Calling this finished. I am unhappy with it for a variety of reasons. My wife told me I need to keep it though as a reminder that my failure state for woodworking is “functional and still pretty”.

Cherry from Urbanwood with shellac and wax. I sanded between coats on the shellac (500 grit) this time and it came out SO smooth.

DTE gave me a 50 dollar rebate on the foam. I think all told it was $200-300 in materials.

Yesterday I finally finished up insulating our rim joists. In total it was a 3 day project spread out over a lonnnng time. I think I started 6 months ago? If I did it again it'd be less than a day. Finally figured out two important things:

1. You can absolutely cut XPS foam board with hand saws. A table saw and miter saw is a billion times faster and cleaner.

2. Great Stuff sells a Pro dispensing gun thing. It was worth every penny.

It's 2019 and you still cannot set more than one timer in iOS.

Picking up my wife from a work conference down at one of the hotels near the highway. I was here early so walked around outside some. So so so many parking lots and single story office buildings. It’s overwhelming. Downtown feels super dense in comparison.

If you still use iTerm2 on Mac, you will want to be aware of this newly discovered remote code execution vuln:

Highly recommend watching the Olafur Eliasson episode of Abstract:

Especially if you feel like modern art is not for you.

Toward the beginning he will ask you to do an experiment with him and it is _very_ worth trying to play along.

please no one tell me that this posting is actually a coded message for a VERY particular interest.

"Everyone can do anything they want." - my daughter who did not want to get dressed this morning.

This morning while biking in I managed to hit kerrytown when there were no cars or trucks around for a few blocks. It was SO quiet. Not eerie in the least, just incredibly peaceful:

It lasted for about 5 seconds and the feeling has stuck with me all day.

"Dad, Illinois streets have less cracks in them"

"Uh...that is actually probably true"

Her grandparents live in IL so it's on her mind, but I'm not sure who shared the infrastructure data with her. Maybe she just inferred this based on our bike rides vs. our last visit to see them?

This simple box has been fighting me at every step. Threw in the towel tonight when the lid just cracked in two.

Recent 24 fan theories on here are making me wonder if that show still holds up. That was one of the first shows where we binged an entire season in a weekend.

Also, remember buying seasons of TV on DVD?!

today in minor victories: postfix is now sending email out with tls instead of quietly failing.

someone please remind me what it was I was trying to do a day ago that got me into this mess...

I am on the lookout for small benchtop band saw.

If you hear of one for sale, let me know!

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