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New DMR hotspot, who dis? 

New DMR hotspot arrived in the mail today, getting it set up with my Baofeng RD-5R radio.

So far I have convinced myself that *something* works, since the Parrot feature (echo test) does something. Still setting up Brandmeister so that it recognizes who I am.

I will end up with a dedicated Feditalk channel on the radio when this is done, with the hopes that I can get through to some more folks on this instance!


Is there a way to follow someone, but not to get copies of everything they retweet?

Structured procrastination 


From a John Perry essay, 1995, about how to get a lot done by being good at not doing the one thing at the top of your to-do list that sounds important but that can really wait.


Years and years of old paper in boxes, turning into shreds. Very satisfying.

I even found a $20 bill hiding in old receipts!

AADL summer reading game game 

Take some data and graph it!

Proof of work, details to come later once I have more data. This is "count of players today" which should reset at midnight. I'm also capturing total points.

Tools: Prometheus, Grafana, and a teeny tiny shell script that scrapes some numbers off the AADL website.

Unexpected learning: the AADL website caches data, so I had to bypass the cache to get a current reading.

CQ Field Day 

Good luck in the contest
Operating 1E Michigan

Cc @w8emv

end of skywarn net for tonight 

storm has passed through Washtenaw County and the net is clear. 73!

wx update from Washtenaw EOC / NWS

Severe ts warning until midnight

At 1106 PM EDT, severe thunderstorms were located along a line extending from 8 miles southwest of Fowlerville to near Stockbridge to near Cement City, moving east at 55 mph.

weather, rain, thunder, hail (?) 

(EOC81) Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued for northern Washtenaw County until 11:00 PM. 60 MPH winds and quarter size hail are possible.

1022p Dexter E 35 MPH
1035p Saline / Ann Arbor
1045 Dixboro
1050 Ypsilanti
1055 Salem

Skywarn standby net, no checkin required, taking reports.

Tune to 145.15- (N8DUY repeater) or via Broadcastify, broadcastify.com/listen/feed/1

wx for Friday June 26 via Washtenaw EOC 

(EOC81) Severe thunderstorms with 65 MPH winds, 1 inch hail, and an isolated tornado are possible late this afternoon through the evening.


scheduled my first book pickup for Saturday afternoon downtown, hope it's not crowded

WCBN-FM live broadcasts via remote 

WCBN-FM was all-reruns there for a while when the pandemic hit, and they are returning to live remote shows. Here's a snapshot of the live schedule as of 21 June 2020.


Featuring @teacherpatti in a Thursday 3:00 p.m. slot for a freeform show, and my long-time favorite Crush Collision techno show is back on Thursday nights at 10:00 p.m.

88.3 FM all the way to the left on your dial.


I'm going through very old boxes of records in the attic, many of which include records that need to be shredded.

In the process, unearthing old photos, postcards from far-away places, other pleasantries. But mostly by weight this is an accumulated backlog of shreddable stuff.

I will feel better when it's been properly and thoroughly destroyed.

Anyone have good recommendations for a home shredder?

east stadium bicycle lane striping 

How wide are the bike lanes supposed to be, and how wide are they as striped? They seem very narrowly newly striped on East Stadium at Packard.

I have an email in to the city to try to figure out if the contractor did the work as specified, or if they messed up and need to restripe, or if the city messed up and mis-specified the width of the bicycle lane.


Line 5 


From Rep Dingell's daily newsletter

"Disturbing to hear Line 5 through the Straits of Mackinac suffered significant damage to an anchor support and yesterday Governor Whitmer ordered the line shut down."

From Bridge Magazine


In an email to Bridge Friday, spokesman Ryan Duffy said company officials discovered Thursday during seasonal maintenance work that the support had "shifted from its original position."

Chip seal on East Stadium 

Noisy and smelly and you really don't want to drive on it until it is all done.

I hope they restripe with a bicycle lane!

Rowe's, strawberries and peas 

Due to construction the Rawsonville Road eastbound exit is closed. We doubled back from Belleville, but you might take Textile across.

Bring water.

Get there early for best picking and to avoid some of the sun.

We picked sugar snap peas. There are English shelling peas but they were not ready yet. Peas are easy and fast to pick and a very good deal.

Wear sunscreen, obvi.

Rowe's communicates with their customers mostly via Facebook.

now playing 

Deep Purple, "Concerto for Group and Orchestra (1969)" with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra


There is a lot of dynamic range on this recording, I don't know if Youtube does it justice (it really wants to be played on vinyl into a tube amplifier)

songs about moving 

for @rey

Ry Cooder, "How Can You Keep Moving (Unless You Migrate Too)" from "Into the Purple Valley", Reprise 1972. Lyrics credit to Agnes Cunningham.


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