testing some hashtags to see how they run here

I think there must be a radio-focused Mastodon somewhere.

2 meters is not particularly active around here, except for Sunday nights when the W8UM and N8DUY weekly nets run. I'll keep this rig configured and running until then.

A bit of hacking, and OpenWebRX is running on my Jetson Nano. Not a complete setup yet, and my antenna is awful, but it can pick up some strong signals on the 2 meter band.

Next to see if I have enough converters to hook up a better antenna (pretty much any antenna would be better).

For reasons I don't completely understand, one of my home computers has an address that's unfiltered on the public internet, and it's by no means ready for that kind of public access.

I blame the UVerse router it's behind, I guess.

The diagnosis is "trip ID mismatches in GTFS"

Response from transit agency: "looks like its working from here"


Trying to poke the bear ( e.g. the local transit system, and a third-party app that consumes data from it ) to figure out why there's no real time data at the bus stop to tell me if the bus is on time or late or whatever.

In the past this has been a monumental task, because transit agencies are not known for their deftness in dealing with IT issues. (Diesel engines, sure, but not internet technology.)

This bus tracking system once famously was down because their ISP had been evicted.

Yee Siang Dumplings for dinner, yum.

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Interested in retro tech? Live near Ann Arbor? Join my (extremely) low volume announcements list so I can invite you to the first meetup in January!


logbook: SQL on CSV files from the command line 

logbook, on command line tools for speedy data munging 

daily coffee blog 

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ed(1) takes on the Flight Attendant/Doctor meme 

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Gall's law: A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. A complex system designed from scratch never works and cannot be patched up to make it work. You have to start over with a working simple system.


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logbook, on systems and "gray failure" 

logbook, on systems and "gray failure" 

daily blog 


Reuters says that Amazon has a next generation Arm chip on its way with 32 cores. We should hear more at Reinvent.

18 year old Cyrus SASL off-by-one bug emerges as a target for a denial of service attack. A reminder that you own your stack, bugs and all.

Some nifty debugging of a Pi 4 HDMI + wifi problem using a HackRF SDR and a near field probe.

My kale + sweet corn recipe from tonight, pretty good. Of course there was too much food and this was just one side dish.


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