New episode of Roll For Topic went live on thanskgiving!

@timsaucer came on to talk about how to approach the logistical challenge of "what are these characters carrying":

New Roll For Topic episode!

I'm back from podcast paternity leave and Andy and I talked about what we do with all the secrets our players don't discover.

It's sometimes very very hard to not blurt out "y'all missed something really cool back there!"

New Roll For Topic episode is live! I came on my podcast as a "guest" this week to talk about running games when you lack the motivation to do so with @Ohbejuan and Andy:

There's a very good possibility that nothing I said made sense b/c tired, but it was fun to get back on the mic.

I have the window open and that's nice.

It's been a rough week and looking like many more rough weeks ahead. That said, a few highlights this week: an online D&D session that went well! Some good time with the kiddo during lunch breaks, and finished the basement enough to start actually cleaning up down there.

Coding Notebook? 

not 100% sure if what I'm looking for exists. Do any of you keep coding notebooks of snippets, definitions of internal terms, etc.? Trying to stay organized and looking for something that is not quite a wiki. maybe more features than what I'm doing right now which is a long text file.

Onboarded and trying to dive into a project! Spent the last few hours of my first day trying to get a legacy project to build without errors on my computer, so I think it's going well :)

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Managed to sleep last night, “new employee orientation” starts at 10:30!

(when I get all huffy about why it's important that we don't let facebook/twitter/etc. own the means of content production on the web it's because of sites like these.

they have no place in FB's business model and therefore will never be supported by them.)

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Found it because the same guy also owns this site where he collected information about the New Yankee Workshop:

Including this list of tools that showed up in more than 50 episodes:

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YES to the design of this 20 year old website:

"If you are not used to linear webpage design, you might want to check out the site map to help you navigate. This main page is long and there are a lot of articles."

Job starts tomorrow and I’m just a ball of stress. It’s been a loooong time since I’ve been the new person at work.

Is the preferred way to bundle up a pile of markdown and other structured data into HTML, ePub, and PDF still Pandoc?

Thanks to @hypomodern, heather, and @dgoings for coming over and helping with the basement! It’s basically all framed now (aside from some filler pieces). Need to run to Home Depot for a few electrical things. Slowly getting there.

Ran across this gif of the animations for a prototype we never finished and it's making me regret it! She Dwarf from

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