Google calendar is down and everything is broken

"“We aspire to develop a more robust advertising solution for podcasts that will allow us to layer in the kind of targeting, measurement, and reporting capabilities we have for ads that run alongside other content experiences like music and video.”"

I miss rdio.

2. Two friends posting on facebook the following on the same day:

"You don't have to achieve that thing. Try to enjoy who you are. You'll get a tiny glimpse of what others know and love about you."


"You are enough. You are so enough. It is unbelievable how enough you are."

Yeah, like, I know these are reductive statements but also...

all of this is wrapped up in in two things:

1. a conversation I had with my toddler last night:

"Do you know that when you go to sleep we don't go to sleep?"


"What do you think Daddy does?"


And, yeah, you're right kiddo. Yes, I do chill now and then, but I do also do a lot of work. Like, all the time.

my wife sent me this article about wanting a mediocre life:

Which, honestly, reading the description of a mediocre life and I wish more of us aspired to be that sort of person!

It has also gotten me thinking about the medium chill again:

Father’s Day gift! A Pattern Language. This looks the sort of book most of the instance would love.

Do any of you have experience building decks? I need to make a small landing with 3 steps down off of our back door and I’m not even sure where to begin.

Any of you younger-child-having folk interested in having any of these books for your kids? They no longer spark joy for my boys, and I'd like to pass them on to someone else who would enjoy them.

a2caf comic convention at the library AND free rpg day today!

Sketched out the user flow for Bug Drop with @stevekemsley. There's a lot of UI to put together still, but seeing how it needs to connect is very useful.

Second to right box on the top level is the "play the dang level" part of the game.

(It's a miracle any game ships ever. )

D&D highlight today was the party all doing their thing _extremely_ well and saving the townsfolk holed up in the church from certain death.

Slack's icon is way to similar to the icon and I wish we could go back to everyone doing wacky incongruent shapes with their branding

I'm actively looking for a dropbox alternative because...what in the world is dropbox doing:

me: I have a podcast all about running RPGs!

also me: free RPG day is tomorrow?!

Also the Ann Arbor Comics Art Fest is this weekend at the downtown Library. I went last year and thought it was really great. Might be a good rainy weekend activity!

If you use D&D Beyond, these nice folks are looking for accessibility feedback:
Working with @DnDBeyond on #accessibility has produced some great results already, but we’re looking for more input: What challenges have you faced? What works? What doesn’t? Reply here so we can improve #DDBaccessibility!
#dnd #dnd5e #ttrpg #a11y #blind #AccessibilityInGaming

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