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Reading about drama in an open source community, due to social consequences of using a feature of a programming language.

Not the world I expected.

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that paper where they scraped Mastodon and found cauliflowers 

Just finished reading a book, disappointed by its enthusiasm for technology for its own sake and its naive approach to the consequences of "AI" (as it's currently practiced). I guess I'm completely done with techno-utopianism.

John Maeda, "How to Speak Machine: Laws of Design for a Digital Age"

Alas, the power-over-ethernet hat for my Pi wants a Pi 3B+, and the device I had in mind for it is a Pi 3B (no plus), so I have a spare part.

New Pi 4 acquired, case bolted together.

Not certain just yet which operating system(s) to run on it, but that's what multiple SD cards are for, at least at the start.

A Flood Watch is in effect from late Friday night through late Saturday night for up to 3” of rainfall possible.

via Washtenaw EOC via email.

(EOC alerts are generally "worst case scenarios", rather than most likely predicitons. Still worth making necessary preparations.)

"you should blog more"

and yet I don't, because so much of the potential writing is sketches and ideas and half-baked stuff that I am not ready to make unnecessarily permanent.

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Anyone on the -

I am thinking about making an Adafruit order for some Raspberry Pi parts. It seems to me that there might be at least one person here who would be interested in going on on the order - either to save some inconsequential amount of money on shipping, or to collectively geek out about single-board computer parts in general.

Overnight my 433 MHz monitoring is up to hearing 5 devices including one car tire pressure monitor. No idea whose car it is

ok, some hashtags again

let's see what if anything resonates with the fediverse.

Having some fun with my RTL-SDR tuner stick and the rtl_433 program that decodes various and sundry utility protocols typically used for short range data transmissions.

So far the best catch by far is a weather station somewhere in the neighborhood that's broadcasting the temperature. (a temperature, it seems to be high compared to outdoors, but low for indoors).

I'll run it unattended for a good long while to see what else it hears. I think it might pick up tire pressure monitors.

On the list of spices to be replenished

Black peppercorns

The tarragon is used solely on our house carrot salad. "Tarragon of virtue is full"

Generally, when I clean the attic, I find interesting things that are lost up there. I need to get rid of more non-interesting debris so that the interesting stuff is closer to the top.

Also, there's an ADSB tuner stick and an antenna hiding somewhere, and I'd like to plug it back into the Pi.

pretty certain I'm not going to get that much further without sorting out the let's encrypt bit.

docs here

it *did* work once, and then I busted it, and now I'm rate limited

just like it warned me.

I have an ever-so-sneaking suspicion that I am doing something a little bit wrong, and if I want this to be sufficiently suitable for dynamic hacking I will actually care about wrapping services inside Docker.

ok, for a dose of sheer, unmitigated overkill, I have traefik up and somewhat running and load balancing between two servers behind it to serve up a very tiny shell script.

by "somewhat" up and running I meant that I don't have let's encrypt fully worked out, since it really doesn't care for it when I bounce the server and ask for new certs.

by "server" I mean a raspberry pi + jetson nano at home, each tunneled in via a Wireguard VPN.

traefik should (?) reload when I edit a file? unclear.

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