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switch friend code 


i wanna be ur fren

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been a while since i've been in here, how's everyone doing?

Yo I’m starting to think we shouldn’t have reopened a bunch of shit.

vaccine availability in Michigan 

If you're in Michigan and need your first shot of Covid vaccine:

The Rite Aid pharmacist in Big Rapids, MI is both fully stocked and lonesome.

tl;dw: weiser said "i will not be canceled" and left the meeting. Resolution to ask him to resign passes 6-0, Hubbard abstaining. Illich pulls his committee assignments.

Still think there should have been public comment...

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in case you're curious to see if they write ron weiser a strongly worded letter, you can watch the regents meeting here

panny/schools hot take 

With b117 surge here infecting kids at higher rates than earlier strains, we missed the window where in-person is feasible until we get a lot more people vaccinated (ie. fall). We will learn this lesson the hard way.

Nobody getting banned for tooting about Memphis...

Neighbor’s garage added a little excitement to my morning

first #FridayCheckin 

(im)patiently awaiting my turn 💉💉💉

I was skiing at this time last year, as the world shut down. Got on a plane home on the 14th, and then March never ended. I assume many other people also have a lot of 1y anniversaries of the loss of normalcy this week. ❤️

Interested in anecdotes about people in MI getting covid shots in when they're not eligible yet: being in the right place at the right time, volunteering at a clinic, calling a pharmacy to see if they have expiring doses, etc.

Looking to see if we can connect vulnerable people to vaccines when The Algorithm™ hasn't determined they're eligible yet.

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