YES to the design of this 20 year old website:

"If you are not used to linear webpage design, you might want to check out the site map to help you navigate. This main page is long and there are a lot of articles."

Ran across this gif of the animations for a prototype we never finished and it's making me regret it! She Dwarf from

Walls are almost all framed in! One long wall and one knee wall. Still lots to do but this was the daunting part.

Also bought all the drywall and got it downstairs which was an ordeal. Thanks to my brother in law for helping make it happen.

Found on linkedin. I don't even know what's going on here, but now I really want to make a bespoke "webinar" sign out of wood.

Cutting board complete! Filled the knot with epoxy, which worked well!

Oak and walnut from Urbanwood, finished with beeswax+mineral oil.

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Well, I’ve had better mornings. Chisel slipped and now I have four stitches and have learned a lesson. Could have been worse!

Working on a cutting board (Oak and Walnut currently unfinished) and trying out filling voids with epoxy.

Going to clean this up and see how I feel about it. Worst case: drill it out and use it as a hole for a hook.

This glue up was tricky. If I do more benches like this I’m going to need to use pocket screws or biscuits for alignment purposes. So much can go wrong!

"The purpose of this sale is in efforts to introduce new lines to the store that will serve our customer base better" I mean, yes, but what.

Finished an initial glue up of my 2x4 rendition of this bench last night. It's a bit more "rustic" than hoped although quite sturdy! Need to do some filling and planing and sanding to see how it cleans up! Otherwise it might become a prototype :)

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