New Roll For Topic! Phill Cameron came on as a guest and we talked about Vampire: The Masquerade, butterflies, and puzzles:

New Roll for Topic episode!

non-spoiler discussion of what we liked about Gideon the Ninth, talking about "stakes" in movies (Jurassic Park is so good, y'all) and games, and then a big rant about D&D 5e character creation.

We got some amazing fan art from @ajberg inspired by the latest podcast episode! Marked as sensitive in case you're worried about spoilers (?). If you want to hear why this "makes sense" listen to the episode.

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New Roll For Topic episode! My cohost surprised me and our guest and went off of our normal format!

After some chitchat we played an 80s cartoon inspired character creation game that was very fun:

Skip to 12:59 if you just want to hear the game part of it.

New eipsode of Roll For Topic! @murphmonkey came on to talk about How To Start a New Campaign:

Was a great conversation and has my brain spinning about different ways to bring people into an experience you're in charge of.

New Roll For Topic episode! @timsaucer came on to talk about his recently wrapped campaign and we also talk a bit about using digital resources like PDFs and tokens in our games:

Roll For Topic Episode! @hypomodern came on to do a postmortem (therapy session?) on his 18 month long Eternal Lies campaign!

Lots of good stuff in this one!

If you don't play tabletop games you might find it interesting to hear about what goes into running a story-heavy experience like this. It'll either scare you off for good, or make you want to play. :)

My friend Kyle's kickstarter is going very well! He's unlocked almost all of his stretch goals (NPC portraits! Maps connecting everything together!) and I think the end result is going to be both a great resource for collaborative storytelling as well as for those who want to use it in a TTRPG:

A new episode of Roll For Topic went up yesterday! We had Kyle Latino on to talk about his current Kickstarter (it's going well!) and then we talked a bit about Luck and Divine Intervention in games:

You should also go check out his Kickstarter! He's double his initial goal with no signs of slowing down. Some cool stretch goals as well:

UPDATE: was an issue with the audio that has been fixed. Correct audio is at the link below!

Part 1 of the Roll For Topic Build-a-Dungeon/Play-a-Dungeon special is live! @Ohbejuan and Kyle Latino came on to help us brainstorm and build a dungeon on air:

Part 2 where I run it is getting recorded next week!

In addition to teaching you lessons about how masculinity doesn't have to be completely toxic all the time it's also very funny.

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A reminder that Ted Lasso is extremely good:

"[Ted Lasso is] about a bunch of very different people who display fulfilling, conscientious confidence and leadership — not the bullying, toxic, arrogant, violent, condescending domination that has, in this country, has too often masqueraded as “leadership” and “confidence.” In evolving and supporting each other through those changes, these characters form friendships and communities that are truly meaningful."

New Roll For Topic! We talk about the ALIEN game that Andy is running, make a d10 table about mysterious things that can happen when you light a fire, and yammer about setting expectations at the table:

New episode of Roll For Topic went live on thanskgiving!

@timsaucer came on to talk about how to approach the logistical challenge of "what are these characters carrying":

New Roll For Topic episode!

I'm back from podcast paternity leave and Andy and I talked about what we do with all the secrets our players don't discover.

It's sometimes very very hard to not blurt out "y'all missed something really cool back there!"

New Roll For Topic episode is live! I came on my podcast as a "guest" this week to talk about running games when you lack the motivation to do so with @Ohbejuan and Andy:

There's a very good possibility that nothing I said made sense b/c tired, but it was fun to get back on the mic.

I have the window open and that's nice.

It's been a rough week and looking like many more rough weeks ahead. That said, a few highlights this week: an online D&D session that went well! Some good time with the kiddo during lunch breaks, and finished the basement enough to start actually cleaning up down there.

Coding Notebook? 

not 100% sure if what I'm looking for exists. Do any of you keep coding notebooks of snippets, definitions of internal terms, etc.? Trying to stay organized and looking for something that is not quite a wiki. maybe more features than what I'm doing right now which is a long text file.

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