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Electricity surge pricing again today, as expected.

Juvenile humor 

For those of you asking about the dynamic power pricing from DTE last night: the image is the easiest way to read them.

Full rates here:

Normal billing is something like 8.4¢ for the first 17KWh/day and 10¢ after that. Basically if you just try a little to use less power from 3-7pm, and take critical peak seriously, you'll save money. And also maybe help the environment a little?

cc @Erich at least

They have temporarily banned cars downtown in order to park cars

The bridge is more convenient, but I should continue my boycott, yes?

hnng my dad called one of those "your computer has been infected with a virus" numbers and gave them $250 and granted them remote access to his computer... Now what do I tell him to do?


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