Current status: making a risky pizza. It is risky, yo.

I just put a cherry pie in the oven, made from fresh cherries from the market yesterday. This smells delicious!

I feel it's absence already, like missing a good book after you've finished it. A good sign.

Stranger Things S3: mostly excellent! This show about kids having Very Bad Summers has remained really good, though I think they're probably out of gas after this season.

I wouldn't be surprised if there were more seasons, but I would officially Worry About Them.

Highly recommended.

Always nervous about, uh, about starting the end of a long running thing. Tonight, we enter the storm before the end of our 7th Sea game!

I think about Kurt, from Jason Lutes' _Berlin_, on a weekly or daily basis, since reading it.

Stranger Things S3E6: PHILIP GLASS KLAXON!

Just spent the last 10 minutes finding which piece they used for the, uh, monstrous climax of the episode--unmistakably Glass--and is "Confrontation and Rescue" from Satyagraha, Act 2.


There is a Matthew Wilson with my birthday who lives in Brighton, MI.

They recently got into some kind of accident, for which they were treated at the University Hospital, where I have also been treated.

You see where this is going, I presume, but friends: I have been fielding calls from various offices about billing issues and scheduling adjustments for weeks.

I was briefly worried for my twitter feed over the weekend because I replied to a National Pundit™ and got retweeted and agreed with by both MAGAbots and angry liberals and friends: it turned out OK in the end.

Even so, I am leery of risking it again ;).

What's a good iOS client, now that tootdon has tapped out of the game?

This is a really neat and inexpensive map tiles project that some of the GMs on this fora might find interesting:

So far this long weekend I have finished reading/listening to "Einstein's Unfinished Revolution" by Lee Smolin and "Killers of the Flower Moon" by David Grann.

The first is good if you want a malcontent realist's opinion about the state of Quantum Mechanics today and why we can't seem to unite macro and micro physics (yet).

The second is unqualifiedly great. The Osage murders were shocking, and the twists and turns of this story were perhaps more riveting and surprising as anything in fiction.

Now, after working outside for approximately 100% longer than was really necessary, it is time to make role playing games.

Been a while since I just played videogames for funzies, but I did so a little bit both yesterday and this morning and friends: these can be fun.

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