In honor of Michigan's birthday this week we're going to go to a Coney Island restaurant tonight.

Thinking of @Erich today. Was at the doctor's office who is also in the midst of the big switchover from one system to another. They had all hands on deck just to help process the paperwork. Lot of grim determination going on back there.

I will love it forever for the interlude episodes they did between the major acts.

One of them is an actual phone number you can call. It hits a complex phone tree with tourist information about an in-game river:

The final act of Kentucky Route Zero comes out tomorrow. The first act of it came out back in 2013.

It's a game that helped me fall back in love with videogames as a storytelling medium and is one of the main reasons we started Scope Creep Studios back in 2014.

They're doing a port from PC to various consoles and I think you should consider picking it up. It's a heck of a thing:

Think I managed to avoid the worst of the cold, but am certainly getting the cough. Wife has bronchitis though so it definitely could be worse. Winter is very bad!

So, both my wife and I are both very sick with a stomach bug of some sort. How do you all handle parenting when this happens? It feels impossible. I heard about UMs emergency babysitting but that’s for staff only. Any drop in daycares in town?

I bought a license for 1password a long time ago. They're finally pushing me hard to sign up for their subscription service. Am okay doing so, but there something better y'all use?

Trying in vain to not get this cold that I’m clearly about to get.

I'm going to keep the above cutting board because it caused me 4 stitches and you should always keep your enemies close. But! if you want a cutting board of your own that is 100% certified to not have injured me, I am taking orders for a batch I will do next week.

I really like the grain on this one. It's wild and varied. The walnut is actually the middle part!

Cutting board complete! Filled the knot with epoxy, which worked well!

Oak and walnut from Urbanwood, finished with beeswax+mineral oil.

I wish this view on procrastination had been around when I was in school, and hope the next generation will benefit from it

Cutting board is finally getting finished. First coat of beeswax+mineral oil is on.

Over lunch I used the chisel that I cut myself with and can report that I have a lot more respect for what it can do!

FB Friends or Twitter followers or YouTube subscribers does not count. You need a list o’ names and contact info so when you have something to announce there’s an actual way to announce it that doesn’t rely on The Algorithm.

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