All the cities that bent over backwards to get amazon to come to them should put the exact same effort into doing so for 1000 small businesses.

@csalzman If I were writing the constitution right now, I'd put something in there about not showing preferential tax treatment for individual businesses. Which, if corporations are people, should honestly be the case already. Can you imagine if the city was just like "hey Brandon we think you're good for the economy, we're going to give you free property tax"?

@bdimcheff that’s a good point, you are good for the city! No taxes for you!

Seriously though: yes. It never works in the city’s favor and it’s a race to the bottom.

@csalzman presumably that's what amazon is counting on in this case... And race they did.

@bdimcheff @csalzman If there is one positive though, it made it abundantly clear to some cities (cough detroit cough) that they were eliminated from the running partially because the lack of public transit.

@ryan @bdimcheff yes! hopefully it was a wake-up call to people trying to block public transit...

@bdimcheff @csalzman Amazon is totally the jerk who flirts with the dork and then puts them down to date the rich kid

@bdimcheff @csalzman just look at all the shenanigans with the construction of Little Caesar's Arena in Detroit. every. damn. time.

@bdimcheff @csalzman As someone in the planning/dev field, I support the incentives that are place-based (brownfield cleanup, historic rehab) much more than company-based -- where the public gets an asset even if the company skips town a year later.

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