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i wanna be ur fren

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The best part of making a corned beef is making hash out of the leftovers

people in the mirrorless market, and particularly @csalzman: bezos bazaar has $200 off deal today on the M6 II kit:

MI election stealing/coup 

If you want to call into the state canvassers meeting on Monday at 1pm, signups begin at 1pm TODAY (Sunday).,4670,7-127-


anyone know who's behind and and/or do you have other suggestions for anti-coup behavior?

Had to take a quick trip around the corner for a fascist removal day toast...

US pol, election, beyond parody 

Rudy Giuliani doing a press conference at a landscaping shop between a crematorium and a dildo shop is the new press conference in Jacob Wohl's driveway.


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