I'm having a housewarming thing on May 31 @ 8PM at 582 S 7th. If you're a regular on here, please come out so I can interrogate you about why you use Mastodon!

I will be watching the CFP at Grizzly Peak. More because it's a Monday than because of the CFP.

I'll be cheering for Clemson.

Anyone wanna go to a bar with me and commiserate what could have been during the B1G championship game tomorrow night?

loaded a2mi dot social so I can continue to be upset about ohio, except in a new place

You should come. You, see you! Reading this! Local tooters!

I assume the eight people on this have already been invited on Facebook, but if not, I'm hosting people for the UM-MSU and there will be a brisket.

For some reason the build on master is broken, and the URL "a2mi.social" is in the traceback 🤔

"My tweeting about doesn't seem to be working. Switching to Mastodon will surely fix that!"


503 Server Error

I think the 10 people on this site already know this, but at my place at 7pm. If you're reading this, you're welcome. DM me for the address.

Haven't been able to watch a social network that's solely full of people in tech slowly die since Google Plus! Mastodon is gonna be tuh-wific.

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For learning how to fix your own bike, Ann Arbor's own co-op, Common Cycle, is a fantastic resource. Open Sundays 11-3 at 416 W Huron.

Spent the morning volunteering as a mechanic for the first time.

Observations: if you get there at 11 it's pretty quiet. After 12:30 and you might have to wait.

Cool group of people there!

Replies with spoilers are either really confusing, or buggy, or both.

Or I'm just terrible at computers.

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