✅ Added “updog” as a skill on LinkedIn

If you still use iTerm2 on Mac, you will want to be aware of this newly discovered remote code execution vuln: blog.mozilla.org/security/2019

We had curry last night but forgot to make the flat bread to go with it. In the end it was a naan-issue.

Thank you, Apple, for making sure I’m up to date on the latest codecs your spreadsheet application supports.

“Performance, uhh, accessibility, and uhhhhhhhhhhhhh *checks commit log* new codecs"

@instance FYI I'm getting a 500 error when I try to upload images. Tried Firefox and Safari

We're posting all of our XOXO 2019 talk videos to Mastodon this year, one per weekday! You can follow @xoxo, or see this thread. xoxo.zone/@xoxo/10292257385444



New episode of Roll For Topic is live!


Audrey, who works at the AADL, came back on to talk about how the RPG Fest went AND about bringing elements of other media into tabletop games.

I wish there was a term for days like this, when the high temperature is before you wake up and then it’s 📉 from there. All the “the high today will be 74º” weather stuff falls apart when the high was at 2:00am.

Workantile has a new website!


Major improvements: SSL and it doesn't look really really bad on phones!

I messed up rules, I forgot what I said, and didn’t add any of the flavor descriptions I had planned. But, people had fun so that’s OK. After three years of playing Dungeons & Dragons, I survived my first session as a Dungeon Master.

Derek Sivers writes "Stop referencing. Stop quoting. Paraphrase. Internalize it. Make it yours. Tell me what you think, not what someone else thinks.”


@questionscast @jer_ I would like 5 free stickers for pointing out the movie with the boom boxes in the classroom was Real Genius

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