"I did hard work and am now tired", the social media site 😂

cut out and removed stumps from (one of our many) side yards, then did 45 minutes of plyo. Very tired indeed.

On the plus side: I also baked a pie! So there's that.

Also it's a good essay, as usual: youtube.com/watch?v=BGr0NRx3TK

If you're interested in how to write and deliver believable character arcs, check it out!

From Lindsay Ellis' latest video essay (on GoT character arcs and how they... yeah), I learn about Robert Caro's insight on power, which is similar to a thought I have had a couple of times in the past.

Lord Acton's "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely." is only sometimes true. What Caro suggests is actually most true about power is that it reveals. "When you have enough power to do what you have always wanted to do, you find out what it is that you wanted."

LOL, they sold the house before we could even look at it!

I have just now seen the most insane chart I have ever seen in re: the games business.

Anyone worked with any real estate agents that they loved and would care to recommend?

Another email about a piano sale on campus. They have _got_ to be laundering pianos.

This WeWork company structure is... hilarious? Awful?

A Very Normal Company:

Very excited to kick off my group's take on Eternal Lies this Friday! I've done... some... work on puzzles and paper props once again!

(Massive thanks to the many corners of the very good Cthulhu Roleplaying Internet for making my life much easier this time!)

10am monday work thoughts!

I'm gonna level with you folks: I don't like typescript very much. There. I said it. I'd rather just write es6.

I'm gonna be an uncle, y'all. Excited and happy for my brother and his wife!

We're getting fucked around in the open on a truly staggering scale, my good people.

Is it just me, or does UMich seem to have a piano sale on the regular?

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