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@csalzman update: a lot went wrong and I needed both my computer and the backup usb thumb drive I wisely brought. Also, no one has photo printing kiosks anymore other than meijer.

Every year _something_ goes wrong too. 🎼 it's the most stre-essss-ful timeeeeeee of the year.

Looks like it's time for my annual "oh crap we need to print off a bunch of photos to hand out for christmas gifts tomorrow" trip to fedex!

A few years ago on a lark I illustrated and laid out an essay that Dave-o wrote called "In Michigan". He recently published it on his site.

The essay is phenomenal and well worth reading. It gets at the sort of melancholy I feel every winter in this fair state:

D&D highlight today was the party taking out the BBEG very handily through some excellent strategy and @george getting just the luckiest shot off at the start of combat.

Excited to see what happens next!

(Trying to do all the marketing "right" takes time and goodness I should have started three months ago! There's always next year.)

Finishing up a landing page for my Christmas one shot:

If this looks interesting and you want to play (and you haven't let me know already) I'll be running it in the next few weeks! Holler at me and I'll get you the doodle link for scheduling.

A “fun” thing we do sometimes is say “babadooook” through the baby monitor to each other. Do not do this to your significant other unless you are prepared to have it done to you.

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TIL about this cargo bike kit that you can attach and take off a normal bike:

We've been thinking about getting a bakefeits style bike (they are pricey though...). the toddler wants to talk, but I can't hear her very well in the trailer with the rain/wind cover down.

REVISED PRICE: I'm told that you can get a google home mini new from a store for 30. I'll let this go for 15 if you want it. Or trade me something fun?

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Does anyone want a google home mini? I have one new in box that you can have for 20 bucks. Got it as part of a promo, but a smart home thing is not of interest to our family.

if anyone wants empty bottles for homebrewing, or knows a friend who does, I'd love to give a few cases of clean empties to a good home

I fixed a door yesterday and then spent way too much time being philosophical about it:

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