Today, I learned that the secure AAPS WiFi password leaked on Twitter, like two years ago, from a burner account, and it still works

At the Wash Dems meeting to help the Lazarus/Johnson/Cole slate secure the endorsement for AAPS School Board.

I guess I could throw the card away, but, like, that’s a whole dollar

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The Domino’s at State and Packard doesn’t do slices anymore. I know a bunch of other pizza places nearby still do, but I had a Domino’s gift card with like a buck left on it and I really wanted to divest it

My kids’ school has unfollowed me on Birdsite. Which, what the hell? I’m a pretty involved parent. Was my content not relatable enough?

question: I think I need to pick up a new license plate and I have heard the wait time and service level at the Chelsea Secretary of State office is worth the drive to Chelsea.

Is that still true now that Maple Village's office has online check-in?

warning: cusses 


warning: cusses 


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