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Our neighbor tried to take the bus to the VA to get a cardiac cath/stents this morning, but of course the busses weren't running. Luckily they didn't actually expect him today.

a2council meeting tl;dr 

Council had a meeting yesterday to decide next steps for the city administrator. It was full of the usual conspiracy theories and shenanigans, but they eventually voted 11-0 to allow 3 more weeks for public engagement on the administrator search.

It was clear that the majority was still trying to "stick with the plan" to hire Crawford but they at least recognized the necessity to build consensus here.

They also declared a covid emergency and passed mandatory masking.

a2council/RCV/nonpartisan advice needed 


nonpartisan RCV > partisan RCV > nonpartisan FPTP > partisan FPTP

The RCV proposal leaves partisan elections but does RCV when (theoretically) the state allows us to.

Since it's unclear if that ever will happen, I'd like to have nonpartisan elections now and get RCV added when/if it's possible.

Am I wrong? Should I write/call council? Antis support nonpartisan so maybe now is the right time before there may be even fewer votes for it?

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