Took a break from JS (going deeper into React this weekend) to debug a C# issue in our latest game and, wow, the whiplash. Types are neat!

(yes, TypeScript, I know. It's important to me to understand JS without TS so I understand what TS is doing)

Friends, a good friend of mine suffered an awful spinal cord injury a few years ago which left him a quadriplegic. Finances are precarious, and he particularly needs help now. If you can donate even a small amount, it would be helpful.


Shoutout to the other tired looking guy in the Meijer pharmacy at 3am this morning. I know that feel.

Scout had/has a terrible cough. Cough syrup helped get through a rough night.

We KonMari'd our books 3 or so years ago. I'll occasionally reach for something that isn't there and then just get it from the library instead or move on to one of many other books out there I want to read:

And we did another round of it last week and filled up two more boxes. It's entirely changed my relationship to books. I still read just as much. However, I don't go into used book stores without a mission anymore.

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Do you have any favorite open source projects that are written in react? I’d like to read some well structured and written code.

Ann Arbor is soliciting your opinions on whether to spend money, and if so how to spend it, to become a place where "chugga chugga" is not followed by "choo choo"

Sometimes I think about how much different programming and websites would be if everyone's monitors were color calibrated and the exact same size. Wouldn't that be nice.

Were headed to FL in about ten days for a short vacation. Wishing it was this weekend instead.

Walked to PFC from workantile. So very slushy

Lots of waddling like a penguin this morning. Driving isn't bad (as in: the roads are driveable if you go cautiously. driving in general as a thing is bad). Walking is suspect. Be careful!

Stay strong, parents. Winter can’t last forever.

Airdrop is super cool too. Copy/paste across devices thing is like 90% there. Great when it works though.

I'm sure Android and Windows have had all of this for decades or whatever, but I'm happy that it works for my setup.

Continuity stuff within Apple's ecosystem just keeps getting better. Placed a call on my mac using my phone and it worked very well.

(electric cars are cool and I'm hopeful our next car can be one. $80k+ electric cars are a symptom of lots of other problems though.)

Increasingly worried that Tesla drivers think they’re saving the world.

Walk, bike, bus. Drive only when necessary.

Cool plate though.

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