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chris dzombak is brought to you today by Hyperion Coffee

🇺🇸 Tuesday, October 9 — 1 week from today — is the last day to register to vote in Michigan for the November election. You can verify that you’re registered here:

I've spent about 8, maybe 10, hours in spreadsheets in the past couple days 🤓

@george TIL the aadl gives us access to Chilton repair guides! This is amazing

Next up: we'd like to add a moderator who's *not* Another Tech Guy. Anyone interested?

Here's a fun TIL: Because the ratio of terms in the Fibonacci sequence approaches phi, and because phi is close to the ratio of km to miles, you can approximate conversion between distances with adjacent Fibonacci numbers.

So 2 km ≈ 1 mile, 3 km ≈ 2 miles, 5 km ≈ 3 miles, 8 km ≈ 5 miles, 13 km ≈ 8 miles, etc, etc

I'm in Chicago this weekend. Today is the autumnal equinox, and because Chicago streets are perfectly aligned north/south east/west, today is also when Chicagohenge happens.

A big advantage of Mastodon is the ability communities have to set and enforce a code of acceptable content. To that end, I've always planned to write one for this site.

As a starting point, what do you think about ? It's basically the same as the CoC on the original & largest Mastodon site (, plus encouragement to use content tags.

TIL that single speed cyclocross is very hard but super fun.

For extremely specific and nerdy reasons, this is probably the most exciting photo I’ve taken this week:

one of my greatest character flaws is mistaking "owning domain names" for "being interesting" and "having a personality"

I’ve consciously been trying to check social media — including Mastodon! — less the past few weeks. And it’s actually working! I’m checking Facebook maybe twice a day and Twitter less than that.

Ironically, I also started a Mastodon instance here in that timeframe. Don’t worry, I’m still checking in a couple times a day.


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