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Creamsicle, our chonky outdoor friend, will only snuggle when the back door is open and I sit on the ground, but he sure is a drooly love bug.

The overhanging rock formation at the top of Glory Hole is pretty sweet. Not sure if it's natural or due to mining activity in the old days.

This thing automatically containerized itself as soon as I put my bag down, as is protocol

Sooooo... Is this thing supposed to poop out a fully roasted coffee bean or what?

6 of 31: today's $100 went to sams_usa who is providing medical relief in Syria and surrounding areas. Thanks jenelaina for the suggestion. Somehow it seems like the need here is likely to become more acute 😕. Help and lmk if you're so moved.

Donation crosspost!

5 of 31: today's $100 went to human utility to help people pay their water bills, originally in Detroit and now also in Baltimore and surrounding areas. Check them out!

idk I still need a good hashtag

Well @ozskier is right. I accidentally ended up in Keyhole and it was awful. There weren't enough tracks for me to tell where to go and there was no mountain host anywhere to be found. Plus when I made a turn some SNOW hit me right in the FACE. Talk about uncomfortable! And look at this terrible view of so called mount "Superior". Luckily Peruvian and the tunnel was open so I could shred a more than ok groomer down to Baldy with 31 seconds to spare before it closed.

Weird mix of mattress and council politics content in my notifications

defeating fascists 

defeating fascists 

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