Realized today that movie/tv adaptations for Dune, Asimov's Foundation, and Wheel of Time are ALL set to release in 2021. D&D is mainstream, Post Malone is playing M:tG, and programming computers is a highly sought and desirable high-paying job.

We're almost to the point where nerds being cool has jumped the shark.

Met some friends we hadn't seen irl since pre-covid last night at Conor's for trivia, which they're doing outside with Main St. shut down. I hope that never goes away. We brought the puppy and she was NOT HAPPY. Have a lot of work to do to socialize her to being around people and noise.

Going to a wedding! πŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸΎπŸŽ‰

I'm working in the office! I got to onboard my new hires in-person this week! A close friend who moved to Pittsburgh right before the pandemic so we hadn't seem them in over a year came to town to visit and we ate food and hung out in the house like nothing had changed!

And the family house in IL needs a new AC and it's gonna cost at least $4k. Which means maybe the new porch here is gonna wait for next year after all. Just grateful it's something we can afford to fix.

Looking for recommendations for tree trimming/removal service around Ypsilanti. Got a bunch of stuff growing around power lines and a tall dead thing.

Waiting for someone on this instance to have some major home ownership work done and not have contractors go "well that is unexpected and not good".

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@Cornellbox I'm looking to replace my front porch this year. I've got a rough plan drawn in Lowe's deckbuilder app. I've never done architectural plans or gotten a building permit from the city, how detail does my plan need to be? And do I really need a licensed architect to sign off on it, and if so, can you do that?

Almost 10 months since getting our pandemic puppy Eleanor, this is the only update that matters this week.

Volunteered at a clinic in Dearborn today and was generously gifted my first πŸ’‰!

today's my birthday! Ordered food from Cardamom, gonna watch a fun movie and relax. Friends around the firepit tomorrow.

I'm basically the only one of my close friends/family who isn't already vaxxed or has an appt for one, which I'm fine with. The stress of getting it seems to have melted away now that it's imminently available.

Just looking forward to a less stressful year than last.

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Does anyone here have a car jack that I could borrow for a few hours?

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