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All you need to grow your own vitamin-packed sprouts at home is a jar or plastic cup, preferably clear, and a cloth to cover it, and some way to keep the cloth fastened on, like a rubber band or hairtie.

Do you have those things? Want to try growing sprouts? DM me an address and next Monday I'll post you an envelope containing heirloom-y, non-GMO, open-source seeds that you can use to try it out, at no cost to you.

(Offer valid for the first, say... 60 respondents.)

(Boosts encouraged.)

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Computer power peaked in 1987 with the CM-2 from MIT, which had over 64k processors in addition to all the LEDs pictured here. Inspired by this design, Steve Jobs went on to design the Next System(sic), introducing the fatal flaw of separating the blinky lights from the black box. Slavishly copying Steve Jobs' designs, the computing industry ignored the ideal 1:1 ratio of LEDs to processor cores. It wasn't until after Job's death, 30 years later, that the relationship between processors and blinking lights was reestablished and the number of processing cores in computing devices reached double digits again. By this time, however, civilization had already been irreparably damaged by the decades of massive computing power devoid of any appreciable logic

rest, ice, compression, elevation

sleep on couch,
cold pack on foot snuggled in among many layers of socks,
feet resting on back of couch.

also: protein pills (sauteed chicken with paprika, salt, pepper).

ground control to major Tom
take your protein pills and put your helmet on

Looking forward to Plaidurday tomorrow, October 4, 2019. (It's a Yooper thing.)

11:32 p.m. The Annie, blowing her horn.

running lambdas on smart nics


(relevant to my interests, let me know if it's relevant to yours)

The barber is running on Stambaugh time which is somewhere between Eastern and Central Time.

In at the #2 and #3 yooper barbershop to sit.

In line for the #1 yooper barber this side of the bridge.

A very dark but blocky graphic novel by the likes of H.P. Minecraft.

she may blow your mind like a cheap transistor

Looking increasingly likely that my next European trip is going to be FOSDEM 2020, Feb 1-2, Brussels.

Ate some packed the rest for elevensies

Oh, and a little bit of farm butter on the bread

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On board DL139 AMS-DTW, est arrival 524p.

Thinking about carbon offset, perhaps I should donate something to preserve forestland in the U.P.

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