each day for the past month, one or two messages have been landing in my inbox that don't get answered. that has piled up to the point where I am getting "did you get my message" messages.

this is all completely understandable of course given current circumstances, but I really don't like to give the impression that I'm not on top of things.

sea shanty 

The ideal tune for this would be Stan Rogers "White Collar Holler"

And it's ho, boys, can't you code it?
And program it right.
Nothin' ever happens in this life of mine
I'm haulin' up the data on the Xerox line.


root canal scheduled after visit and exam this a.m.

Considering taking up a hobby that does not involve as a primary task the typing of words into a little box.


making bagels once again

and I think I needed more flour, but they're still gonna be delicious


rand paul is demanding that protests must remain outside.

Planning a trip out to Dexter tomorrow to hike the Border to Border Trail segment that heads north of town.

6-year contract proposal for Ann Arbor police includes "", a cloud storage for all AAPD camera footage. Consent agenda CA-9. No comments from council on the agenda memo, but I have questions including how this system might be used for automated license plate recognition and facial recognition at a grand scale.

PTO until Wednesday, work email inbox zero, meetings cancelled or rescheduled, auto reply set.

My morning routine is a brisk walk and a chance to talk to a group of about a dozen OM's who make up a morning radio roundtable. It's good conversation with operators who have been talking on the radio for a long time, and the combo of walking and talking has been restorative.

At $DAYJOB, the word of the week is QBR, or Quarterly Business Review - a chance to get a lot of people on a single call and focus on a single project. Exhausting to prepare for, and over.

Heading out in a few minutes for the Fix Your Radio Hour, pedestrian mobile edition.

Last week my radio quit in mid-conversation due to dead battery, so I'm going to stick two rigs in my backpack in the interests of having a backup.

Now playing

"Big City Blues Cruise"
Joe Tiboni is your host
on WEMU-FM 89.1 Ypsilanti
LIstener supported public radio
from Eastern Michigan University

500p-700p Eastern, Sunday evenings

Bicycle ride to BHV, about 50 minutes in each direction via the bicycle superhighway and the subway.

This Lenovo Yoga C630 Windows on Arm laptop is not a great laptop as a daily driver, but as a portable Internet terminal it's actually quite good. It can have a SIM card in it, but instead I'm just tethering it to my phone.

Sitting in the car in the parking lot at the airport, gathering in some sunshine and watching airplanes take off from KARB.

The flag here on the flagpole is quite tattered, the city should fix that.

Photo is the KARB tower.

I would gladly bring an airband scanner here.

Lovely bicycle ride this morning. I really appreciate the new bike infrastructure downtown, and of course it's easier to ride on a Sunday a.m. during break than any other time.

One way to limit actual use of birbsite is to use a computer that doesn't have the login for that account saved.

Thanksgiving dinner was a Grand Turkish Brunch, and we will be eating leftovers for days. The recipes were all new to us and we pulled it off in style with only one real dud.

Thanks to some expert advice I have lined up someone to refinish our cutting board, which gets intense daily use and is showing its age.

The weather report suggests snow on Monday, so that leaves the weekend to get the Yooper Scooper out and prepped for use.

PTO time is very nice.

first breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch, ....

Listening via the Internet to WWOZ New Orleans 90.7 FM, and looking forward to the day when I can go visit and tune it in locally.

Support local community radio, wherever it is!

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