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Looking for suggestions for someone in Ann Arbor who sells blank playing cards (both sides blank, or one side blank). Any ideas?

This is Marshall McLuhan wearing a VR headset and playing Pokemon Go:

No further explanation needed.

I found my folder full of joke images so this thread will be for some good ones:

🙃 what in the world:

"If you wake up on a Casper mattress, work out with a Peloton before breakfast, Uber to your desk at a WeWork, order DoorDash for lunch, take a Lyft home, and get dinner through Postmates, you’ve interacted with seven companies that will collectively lose nearly $14 billion this year."

New Roll For Topic this morning!

Al McWilliams came on to talk about the Damage Dice Kickstarter he's running (it wraps up today and is over 250k?!):

We also talk about how to handle doors in dungeons. It provoked a great discussion and I'm still thinking about things like "what is a door even"

City of A2 is doing a survey about bikers. The questions are basically confirming that, yeah, bikers want protected bike lanes:


Anyway, always nice to get confirmation that I am an "Enthused & Confident" biker

yo if you're interested in go, come to the go meeting tonight at 6 at cahoots don't worry we don't have to charge people $2 to attend yet :P

Do not have time or energy for this mild headache! come on body, just let me do whatever I want whenever I want with no complaints.

Mostly I wanted: a much faster path from drafting to publishing on any ol' device I had laying around.

My computing life is... complicated...there's 5 devices I would like to be able to post from (3 macs and two iOS devices). Having a login is better than juggling git and syncing files.

Moved my website from hugo to wordpress:

If you notice anything broken, let me know. There will probably be a blog post or two (or three?) later about this.

Coworker sent me this: form where to select the number of cents you have to use a dropdown.

Calling this finished. I am unhappy with it for a variety of reasons. My wife told me I need to keep it though as a reminder that my failure state for woodworking is “functional and still pretty”.

Cherry from Urbanwood with shellac and wax. I sanded between coats on the shellac (500 grit) this time and it came out SO smooth.

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