A new 401k has appeared in my Fidelity account summary, named after a company I used to work for. Today, money appeared in that account. Not much—$1,700. It is listed as a "balance forward".

I am very confused by this. I guess I'll try to roll it over into my AT&T branded 401k?

A thing I want: something that sits in the menu bar on macos and lets me quickly add / modify google calendar entries. I used to have such a tool and it was quite helpful, but then something changed and they never updated it so it stopped working.

Having disclosed this publicly I now realize that I am costing myself the opportunity to position myself as a consultant ;). Well, shucks.

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The one time my friend Gene and I semi-seriously worked on designing a game we ended up in a very similar place (I have printouts of these in a box under my desk), now working in that industry it is I guess heartening to know that two 22 year old complete newcomers to the field can arrive at the state of the art design organization system a priori

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It is kind of awesome how much of "making a AAA game" is "maintaining a dauntingly huge array of microsoft word documents with a bunch of screenshots and bullet lists in them"

This weekend's progress—this puppy has a dang floor. Stained and sealed the sickly-green PT, cut and installed the ply; two coats spar varnish per side to give it some further water resistance. Still pretty darn level and square after all the fuss.

Trying to review a new feature this morning, and I can't stop laughing at this candidate for the greatest python type annotation in history:

Refrigerator died 🙃; freezer still works, but the fans that move the cold air up to the fridge gave out. Bought an LG, which consumer reports liked slightly better than the Whirlpool, but both seemed like good buys.

Two weeks minimum for delivery, so it's fortuitous we decided not to get rid of this little dorm fridge from Heather's old studio last month :).

Ran out of deck screws 🤣 , but made good progress this weekend!

Looking at energy efficiency in new refrigerators, and two things jump out to me:

1. Canada's EnerGuide label disagrees with the US's EnergyGuide label, usually every time, and usually estimates about 10% lower usage. Weird. I can't find out why that would be.

2. Our ten-year old Samsung's label indicates that it is considerably more efficient than just about anything on the market today (470kwh vs 600ish for new models). Did the testing standards change, or are we worse at making these now?

Burbank have raised the referral bonus to OH GOD PLEASE REFER NEW CANDIDATES territory, so if you are interested in a career in the games industry, WB Games is hiring. Let me know if you or anyone you know is looking or may be interested :).

Anyone have refrigerator recommendations? Asking for a me who doesn't think he should have to get this samsung that came with the house serviced every 8 months.

OK @typingmonkey I emptied a sodastream co2 canister—what's this dry ice based refill strategy? :)

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