This stupid variant, man. R8-9, vaccinated folks able to spread at a high rate, breakthroughs at a noticeable level, reinfection possibly, sheesh. We’re gonna need yearly shots for this.

If there’s a silver lining it is that the vaccines remain so effective at preventing serious symptoms and reasonably effective at protection.

Heather and Miss Rue are both not feeling good today :-/

God, the CDC sucks at Public health messaging. So many average people stranded in frustration by whipsaw stories.

Does anyone here have experience with sodastream? Are they any good?

I really like flavored bubbly water, but tire of having cans all over the place.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a cleaning service or person?

“All the right words on climate have already been said”, by Sarah Miller —

“It’s time for the right weapons”

We’re standing out on a deck in Ohio after driving up from NC and it’s 70 outside… my body is very confused; Asheville was 80s and humid, Durham 90 and humid… what is this temperature???

Here's kind of a cool initiative my parent company, WB Games, is piloting—a "returnship" program: aimed at mid-career professionals who took time off to raise a child or to provide care for others, it's a 15 week paid ramp back into the workforce. Essentially an internship, but for people who know what they're doing but might be out of date, skills-wise.

None of this is new news to me—I wonder how many of the trumpist magastanis I saw wandering around the tourist trap strip malls would know this history?

I guess the ready-to-hand things to do are to make sure we’re upholding our treaties, not infantilising or victimizing native Americans further, and to support politicians and policies that aim to ensure remaining reservations have the resources they need.

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On our way out of Cherokee today we stopped to see their “unto the mountain” show and village reconstruction. It feels… something… to watch a 2 hour rendition of contact with Europeans as told by the Cherokee themselves—a people that went out of their way to find peace with and ally to the fledgling USA.

We treated them so poorly; abominably poorly—our allies & friends—it’s always a marvel to me that we don’t face continuous insurgency. It’s difficult to even know how to move towards justice.

Lots of anti-union messaging coming in the mail.

One of my coworkers just casually dropped—in a chat conversation about the band Muse—that he was in a band that toured with them, Oasis, REM, The Killers, etc. and were a hot minute away from being a thing there in the early aughts. What!

I guess the "we're looking for rockstar devs" pitch would've worked ;).

I think about Abed's "I just like liking things" line from time to time :). I like liking things too, and trying to figure out why I like some things and not others, and hearing from other people about why they like the things they like too. Comparing notes on the human experience, I guess.

Dexter and Rue are worried sick about all the fireworks already, poor puppers :-(

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