Do you have an ergonomic keyboard you recommend? Preferably something as quiet as my Apple keyboard, since I'd be bringing it in to Workantile.

Fun session tonight, ending with a surprise visit from the titular vampire. He seems nice!

vaccine availability in Michigan 

If you're in Michigan and need your first shot of Covid vaccine:

The Rite Aid pharmacist in Big Rapids, MI is both fully stocked and lonesome.

Anyone have thoughts on data catalogs / data portals? Experience with specific platforms? The city where I work is looking to catalog its many disparate data sources for better discovery, quality, and usage.

Boosts welcome 🔁

I keep thinking about this:

"I tend to think that most fears about A.I. are best understood as fears about capitalism. And I think that this is actually true of most fears of technology, too. Most of our fears or anxieties about technology are best understood as fears or anxiety about how capitalism will use technology against us. And technology and capitalism have been so closely intertwined that it’s hard to distinguish the two."

useful zsh trick 

Today I learned about "ctrl+q". This command is known as "parking" and what it does is takes the command you are typing, stashes it elsewhere and clears your command line, then after you execute your next command, retrieves it and fills your prompt.

So for example if I'm typing a git command and realized I need to `git diff` first, I can ctrl+q to "park" the command, type the diff, and then immediately get back to my original parked command

:aadl: now offers access to the Wall Street Journal, in addition to the New York Times:

Schitt’s Creek finale spoilers 

Finished Schitt’s Creek last night. It feels poignant to watch a family that has been cooped up together move on, just as vaccines are rolling out and the kids are starting in-person school.

I've released my ambient album on Bandcamp. All proceeds go to the Clean Air Task Force. And today (April 2nd) there is no Bandcamp fee.

"At the most literal level, this is a collection of ambient music. Nine songs; slow, unfolding chordal motifs. But it's also something more...

An overused adjective to describe ambient music is "glacial." Instead of running from this label, I used it as inspiration. The result is an album that reflects my concern for our changing..."

April 1st Message 

This is not a day of honor
No highly esteemed headline is truthful here
Nothing is trusted here
What is broadcast today is dangerous and repulsive to us
This message is a warning about April Fools'.

"when the suburbs are retrofitted, they can take on an astonishing array of modern issues: car dependency, public health, supporting aging people, helping people compete for jobs, creating water and energy resilience, and helping with social equity and justice."


"It's pretty interesting how the desires of both the younger millennials, Gen Z, and a lot of those aging boomers are converging on an interest in more walkable, mixed-use, compact urban places out in the burbs."

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@ablyler I can't find your toot about CVS appointments in A2/Ypsi, but I wanted to let you know that it led to at least 1 Workantiler's kid getting vaccinated.

Among the tomes of technical books I found this whole book about the useful 'cat' command.

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