New Roll For Topic where we talk about halloween, props, and our main topic: designing a cult that the party might want to join:

New Roll for Topic episode! @Ohbejuan came on to help design a 1 Page RPG (a game whose rules fit on a single page):

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New Roll For Topic in which we Design an Adventure for a Mouse!

This was a fun one and went in a different direction than expected.

Also, listen to the end for a horrifying true tale about a mouse and a man.

Should you need more of my voice in your life, I appeared on @Ohbejuan's podcast, The Splatbook, to play in a game of Swords without Master. It was a treat!

New Roll for Topic podcast episode where we talk about designing devious traps!

The start of it is a discussion of what I'm reading (it's a lot lately) and audiobooks.

Anyway, enjoy this relic from the Scope Creep Studios back catalog.

One horror story for the programmers out there: the code base was not in version control. We shared zipped versions of the game back and forth in Dropbox. This was our workflow for a shocking number of our games. :)

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Also, there’s nothing stopping any of you from overtaking @stevekemsley’s high score other than the fact that you just won’t do it.

Seriously, the strategy will be immediately obvious. It just takes a lot of patience to pull off and if you push your luck you can beat him faster. But if you push your luck you’ll get in trouble and lose. That’s okay though, being good at a video game doesn’t matter. Let Steve have the high score. You don’t need it.

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I’m also happy with the general vibe of the game. From the name through the game to the marketing it all works really well for a game that reveals how impatient people are. It’s very cheeky. The name is terrible and basically impossible to search for, that’s on me. I still love it.

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It’s pretty painful to look at code you wrote that long ago. But the game works and does what we intended, which is to make a sort of digital endless whackamole. I’m still absolutely happy with the art design by Kyle Latino and the sounds/music by Steve are SO lovely. Play this one with headphones on and chill for a few minutes.

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Just released an update to “You Can’t Win But You’re Still a Good Person”, game me and @stevekemsley made almost six years ago!

Apple was going to pull it unless we updated it so we’re making it free and removing the ads. Enjoy!

New Roll For Topic episode in which we design the COOLEST BOAT! Nate B. came on as a guest to help us make it as metal as possible:

Bug Drop!, the game that @stevekemsley and I made, was just put on a “New Games We Love” list by apple!

New Roll for Topic podcast episode! We design an TTRPG arena boss rush. We only make ten video game references instead of the fifty we wanted to make:

Before we get into the topic we talk about Death on the Nile (no spoilers!) and running whodunnits.

New Roll For Topic episode is about creating a festival!

Non-gamers: this one opens up with a discussion about real world festivals and then pivots hard into Vonnegut and other 20th century writers.

Thanks to @timsaucer for the topic!

New Roll For Topic episode! Peter Dillman, who is currently running a kickstater for Dillman's Dungeon, came on to share more about the KS and then help us build an ambush:

And check out Dillman's Dungeon on kickstater. It's an "AirD&D" where you can get away and play games in a purpose-built setting:

Thanks to @stevekemsley for connecting us to Peter!

New Roll For Topic episode! Andy, my cohost, convinces me to finally read The Silmarillion and then we invent a bunch of Useless Magic Items:

We changed our focus a tiny bit recently for the podcast towards TTRPG design challenges. I think it makes the show more approachable for you non-gamers out there. Anyway, we're always accepting feedback if you give it a listen!

The Roll for Topic Play a Dungeon 2021 is live!

Listen in as our party of interior decorators and maintenance staff find a few surprises at the cryptotrillionare, Hashtag Alpha’s, vacation home on Haley’s comet.

Special thanks to our players: @corywc, Nicole, Brandon, and Phill! It was lovely to play with them.

This is part 2 of our build a dungeon/play a dungeon series. You can hear the Build episode here:

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Yesterday I finally went into Hua Xing Asia Market (on Washtenaw) and friends you need go if you haven't:

First of all: they have a shelf full of chili crisp oil at the best price I've seen anywhere. Picked up a bunch to give out as gifts.

Also, it's full of so many different things that you're never going to see in Kroger. Go and wander around sometime:

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