When you successfully do something modestly complex, you should write down what you did and share it. This way the future you will have some inkling of what you were thinking at the time so that they have some hope of fixing it when it breaks.

This is doubly true for home and hobby projects where you might really never notice downtime until much later than the actual failure.

Report of a C-130 overflying Michigan Stadium, picked up on my ADS-B tracker.

Call sign IVORY52, ICAO AE4AFA

Next bus home in 53 minutes. I love you to pieces AAATA, but your weekend service leaves a lot to be desired.

At Farmer's Market:

winter squash (last of the season)
rainbow chard

The squash will be cut into bits and roasted, and the chard will go into a frittata.

Very busy - the Bay Port fish people are back, and there are fresh flowers.

Taking the bus into town for farmers market. It's a 1x/hr bus Saturdays so that takes a little planning.

bleh, the body is still not sure which time zone it wants to be in.

Submitting expense reports, as one does.

Plumbing update: hot water heater turned off, valve to the hot water heater shut. At least we don't have a steady stream of hot water down the drain. Laundry today at Mr Stadium, I guess is the strategy, then repairs on Monday I am hoping.

Who has a favorite emergency plumber? Came home after a week to find that the tub hot water runs continuously, can't turn the tap closed, check valve not working right. Hopeful that it can wait until Monday but just in case.

Greetings from Bangkok, last day of a 5-day conference.

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At Farmer's market: kale, winter squash, onions, pierogi.

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Someone needs to do a model of the software development process that looks like Chutes and Ladders.

You've added a new library that solves the task at hand with a lot less code, but in exchange you've inherited a new build system that doesn't quite work on your machine (go back 8 squares and down to another level to fix that).

A lot of things become easier for me to understand - but alas, harder to draw - when expressed in terms of graphs and transformations of graphs.

I realize at times that this makes me come to conclusions that look like leaps of logic, especially when it means moving from one problem domain to another. "Wait, how did you get there?"


The usual alternative to tmux is screen, which is similarly hand-crampy and a bit older. I don't know how complex your setup is.

In the same breath as both of them I usually mention `mosh` which is really good at keeping a connection to a remote system up in circumstance where `ssh` would fail.

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