@britain The sidebar on birbsite mislead me about what you and @teacherpatti's book was about

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Do people in Michigan successfully do the driveway-projector-kids-movie thing?

I feel like by the time the weather is nice enough, the sun is up late enough to make the whole thing a bedtime nightmare.

Contrast that with Florida, where it's warmer earlier in the year and the sun sets up to an hour earlier in the evening.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk

I'm going to miss having a scheduled "thing" for my GoT buddy and I to watch. An external motivation for socializing.

I can tell when I moved my personal email off Gmail: myaccount.google.com/purchases

(It's not a sorted list, scroll down)

I'm going to miss Game of Thrones as a shared cultural artifact. I don't have sports, so it was nice to have a "did you see it last night" thing to say to casual acquaintances with a decent hit rate. Back to talking about the weather I guess?

Trying to write a speaker bio was enough to convince me I don't really need to submit a talk proposal to the conference.

The Wirecutter is a machine that turns class anxiety into affiliate commisions.

The class anxiety that exists in the space between the Wirecutter's pick and their budget pick.

Roll For Topic episode 11 is live! Jason Matteson came on to talk about tracking combat!


I track with hastily scrawled notes on 3x5 cards. Jason tracks by using a suite of tools he wrote in Node!

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I was super excited to find out gophercon.com/ exists… until I realized it's not about the Gopher protocol.

This appeals to the punk ethos of buying a commodity product with a poor environmental footprint solely for it’s highly stylized branding

As a member of the Slashdot generation I'm still coming to grips with the idea that Microsoft made a hype video for their Linux CLI youtube.com/watch?v=8gw0rXPMMP

Sonic's new catchphrase is a mouthful but I think it might catch on

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