One of the screws holding the handle on to my sliding glass door sheared off, so I’ve got that going for me!

Me, disheveled and breathless as I step out of a time portal in 1970: "Dont... don't let people, no matter how benign it seems, put data on things called 'websites'—and for the love of god—shut down every effort to create a programming language called 'javascript'; trust me!"

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I have been working on a bug all morning that is a giant pile of WTFery, so vast in incomprehensibility it has made me question the wisdom of coming back from thanksgiving vacation at all 😂 🤣 😭

I really want this LEGO holiday gift, but literally nothing I want is in stock! Strongly considering ordering enough stuff to get the gift and then returning it 🤣

Happy thanksgiving, y'all! It is also my god-son/nephew's 1st birthday today!

My parents just lost a friend to COVID :(. This stupid virus!

He did _add_ a set of striped-out bikelanes to the new roadway, and then set the speed limit at 100km/hr :)

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A savage AF comment on a Cities: Skylines video from a creator I like :). Comment isn't wrong 🤣

Well, we've now pivoted from dunking on this rich person's ugly-ass house to sharing covid updates and things are depressing again.

That thing where Dexter, the dog, ate something he shouldn't have and therefore gets up at 5am, 5:40am, and 6:30am to poop on your floor.

I believe it's called: "Man, I am so tired right now". At least _he's_ better now and sleeping on the bed!

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