I put a hold on "Sister Pie", a cookbook from the Detroit bakery.


Back from a weekend in Chicago to see family. Unreasonably happy that the new car gets 50+ MPG highway if you don't drive it very fast, and still 40+ MPG if you keep up with traffic.

The more I think about this, the less happy I am about it.

Unexpected visitor at the house tonight, and not in a good way. I really do not want to be pulled into this person's life any more than I already am.

things I learned today 

the war on plumbing 

the war on cars 

Farmer's market 

An academic friend recommends Connie Willis's "At the Rialto" in response to my tale of going to a conference. Worth a read! There's an anthology of her work in the AADL collection, you can borrow it (after I'm done reading it).

She also wrote "Bellwether" (1996) which if you can find it is a very good read. (Looks like AADL has a couple of copies of that too.)

radio baseball as background noise
don't care about the score
don't care about the teams

a certain amount of pride at being able to tune in an arbitrary game via SDRs, without the express written consent of Major League Baseball

Heading back home from Red Hat Summit, sitting in the BOS airport. AMA

Half of the gararge is swept out, decades-old debris thrown away, etc.

The other half about the same as before, a little less cluttered but still in need of TLC.

I'm not "listening to baseball", I'm "experimenting with digital signal processing"

This ends up being pretty easy with the kiwiclient package.


sample command line

python ./kiwirecorder.py -s kiwisdr.ece.uvic.ca -p 8073 -f 710 -m am --time-limit=30 --station=KIRO

only hitch is that you have to install numpy and a fortran compiler but such is the price of progress.

apt-get install python-numpy

Contemplating the technology necessary to sample a radio frequency from an SDR.

Not baseball, of course, because I wouldn't do that without the express written consent of major league baseball, no sirree. But maybe I can set up a GNU Radio based function which takes arguments

SDR URL, frequency, modulation, duration

and returns an MP3 with a current sample of that frequency and some metadata like signal strength; and then patch that into something like OpenFAAS for remote execution.

15th inning. "A battle of attrition" says the announcers.


Now Mets-Brewers, middle of the 14th, on WCBS 880. You can see the stadium organ play a fanfare.

(Last time I tuned in a Mets game, they were on WOR 710.)

Wikipedia suggests that the Mets radio network has collapsed, down to 3 stations, no longer any locals in upstate NY.


More Texas Rangers baseball out of El Paso. Very strong signal from this station, enough that you can clearly see the crowd noise distinct from the announcer voice in the waterfall display.

Having some fun exploring the net for people doing Docker and containers for GPU applications on the Jetson Nano.

It looks very possible (I have a trivial example running) and also likely that I can help bring together application domain experts and container experts to good results, assuming mutual desire to make things work and to demo something interesting.

My eventual goal is to assemble something that puts all that compute power to good use for something other than face recognition.

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