I have the window open and that's nice.

It's been a rough week and looking like many more rough weeks ahead. That said, a few highlights this week: an online D&D session that went well! Some good time with the kiddo during lunch breaks, and finished the basement enough to start actually cleaning up down there.

Coding Notebook? 

Onboarded and trying to dive into a project! Spent the last few hours of my first day trying to get a legacy project to build without errors on my computer, so I think it's going well :)

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Managed to sleep last night, “new employee orientation” starts at 10:30!

(when I get all huffy about why it's important that we don't let facebook/twitter/etc. own the means of content production on the web it's because of sites like these.

they have no place in FB's business model and therefore will never be supported by them.)

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Found it because the same guy also owns this site where he collected information about the New Yankee Workshop: normstools.com/

Including this list of tools that showed up in more than 50 episodes: normstools.com/halloffame.shtm

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YES to the design of this 20 year old website:


"If you are not used to linear webpage design, you might want to check out the site map to help you navigate. This main page is long and there are a lot of articles."

Job starts tomorrow and I’m just a ball of stress. It’s been a loooong time since I’ve been the new person at work.

Is the preferred way to bundle up a pile of markdown and other structured data into HTML, ePub, and PDF still Pandoc?

Thanks to @hypomodern, heather, and @dgoings for coming over and helping with the basement! It’s basically all framed now (aside from some filler pieces). Need to run to Home Depot for a few electrical things. Slowly getting there.

Ran across this gif of the animations for a prototype we never finished and it's making me regret it! She Dwarf from shedwarf.com

Walls are almost all framed in! One long wall and one knee wall. Still lots to do but this was the daunting part.

Also bought all the drywall and got it downstairs which was an ordeal. Thanks to my brother in law for helping make it happen.

Soup night reflections: this was an entirely optional activity. There was no one telling us we had to do it. In fact, there were so many reasons not to do it (read: we had to clean a lot and then have strangers come over?!?!).

The interesting parts of life happen in optional experiences though. And reaching out and making space for the people around you is worth it. Will this one night of soup transform our neighborhood? No, but a handful of them might.

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