Increasingly my advice for small businesses who want websites is clearly stating:

- What goods and services do you offer?
- Why is your offering better than "other website"?
- How can a customer contact you?
- How can a customer pay you?

Have at least one page per bullet point. Link to it obviously in a menu.

Do that and you're doing better than 95% of your competition.

The best SEO is just stating what you do and your beliefs about what you do without being clever or precious about it.

Once you plateau with that you can hire a fancy consultant to tweak your meta tags.

(also, clean up your google listing and add some photos, but do the writing first.)

@csalzman wonder if you'd look at my wife's website and provide thoughts

@Erich this is very good and hits all of my patent pending "steps to online success" I tooted about! this is in very good shape.

- Contact Form should have one field for "name" first and last is too cumbersome
- I rarely suggest making forms longer, but a field for "pet's name" would likely make people want to fill it out. People love talking about their pets
- blog is out of date. everything on that facebook page should be on there too!
- see if squarespace can serve it from https always

@csalzman thanks! I'm sure there's a way to make Facebook autopost to the blog. https may take some research.

@Erich oh hey your wife is one of our cats vets! Lyssa is a lifelong friend of mine, we were very excited when she got her own practice nearby a few years ago 😄

@dgoings small town! My wife and Lyssa had planned a long time to start a practice together and we are all very glad it worked out in the end.

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