Holy shit, I got 8 hours of sleep for the first time in weeks and friends, this is recommended.

Just in time for the three-day weekend! Someday, we’ll be able to have people over :).

Which reminds me: my old Weber Master-touch 22 is now free to a good home; you have to come collect it tho :).

Good lord, y’all have been chatty today :).

The composers of the OG Deus Ex soundtrack dropped a remix/remaster and it is real, real good: alexanderbrandon.bandcamp.com/

Twitter is still good sometimes: I told those Bloodywood folks I loved their track and wanted to buy a "no flag" shirt, and they responded with a 'yoooo thanks' & they're working on merch as fast as possible.

Never in a million years would anyone guess the HTTP endpoint to retrieve an xbox user's products and entitlements.

a real bhangra banger that slaps, as the kids would say

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A thing I just learned about today: indian metalcore, which absolutely crushes youtube.com/watch?v=Gsy5sJy5_3

Circling back around to wifi—I set up an Eero mesh networking system over the weekend, and it was incredibly easy, eliminated the dead zones, and seems compatible with all of my devices thus far.

It was not cheap, but it works!

Very idealized apple-like experience, starting with the unboxing.

Large scale ivy removal is proving to be grim, western-front 1917 work, good people!

1. No indoors crowds, period.
2. No indoors at all without masks.
3. No outdoors crowds without masks.
4. Just wear the goddamn mask.
5. Build a firewall around every elder care facility.

Maximum Ann Arbor corridor—huge lines outside of Trader Joe’s and Lululemon on Washtenaw ;)

Delivery issues part two: I ordered a new grill for the patio in late may. They gave me a June 15th delivery date, which: fine. They stuck to that date until yesterday, when they called to tell me that they had lost track of it somewhere in Ohio 🤣 .

It's been a bit of a sad non-shock to watch the unfolding second wave of visible-leader-figures-behaving-badly, now in art, streaming, and creative writing this past week.

Power corrupts. Ethics and civics should get more attention in school.

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The struggle to sleep was real this week; thankfully, got 7.5 hours last night.

Work is moving along well and I don't feel like I'm dropping the ball as much.

Our current house projects are nearly all inching ever closer to completion. We should have been done-done with the master bathroom, but the freight company delivering the vanity _scheduled a delivery window, called during that window to change it, and then said they'd actually lost the pallet_. So close!

Does anyone here have any interest in 5x5 IKEA Kallax shelving units? We have two of them, in white, that we don't need. Free if you can pick them up!

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Ann Arborites: I’m trying to help a couple of 15 year olds start a D&D group. Looking for 2-3 players around the same age. Campaign will start online but hopefully switch to in person at some point. Let me know if you know anyone about that age that’s interested. No experience needed.

@dgoings I know you like basketball too--I quite liked this birdsite thread breaking down some of the terminology: twitter.com/eric_shap/status/1

Man, I have had nothing but trouble with this new router. Gonna see if I can return it.

Happy father's day to all y'all fathers on this instance :)

Does anyone here want a 22” Weber MasterTouch charcoal grill in good condition? $79 obo? (Dexter, the pup, is not included but very much likes how the legs and wheels taste.)

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