Even after driving to harbor freight and buying all of their 24" clamps (of which only 4 remained, to be fair) I am still short of clamps! Gluing things takes many a clamp, good people.

Pleased to report that DisneyWar just keeps getting better and better! Our Shakespearean tyrant has conspired to get his best friend appointed as his lieutenant, and then worked underhandedly from day one to get his best friend lieutenant fired in disgrace!

He's going to cost this company so, so much money it's almost hilarious!

"I was doing my rounds last night--as part of the citizen's police brigade on the old west side--"

Imma stop you right there, NextDoor.

I am absolutely _loving_ James Stewart's "DisneyWar". It's like Shakespeare crossed with "Real Housewives" level sniping and behind-the-back infighting!

Dropbox: I need this entire core for the last 12 hours!
Me: why?
Dropbox: there was a blip in your internet service, and I can't figure out how to reconnect!
Me: ...

WTB something better :)

If you got paid $5K a day since the day of Columbus' arrival in the new world and somehow never invested any of it, then yeah--you're not a billionaire now. But if you managed to put even 2K a day into something that averaged a miniscule and super-conservative 2% return, you'd've lapped Bezos 14 times in (non volatile!) net worth and been able to spend $500MM to live your best deathless vampire life.

The vast majority of Jeff Bezos' money is in Amazon stock; I understand and share an anti-plutocrat policy objective, but net worth from stock is not the same as salary or wage earnings, so it always bugs me a bit to see them compared :).

No Activision/Blizzard products and no NBA in this house.

This fallen oak is apparently no bueno for milling, sadly.

I wonder if I could give it away as mulch or something. Don't want to have to pay $675 to have it hauled away.

Miss Rue remains cancer-free, my friends. These new little lumps are just fatty nodules ::phew::

NextDoor post title: "Sprawl"
NextDoor thread summary: "Is building more tall buildings in Ann Arbor really the best way..."

Me: not today, Satan!

My boss is live-slacking a chance encounter with Sam Neill and it's office comedy gold.

Called comcast and asked to pay them less and they cut $26/mo from my bill. Just for asking. YMMV, but worth a shot!

One bit of good news: my division has a separate insurance rate sheet and my insurance is not, in fact, going up 4-5x in price next year.

But then, I think in solidarity with other divisions at this company, and they're apparently paying 4-5x what I do! Gross!

And then, I think in solidarity with our many contractors, who get no insurance help at all. Even more gross!

We need a national, universally available, health care plan. And we need to make it available by taxing wealth.

So, I love this—Francis Coppola felt that his 1984 Cotton Club movie got butchered by the studio, and he's re-worked it at his own expense years later, to rave reviews: theguardian.com/film/2019/oct/

I wonder how much is in the re-edit and how much is in changing times? But also I want to see baby Fishburne and baby Nic Cage on the big screen!

What has youtube done to their landing page. It's very... sparse and mobilified?

I think my health insurance is going to cost like... 4-5x as much next year because we're rolling on to AT&T's plans? Fucking A.

It is 86 on October 1st and we’re going to get great filtered by climate change, aren’t we?

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