Washtenaw County - standby net in progress on the N8DUY 145.15- repeater.

A hike today on the Lakelands Trail took me from Hamburg to Lakeland, home of Zukey Lake Tavern. Took about 2 hours, and I saw maybe 10 people using the trail the whole time.

A pretty and straight-and-narrow walk through the woods on the old Grand Trunk railroad grade, which runs parallel to the old Ann Arbor Railroad grade for that distance.

Nice to get out into the fresh air for some distance walking. The map says it was about 5.5 miles.


Did a county slap a toggle term onto a major university?

My thoughts on the pandemic and the University of Michigan:


I have a new happy light and have been sitting in front of it this morning. The hope is that it will be part of a path towards getting up at a predictable time every morning.

I spend part of the season figuring how which announcers I like the most, and then the other part of the season mostly following the teams with the best radio calls. Much less about the players, much more about the broadcast.

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baseball via software-defined radio is sometimes a matter of just clicking on all of the strong signals until you hear the crack of a bat.

Thanks to N4BUT for helping pull in WORL Orlando, which carries Rays baseball alongside its mix of conservative religious AM radio.

Crush Collision, WCBN-FM 88.3 techno show, Thursdays 10p-midnight


"all the way to the left on your dial"

Cleaned the kitchen as it was my turn to do that. Restocked the emergency food cupboard with some canned goods that expire in 2022.

Do you know the German word "Hamstern", which describes panic shopping? I did some of that a few months ago. We have lots of bulgur as a consequence, and you should really only eat so much bulgur at a sitting.

More shredding! And one more banker box is empty.

Interrelation of Volumes from the Ellipsoid (Georges Vantongerloo 1926)


from a postcard by the Art Institute of Chicago

it's plaster, but it reminds me of architectural Lego pieces

Now playing: WCBN-FM "Prop Shop" with DJ Chill Will (you gotta love it)


It only follows that if you want a postcard from somewhere and are not particularly picky as to where, I may be a good correspondent.

DM me an address if you don't think I have yours, or if you think I have a really old one.

Sorted through nearly 30 years of saved postcards, so that I can separate out the blanks from the cards received. There's a full shoebox full of cards.

The oldest in the collection dates from 1991, when my brother sent me a card when he was stationed in Antarctica.

With the lack of travel I think I will make up for it by sending cards from places that I was once, or in some cases places that I have never been.

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