More FOIA requests in to :city_ann_arbor: regarding their new visitor management system, which is hosted by an Australian company (of all things).

stuck kitchen sink disposal fixed. you take a quarter inch allen wrench, find the socket underneath the unit, and give it a turn. works all ok now. we had pulled a bit of plastic out of it that looked like it had been n there for a while.

The things that needed to be fixed, appear to be fixed.

I was one screw short of a complete set, but I did have both a small Phillips bit and a #6 Torx bit in my toolkit, which came very much in handy.

SSDs are so much faster than 2013-vintage HDDs.

The unexpected software change was an upgrade from Office 2011 for Mac, which went end of life in 2017. We are now on Office 365 Home, an upgrade from Office 365 Personal that I already had. The Microsoft tax is hard to escape.

Copying all the data off of an elderly HDD onto a shiny new SSD. Hoping it all goes without incident; in a pinch, there is a Time Machine backup that would also work to restore from.

I'm seeing 20 MB/sec sustained across a USB-to-SATA adapter for the SSD. That seems slow but hey this only has to work once.

Scored a FLIR thermal camera at AADL (1 week checkout). Time to take pictures of all the things in infrared.

Car towed to shop. Tow driver quite genial. Shop was open, they were doing computer work on a weekend. Check in again first thing Monday.

Engine turns over but car doesn't start. Oil ok. Helpful person suggested ignition coil or crank sensor. Waiting for tow.

Driving the new car over to see why the old car is not working.

I am suspicious that one of my recent FOIA requests did not return all responsive records, so I'm appealing that response, asking them to search harder.

Also, last weekend was an excellent timing for a trip up north. Missed all of Art Fair, missed the storms, and got extraordinarily fortunate to not have any power outages while we were gone.

Back at it after a long weekend. I somehow suspect I'll be more productive in these 4 days than I usually am in 5.

Since my neighborhood email list is not up in arms about power outages I assume that we are ok while we are away.

Urban & Small Stream Flood Advisory issued for Washtenaw County until 9:30 PM. 1-2 inches of rainfall may lead to flooding in some areas.

via Washtenaw EOC


"Received 100 bonus SummerGame2019 points for earning the Fine Feathered Friend Badge"

Playing the Summer Game at AADL.

Commuter North to N Campus for a ham radio club meeting featuring a talk about the Raspberry Pi 4.

How could I not go?

Laptop battery update:

For reasons I can't explain, the battery is actually charging now, after I went through a complete discharge cycle.

I hauled out the MacBook Pro that had died, just to convince myself that I could use it in a pinch. It would be very hard to go back now, between the dodgy keyboard and the lack of a touch screen and the glitchy screen..

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