Made a gluten free loaf. It is... flat? Not terrible? But very... flat.

There was apparently peanut in this packaged chutney :-(.

vue.js is by far the most productivity-oriented javascript framework I've ever been able to get into.

Very impressed with it.

As a hackathon project, my team built pretty rough-and-ready but functional Epic Games Store clone in electron and vue (using our in-house platform).

It was really fun! And we got surprisingly far! Big, big props to the vue.js and electron communities for all their work making something that requires minimal fiddling for maximal productivity.

I ordered things from Home Depot assuming that they'd ship from my local store, which had them all in stock. This appears not to be the case, friends. God only knows when these things will get here.

Don't be me: I should have ordered for pickup.

USAA is returning $520 million to members as credits on their statements and that's... just really nice. Thank you, service organization.

The third verse (starting about 3 minutes in) gets me every time. I hear it in the back of my head on a nearly daily basis.

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Electron with vue.js is a lot of fun so far, yo.

I want to do this project, but I also need a 4x8 plywood sheet! How am I supposed to get one of those home in the time of COVID?

politician goals: get a president like Ireland's PM Leo Varadkar.

I watched this Virtual F1 race live and... it was exciting! More exciting than real F1 racing, probably?

Snake day! Tons of little baby snakes coming out of the nest over in Sugarbush near the swamp.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many snakes in one place

What are people’s cast-iron skillet recs?

Also a thing I need to figure out: how to proof things. I don’t keep my house above 70 :)

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Attempting a whole-wheat loaf; seems more challenging than the others :). I think I over-hydrated my dough. Unsure what to do about that. Also: now out of all-purpose flour! Hopefully stores will have some during my supply run window!

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