Good people, we're down to just a few boxes in the upstairs parts of the house!

The treaty of westphalia came up at work today (it's shorter than you'd think!), which, naturally, reminded me of

Why's it gotta be 10:30pm when I need an extension cord, yo?

This is amazing:

(the 75yo mother of one of the actors from the smash hit video game Red Dead Redemption 2 played it and wrote a paper about it, being a professor.)

Magic tricks :).

God-_damn_ watch through until the Ukrainians at the end, man. They killed it!

Still feels a bit like Heather and I are on vacation and staying in someone else's home!

What idiot collected all these books? 🤣 oh, right...

I feel like if you’re a loan company, you should be better at reading deeds. Good lord.

And now we wait on banks to get money to the right people! This is harder than you’d think!

If I have one lesson to impart from this experience, it is this: move all your furniture around more often than once a decade and clean behind it.

Sweet jesus, the corners are _filthy_ :)

It took a team of highly professional burly men a little over 2 hours to efficiently pack the vast majority of our stuff on trucks. Amazing!

See you again Friday, stuff! I hope!

Update: turnout is trending better! Now if dem voters would knock it off with this support for an unelectable mayor, we might be in business.

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Not a fan of these primary numbers. Turnout is too low to win this fall regardless of candidate.

If you ever want to marvel at the embedded-ness of car infrastructure, go look at people playing Cities: Skylines well, i.e.

Look at all the space taken up by even the efficient intersections!

Cannot recommend getting a massive nosebleed in the shower. Not a great time: trying to figure out how to not bleed so much on your white tile while fumbling around for a kleenex and a (white, naturally) towel.

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