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We got a basketball hoop yesterday and they have an iPad app for the instructions (in addition to paper).

Each step was a 3d model, animated and rotatable. I could pause a bolt being inserted and spin the model to check exactly where it went.

Sometimes living in the future isn't so bad.

Black Lives Matter protest shut down Jackson Rd at Menards in Scio Twp yesterday for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. ✊🏻

(via Nextdoor!?)

“The party was held on a Friday night, parents said. The host was symptomatic during the party, got sicker over the weekend and was tested for COVID-19 on Monday, though didn’t share the positive results with friends until Tuesday night, parents said.”

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The Harper’s story just keeps getting wilder. “one of those students who visited Harper’s came into contact with a friend who held a huge house party in Grosse Pointe Woods, where dozens of friends partied without masks and social distancing”

Y’all got those weather shields on a weird setting. Hail, but only right here

The term "casual fan" implies the existence of ranked, competitive fans. - me explaining "stan" as in "K-Pop Stans"

I set the 6yo up with a stop motion app on my iPad and now she is teaching the 4yo how to do LEGO animations

Psst, modern monetary theory folks, :aadl: has The Deficit Myth as ebook and audiobook now


It’s hard to say how the US is doing with COVID-19 because the US (at a federal level) isn’t doing much. The states are doing things and that’s why states are having such different outcomes. And yet, the conversation continues to abstract the states as an averaged whole

I will be LIVE (from my house) on or 88.3FM from 3-5 today!

I've mentioned this before but I'll say it again: if you want some wholesome / nostalgic internet times, check out Wiby, the "Search Engine for the Classic Web". It's based on (moderated) user submissions of old school websites. Use #WibyFinds to post the good stuff you come across!!!

I just found Zack's Snake Page, which is actually just a giant image with hot zones you can click to go to other images???

Teaching my kids how amazingly awesome computer games were back in the early 90s. I set up a local BBS on our media server to play Trade Wars, Legend of the Red Dragon, and Star Trek.

I love my “Mom Squad” D&D group. Set in a matriarchy, tonight our token male player/character got womansplained to for failing on a spell. Everyone loved it when the NPC told him, “I’m sure it was a good spell, but maybe you should let someone who knows what they’re doing take over.”

Okay, so maybe I do have some precognistics left. Book I was reading early in the StayHome StaySafe was "The Last Policeman." I thought it was relevant for the setting, which seemed very of the moment.

Anyhow, here is an thread that makes the basic arguments if you, like me, are pretty new to this concept. It's on the birdsite (which I know is fraught), but I think it's well worth the read.

And maybe, the last policeman in a different way

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