Moving my account to @w8emv here if you want quality Ann Arbor centered content, or if you want quality ham radio centered content.

Not planning to post from this particular profile anymore. Follow me elsewhere!

What's the process for renaming an account? (I think it's as easy as creating a new account on the same instance and then setting up a redirect.)

At 745a, Packard was blocked in both directions to auto traffic between State and Hill. The detour is Packard to Hill to State to Packard, which is as slow as you might expect.

Sidewalks are still open.

I *think* this is a Healthy Streets installation, since nothing was torn up and no visible signs of problems on the road.

Collins Aerospace, a division of Raytheon, has bought Flightaware.

I currently feed ADS-B data to Flightaware, and I'm aware there are other servers that will also take feeds. TIme to re-evaluate my current setup (and see if it might make sense to switch things around to be different).

Sunday a.m. bike lane report, supplemental

Rode to town via Granger/S Forest/South U/Diag/William St. A much more pleasant ride than the straight shot down Packard.

Shopping for e-bikes at HEH.

The two-way street conversions at First and Ashley downtown are great, they seem to have caused traffic to quiet substantially.

Sunday a.m. bike lane report

Called Metro Dispatch to report the half-dozen cars parked in the bike lane at 615 S Main.

If the owners of that place want to get a traffic order to close the bike lane for move-in, they should go through the normal permit process.

Sunday a.m. bike lane report.

Outbound Packard, Granger to Harpst: very good

Harpst to Tremel to Rosewood: excellent

Rosewood to inbound S Industrial to E Stadium: fair to good, road construction barrels in median, no striping yet but it's open

E Stadium, S Industrial to S Main: fair; narrow lane, drain grates.

S Main, Stadium to Packard: very good to bad; utility work at Pauline; 6 cars parked in front of 615 S Main.

Outbound Packard, Main to Granger: fair to good; glass in bike lane.

Focus Stars: motivation without guilt

For a month now I’ve been doing a very successful experiment in orienting my time to what matters to me most, without beating myself up with incomplete to-do lists. I track my successful focusing by coloring in part of a simple drawing I made. I use a color that makes me very happy.

I have seven areas I am choosing to focus on. For each of those areas, there’s a daily habit I want to do. When I do it, I fill in that point...

Looking to buy a #NanoVNA and looking for recommendation for a US supplier. I see that Nooelec has a kit with some extras that I think I could put good use to.

I have been warned that Amazon is not a good source because of widely variable quality.

I really want to improve my antenna situation before I even consider a more powerful VHF/UHF radio.

Gala apples at Farmers Market. Also basil parsley kale green beans Howell melons Italian peppers.

It's budget season which means I spent some time preparing to ask for more resources to do the work that's currently just on the verge of being overwhelming.

Maker Show and Tell tonight from All Hands Active, organized by ishotjr. I don't know the presenter, but he did a great job of describing the embedded reverse engineering process for a game cabinet to customize the included roms.

The star of the show was Kaitai Struct

which I would describe as a lexical analyzer and parser generator for binary file formats, generating these parsers in multiple programming languages. Very nice, config files in YAML.

more debirbing 

The Fediverse makes a good alternative to the birbiverse, especially because the different parts of the Fediverse are more different than the unitary place of angry birbs.

On my alt @w8emv I can geek out about ham radio all the time, and then when it's time to be an Ann Arbor person I can be here. Two identities are enough for now.

Now playing 

Interlochen Public Radio classical station WIAA on my new Anker Soundcore Mini 3 speaker.

Good sound from the little Bluetooth speaker, and no always on microphone, and about half the price of the very cheapest Sonos gear.

I found WIAA on my trip up north to camp, they have good taste in classical music and their NPR news is on a different station.

Kasoa African Market (Ann Arbor, Platt and Ellsworth) has vacated their space - no idea when this happened, and no sign on the door explaining what to do next.

Heat advisory today 2021-08-25 from 100p to 800p for the Ann Arbor area. High near 91F, heat index high at 98F.

My home office is not air conditioned, so I'll be making alternate plans.


I mostly stayed away from the angry birbs at the birbsite today, and I feel better for that.

Early to bed, early to rise improves communications with Europe.

Ham radio, pedestrian mobile 

Out for a walk tonight and the Arrow Monday night net. Nearly an hour long and this week with 13 people led by Dan KB6NU. Very nice to have someone to talk to and someone to listen to when you are out and about. 73 de Ed W8EMV.

Cc @w8emv

First day back at work after a week away.

When I focus on inbox and todo lists I get a lot more done than when I am distracted by the sorts of social media that is designed to engage you by enraging you.

Still more work to do in a day than the day is long, so I'll be back to the grind after a short break and again tomorrow.

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