Man, these squirrels have stolen 100% of our tomatoes since they started thieving a couple weeks ago. Kind of heartbreaking and surprising. It's not like squirrels are new to our yard and this is the third year we've had tomatoes, but it is the first time they've taken really any tomatoes—and here they are taking them all!

We tried draping netting over the plants a few days ago but it hasn't worked.

Today is apparently "Summer Vacation Request Day" 🤣

Holy crap, our previous mortgage company gave us an amazing anniversary gift: a check for several thousand dollars out of the blue.

They apparently spot-check cases and ours revealed a multi-thousand-dollar mistake, in our favor (!?) so they automatically refunded us plus a penalty.

By happy if weird coincidence it is almost exactly the individual out-of-pocket maximum on my health insurance, which we definitely hit.

Well that was a pretty bad earnings call /strategery talk from the new business brass; especially glad I work in the games business that mostly thrives outside their awareness.

Alex Jones Lawsuit Amazingness 

Alex Jones is being sued by parent groups of school shooting victims (because he's made a career out of calling them hoaxers).

He refused to participate in pre-trial discovery and in a delicious twist his lawyers accidentally sent the plaintiff's lawyers the material anyways, including conversations about how he knows he's been lying and how much money it's made him.

They let him perjure himself for days before dropping the boom on him in cross examination.

F1: Ferrari absolutely will not stop fucking race strategy up for their own drivers, the poor bastards 🤣

6. I pulled the driveway weeds, most satisfactory
7. Hey, there's a new Hitman level!
8. Grilled and had garden veggies in the lovely evening weather
9. Finished watching Cowboy Bebop (Netflix, 2022) and it's a shame it fell victim to the ruthless Netflix cull because that was a pretty damn good season of TV.

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Today is going swimmingly:

1. F1 Qualis were good
2. Errands to home center didn't take long at all
3. Got the footer pads for this heavy-ass backyard bench levelled and balanced
4. Oiled my entire fence in about 2 hours, thanks, spray-gun!
5. Gonna play some multiversus and cool down.

This neocolonial manor near my studio's home office is the same price as the median California home:

It is also _begging_ for a murder mystery evening.

Day 1: survived, the numbers were all good ones.

You, clueless: “you’re just button mashing”
Me, an intellectual: "False, I am channeling taoist principles and playing _wu wei_"

CS: GO still the top game on steam in the year of our lord 2022, how

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