At least Liechtenauer was realistic: the first and by inference most important thing on his rhymed mnemonic (and lengthy!) for prospective fighters to keep in mind: "gehört dy hölfe gotes von rechte"

i.e. "probably ought to have the help of God on one's side"


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Me: "ah, I have fifteen minutes or so before I wish to be in bed, let's see what last thing we can get done"
My brain: "perfect, time to review Liechtenauer's system of german fencing. Let's see, there were four principal guards and 12 strokes, yes?"
Me: "OK, I guess we're doing that now. Fine."

Would anyone local here have a barstool we could borrow for a couple of weeks?

I was angling to be ready to start at 9am, what with health stuff and needing to check in at work since I'm on call.

womp-womp :).

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Me, last night: "I'm going to get up and moving on these outdoor projects before the rain hits tomorrow afternoon"
Mother nature: <frantically moves rainstorm up>

Three Thousand Years of Longing, George Miller's next movie, looks weird and wonderful!

subbed to Hulu for a minute to get access to some shows; Atlanta S3 has been wild so far.

Darius remains one of the best characters on any show, period.

I turn out to have some invites to this if you're curious; open for the next 8 days. LMK!

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I won my first game and match with the cute rein-doggie character and I might retire undefeated at this game. Fun times!

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TIL, you can no longer email zipfiles to accounts. OK, thanks for ruining everything, internet goons.

franchise flywheel revealing maximum synergies, captain 🤣

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Guess we dropped a cinematic trailer for Multiversus, our upcoming f2p platform brawler and revealed a couple new characters -- invite-only testing starts this week! Everyone is so positive about this game so far 🤞🤞🤞

Heather and I split chores pretty well, I think, but this thing where I am doing everything while she’s on max recovery rest is still educational 🤣

H got discharged, saw the specialist, now she gets to decide what path forward to choose. Hopefully the new meds will bridge us to whichever procedure is chosen. If not, there's another medical option that will definitely work but might interfere with our plans to go to Ireland this fall.

Specialist seemed very good.

Everyone here is extremely tired, I tell you what.

Wild new era of war—I don’t recall ever seeing a Twitter thread offering an after-action report from a military engineer before

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