Reading some github copilot discourse and trying to decide if the thoughts & feelings I have about it are Upton-Sinclair-flavored based on my salary. Also shiny toy. Also I think it is the thin edge of the wedge of future ML trends and not a flash-in-pan like "web3"


@lmorchard I'm really interested in the outcome when rights owners start suing over models trained on their copyrighted works.

On one hand it's clearly derivative. On the other, it also hits some of the fair use notes (transformative, isn't competing with the original market)

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@george Yeah, like I kind of want to see it dragged through the courts so we can get it worked out ASAP. Don't want to be a lightning rod for the discourse, but I've got contrary notions.

Like, for one, it doesn't have any agency to commit code or even save a file - I do that.

If it spits out literal copypasta, it's up to me to decide whether or not to incorporate the suggestion. Beyond it being a much better tool, I'm having trouble seeing an essential distinction between that and how I use stackoverflow or plain vanilla code search.

(I say "having trouble seeing" because I'm open / eager to be convinced otherwise)

@lmorchard @george

None of the examples that I've seen for copilot thus far seem really compelling to me... it doesn't seem to rise above solving leet code problems or undergraduate programming problems.

Solving clearly defined, side-effect free functions is not a hard problem that I need a tool for... understanding the relationships and behaviors of large piles of legacy spagheti code with many undocumented dependencies and strange infrastructure edge cases is; designing a whole module of new classes and deciding how they model the domain is.... writing the code itself is, if anything boring, and must be understood a-priori or else the design is going to devolve into more spagheti.

@lordbowlich @george Having used it daily since February, really I think the sweet spot for it now is for jumping ahead with drudgery.

Like, I start to write a comment and the function signature for a unit test and startlingly often it will fill in a complete & correct function body. When it does that a half-dozen times, it's saved me a half-hour of boilerplate annoyance.

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