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OK folks, this is not a drill - virtual retro tech meetup happening in just over a week!


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Festifools, Sunday 400p, puppetry 

agriculture, supplies, procurement 

cookery, menu planning, commonplace book, Github 

cookery, leftovers, lunch 

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blog: Washtenaw County siren test net 

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DMR, fix your radio hour, net at 1600 EDT / 2000 UTC 

shopping report 

yawn, stretch 

attic discoveries 

networks, april fools in years past 

stuffed animals 

a2council, live politics 

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a2council, live politics 

radio, WCBN, wash your hands 

macbook pro, apples, lemons 

library game, respite 

food, comfort, soup, "instant" pot 

Radio, WEMU 

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