in re: ladies yelling at cat meme, here is the Platonic Nerd Ideal of the form:

Of babies born by people I know recently, 3/4 have been premature. This feels like a very weird rate. Is something going on™ or am I just in a premature baby zone?

Friends, I made tortilla soup and it was good

I think every cop in the county is at Meijer for some kind of PR event so if you’re looking to do crimes... maybe not at this Meijer

Craig's Bond movies have disappointed me before, but this trailer looks fun and glitzy:

Our office's resident ex-russian is massively critical of the work shown in the Black Widow trailer, y'all :).

Watched one of those "let's wander the streets and ask people questions videos" except it was asking young british folk about how much they thought various health care items cost in the US. All too easy.

Today, I have paid the wages of hubris in Learned League.

friends who live in Ypsilanti: if you wouldn't mind, tell me some things you like about living there?

Miss Rue would like everyone to know that she is _bored_, and that this "getting back to work" thing is a stupid idea.

We watched the Mr. Rogers movie, and it was pretty good. Tom Hanks does a phenomenal job.

Friends, I played the Goose Game, and it was very good.

Y’all, I have a nephew! He’s premature but doing quite well, and my sister-in-law is recovering well! Everyone’s happy and exhausted.

His name is Silas.

I may have already asked about this and forgotten, but... does The Masto have vet recommendations?

I wrote 14,000 words over the last 2.5 days whilst on a low-internet writing retreat. Not bad, not bad.

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