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ICE, Nazis, chef, etc. 

ICE, Nazis, chef, etc. 

ICE, Nazis, chef, etc. 

I rode my first ebike (Lime) when I was in Seattle. It was trippy, but I'd definitely get one if I lived somewhere so hilly.

a2 internet access

This is the per-capita equivalent of 7,000 deaths in the US, or 2.35 9/11s. o_O

Why are we freaking out about vaping? I'm sure it's not _good_ but I don't think there's any doubt it's _less harmful_ than cigarettes by a huge margin. I'm 100% sure wide availability of vaporizers has reduced nicotine consumption deaths overall. It also seems like the acute problems are caused by some additive, since it just suddenly started.

birdsite advice needed 

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