today is the only day you can boost this but only if you also live in purple grid world

I’m a little late to The Orville but wow does it capture the Spirit of Trek. If you are on the fence, Brannon Braga is a producer and directs at least one episode.

This post by Om Malik makes me think about how the Galactica was the only Battlestar that survived the attack because they didn’t have a bunch of smarthome stuff on board.

I was going to snark about this until I saw "Manitou Islands” and realized I didn’t know how to say it. The celebrities are jarring and something something prescriptivists,4601,7-154

Oh neat, Penguicon has a Masto instance. Maybe one of these decades I’ll go….

🎶I was carried to Ohio by a swarm of
Bees in the trap bees bees in the trap🎶

My subtle act of rebellion is to spell Spider—man with the widest hypen-like glyph I can find.

MetaFilter, the online community I run, is 20 years old today, which is just whaaaaaat when I really think about it.

I wrote up some thoughts about what the site means to me and what I want it to be.

No Fail Whale on Mastodon! Well, this instance.

I still think it’s funny that a burbsite engineer made to stop people asking if the site is down for everyone

New episode of Roll For Topic is live! @murphmonkey came on to talk about Theater of the Mind vs. Visual Representations:

So, GMs, how do you handle this? Bunch o' painted minis? Or narrate like it's an audiobook?

I guess /r/walmart is now an explicitly pro-union subreddit. I guess there are some silver linings to being in the weird timeline.

Is it bad if I click the unsubscribe link on every email my mom forwards me? Asking for my friend’s friend.

(I don’t currently do this)


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