Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon

This is such a good way to think about programming as a craft. It reminds me of how I tried to make a budget app with off-the-shelf parts, but went with YNAB for UI ergonomics.


I don't know how big the overlap is between Bernie memelords and Pixar fans, but I was inspired tonight by our bedtime reading and had to make this.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's worth it to use the janky IRS Free File Fillable Forms and ween myself off of Intuit's crappy business model

What kind of recurring and one-off chore manager can we use at Workantile to help us self-organize? Looking at SignUpGenius and Trello, but both have a bit of friction.

Me: "Thirty days has September, Ap..."
1752: "Actually no"

I am so extraordinarily pleased that there is a server for dads and that it's running Hometown. If you know any dads who are looking for a Fediverse home, this seems like it could be a nice place

I wish this view on procrastination had been around when I was in school, and hope the next generation will benefit from it

Juliet, a businessperson: “My golf course and resort will be the finest in Mumbai. I call it Foxtrot Hills.”

Me: “Just to echo: Foxtrot golf hotel: India, Juliet?”

Has anyone noticed that IMAP read/archive status isn't syncing between appleOSs? I'll read an email and archive it on an iDevice, then it's unread in my inbox on my Mac.

I'm going to start telling my kids that Natalie Portman is famous for her webbed toes. Thus, when you stick two words together, it's called a Portmantoe.

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