Still looking for a good strategy to find more accounts to follow on here. Would like to continue cutting down on birdsite usage but it's tough for content that I haven't been able to replace (mainly hobby/humor related stuff).

I’m watching the Beyoncé documentary and I’m so very not the target audience for this but goodness this performance is astonishing. She and her team practiced for 8 months for it. And she had very young twins.

Spent most of last night with a fever. Finally broke sometime around 3 or so. Taking it easy today to recover.

Roll for Topic Episode 9 is live:

David Frees joined us to talk about managing the power level in your game. To put that in context: when you punch someone does it hurt their arm, or hurtle them into the sun?

And did a test finish earlier (on the right) and, goodness, I like boiled linseed oil a lot.

Was not happy with how the joints ended up on the first version (Top). Redid it with miters and it's much cleaner (Bottom).

If anyone would like to buy me everything on this page I would gladly accept it:

PSA: gather up every ruler and tape measure in your house. See if they match up. If they don't, you have my permission to trash 'em all and start over.

Bois also wrote this piece about Radioshack:

He's one of my favorite internet essayists.

Notre Dame thoughts:
I was head-down working yesterday, so I missed the unfolding event. It's doubtless a tragedy, but it's not unrecoverable.

Churches burn. It just happens. They are all works in progress, all the time. If not repairing damage, then there's a new wing, or spire, or thing. This will be a benchmark in the building's history, but it's had others and it will have more.

My architectural history professor is a cathedral specialist (his work has been at Metz) and he's has posts


Making a laptop stand for my wife. She has thus far being use a cardboard box.

I'll be boycotting Mighty Good, which is honestly pretty easy because Roos is better.

Spent a lot of last night's relatively sleepless night thinking through a jig for cutting finger joints. I want to make this side table:

TFW: the headache is gone. Last 18-ish hours have been a dull headache and it finally dissipated.

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