I am blocked waiting on a couple of bricklink orders, but my jazz club building is coming along well :).

Naturally, the order that is going to arrive last has the parts I need now 😂.

Seriously, though: bricklink is magical. It's truly a shame that more hobbies don't have access to something like this.

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This track looks terrifyingly narrow, good lord: youtube.com/watch?v=ZyB9Al4G91

Hamilton coming around the bend at speed towards the end and finding traffic—there's very little room to pass in the trench run there 😬

I did not sleep much last night; it used to be so much easier to bounce back from this physically, man :).

Anyhow, my is that I am glad that the weekend is almost here.

The end of the year feels like a big rush this year, and I don't like that. I feel quite disconnected from everyone at work.

Anyhow, one positive thing is that I rearranged my hobby space and I like it more. In the cold dark months I work on a model city; it has been relaxing to start on that.

Well, Miss Rue has a weird breed-specific degenerative eye disease, is what the trip to Rochester told me.

Sad news 😢. We'll do everything we can to slow it down.

Rochester would be cute except for this five lane road cutting their Main Street in half

Urgent care in our area is jammed and seems to run out of slots to see patients by midafternoon these days, is what we've learned over the past couple of days.

As Erich said a while ago: try to avoid needing emergency care, I guess.

Talkin' wounds 

Heather cut her finger real bad cleaning a sharp kitchen knife the other evening. It was a flat cut—a divot—super clean edges. Took 2.5 hours to stop the bleeding (0 open urgent care slots, ER seemed... dicey). Then, yesterday, we wanted to change the dressing only to discover that the gauze we'd used to stop the bleeding was quite embedded in the wound. It took 6 hours of soaking and gentle peeling, plus an xacto knife, to get the old gauze off. Six. Hours.

Not recommended!

How is it that I am more tired here at the end of a four-day weekend than I was at the beginning?

Allotting myself a double Manhattan of victory; Heather and I prevailed over a fiendish plot in the rather boundary-pushing finale case in the latest Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective box.

Great box of mysteries; recommended without reservation. Has an introductory sequence of cases that ramp up in difficulty as well, unlike the rest of the series which sticks you in the deep end from the drop.

Stuffed squash, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, chestnut stuffing, and a shaved Brussels sprout salad were our turkey day meal :).

Absolute unit, taking a little rest break to mark the holiday 🤣

Time to make a mini-thanksgiving-feast for two!

Travel has just been Too Much in this era of covid.

One thing I am learning is that there is a lot of stuff to pick and/or clean up after building a shed.

Say what you will about the late stage British Empire, at least their elites recognized mistakes when made and spent time and effort trying to shore up their empire.

Many of their plans were Not Morally Supportable, mind you! But they at least convened panels and took action on reports and stuff!

It kicked in, kicked my ass, and now I feel like I am experiencing the world through gauze—but! No more migraine!

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This imitrex needs to get its shit together and start conquering this headache, yo.

Good morning to everyone except for my head, which decided to get a migraine starting at about 6:30.

Doors! The one on the left has a twist in it, which is mega-annoying, but eh, I’ll build a new one in the future :)

It is a """perfect""" day for working on the workshop out there ;)

This pup is so earnest these past few days. 💗

It's been a downward wobble on her GI issues, but she seems like she's on the upswing again already. It's nice that the floor here is now "mild discomfort and maximum earnestness for 2-3 days" instead of "extremely sick for a week and 75% chance of a trip to the dog ER", hooray dietary restructuring.

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