Does anyone have a single burner stove thing I could borrow for a day? I need to boil a gallon of water filled with walnut husks and would prefer to do it outside. Electric preferred since it’ll be going for an hour or three.

Does anyone have a beach tent I could borrow for the last week of August?

"I did hard work and am now tired", the social media site 😂

Earlier I cleaned up the shop and rerouted cords so I wasn’t tripping over them.

I’m very tired.

Here is the link:

It's only on bandcamp for a couple weeks because the streaming services need some lead time if you hope to have your songs included in auto-generated or curated playlists. So, they'll be there soon.

I kind of like the idea of a two week bandcamp exclusive. I see them as an ethical player in an otherwise shady market that sees music more as "content" than as... well, music.

I've released my new album on Bandcamp. This has been over a year in the making.

It started with a challenge to myself in January 2018 about whether I could make and publish a song a month, given the constraints of work and having a toddler. I did that for 8 months. Putting out songs one at a time made it so much less daunting than working on an entire album at once.

Anyway, about a year after the intial 8 songs, I've cobbled together 4 more songs and picked 10 that work well together.

Cleared the Workantile storage room of all the random left over wood. There was a lot.

Fixed up a light box my wife uses for craft shows. Needed a new plug and starters. Check out the old starters 😍

Finished product (for now). Will continue to tweak it to suit for the campaign.

Spent a few hours on this last night and, wow, did I screw up the first one real bad. Second attempt went much better!

Workantile is going to stay put! Currently working out details with the landlord

These unexpected developments were very unexpected.

Extremely on brand today: went to hollanders to buy a journal, ended up buying the materials to make a journal instead.

Sometimes I wonder if I'd be smart enough to run a very big VC backed company. Other times I wonder if I'd be dumb enough:

Lots of sleep later and feeling much better.

We’re working on rearranging our living room. The two hvac floor vents are right where we want to put stuff. Is there a good way to nonpermanently reroute those? I’m at a loss as to where to even begin with this.

Head cold. Left work early and took a two hour nap. Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.

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