Bypass Paywalls Clean • Firefox extension that works for passing paywalls. There's a Chrome version but Google won't let you use it easily. #linkblog #paywallsfirefoxbrowsernewstootme

New Roll For Topic! Phill Cameron came on as a guest and we talked about Vampire: The Masquerade, butterflies, and puzzles:

We've got bees going in and out of our eaves. Any exterminator recommendations?

Already called Insect Pest Control and they are booked up.

Final numbers for our Solarize group buy: 16 new solar arrays, representing 114 kW!

Hopefully we can get the other side of the street next year!

Progress on the boardwalk in DeVine Preserve. That's not its final location but it's nice to see the boards move after 9 months.

Our school bus is not really following the schedule. But the company does have a (auth protected) bus tracker app with a JSON endpoint to get the bus's lat/lon...

So now I'm working on adding it to to get my smart speaker to announce when the bus is on its way and what time it should arrive.

CO2 and thinking • New study shows that even modest increases in CO2 (well below safety thresholds) are associated with a decline in cognitive performance #linkblog #co2pollutionfreshaircirculationhvaccognitiveintelligencesciencetootme

“All work looks easy from a distance.” I heard that recently and it really stuck with me.

Winston-Salem, NC is offering Ypsi some stiff competition.

New Roll for Topic episode!

non-spoiler discussion of what we liked about Gideon the Ninth, talking about "stakes" in movies (Jurassic Park is so good, y'all) and games, and then a big rant about D&D 5e character creation.

If you use and have a Z-Wave lock, is really fantastic (albeit a bit of a pain to install). Keymaster lets you manage PIN codes and get notifications from the HA UI

Pachelbel probably got really mad about all the Taco Bell jokes people would make. I guess that’s why he started making cannons.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: install a timer switch on your bathroom fans.

You just hit 20 minutes after your shower is done and you don't have to worry about humidity!

I just changed the last one to a timer after the kids left the fan running for 4 hours while we were out.

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