the antis' weird conspiracy theories that we've taken to calling

I’m at the farmers market

I’m at the ebike store

I’m at the combination farmers market/ebike store

I bought an induction hot plate, but it makes a high pitched whine that is really annoying. Is this a thing or is there something wrong with it?

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The co2 meter has made me sufficiently concerned about cooking with gas that I’ve resorted to this

bbq invitation/a2pol 

If any of you charming folks want to eat some sous vide bbq pork shoulder (or hotdogs or this quinoa salad thing I made) come by at 4 tomorrow (Sunday). Warning tho: it's a meet and greet thing for Dharma so there may be mild city politics. 😉

1401 Harpst

60 today, 90 on friday, 60 on sunday, very normal


found a silly hat that my friend knit for me like a decade ago #noxp #selfie

ok @george how do I make my homeassistant do the energy thing properly?

does anyone have a favorite place in town to refill propane (vs do a tank swap)?

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