Having a very @typingmonkey neighborhood lawn maintenance day here on the upper east side.

By which I mean it has been nonstop leaf blowers and lawn mowers.

My coworkers are having a bleak humor day:

A: "Love X's commit messages today: 'everything is probably broken'"
X: "Look, if you're not borderline depressed by your code, are you even a programmer?"
Y: "Every day, the line dividing the horrible legacy shit I have written from the shiny awesome new stuff I've written advances"
A: "What if _It Follows_, but 'it' is just Imposter Syndrome"

I wonder how the Guardian's culture editor really feels

I signed up for a Strava account (as a way of connecting my new rowing machine to apple health—Rube Goldbergian), and I did so with just email, declining all social media connection offers.

It is still capable of recommending friends to me (like @dzombak, a college buddy, and a coworker), which is a little creepy. I guess even though I didn't explicitly link my social media presence it took my email and scraped connections via that?

I had to drive the doggos across town this morning for an appointment and friends, I do not like morning rush hour driving one bit.

That sucked; felt like I avoided at least two accidents in 30 minutes. Abolish car commutes! :).

Me: My god, I have a long to-do list for the day!

Also me: spends the last two hours researching the spread of different sets of canonical texts in niche orthodox christian churches.

My iPhone and my volt are no longer on speaking terms, apparently. Neither through bluetooth nor USB! I've tried rebooting both, to no avail.

Dangit, technology!

A nice visual illustration of the importance of dusk masks 🤣

A morning of iMac problems (it would appear that my backup disk has failed, and macOS blows up trying to talk to it) and random internet people expressing their Very Wrong Opinions in an assertive an un-hedged manner elsewhere on the internet. Shaping up to be a fine day for housework!

Spent 12 hours in bed, feeling better this morning. Fingers crossed that was the end of it!

Business Paterfamilias John Stankey (AT&T), Business Dad Jason Kilar (WarnerMedia), Business Mom Ann Sarnoff (WB), and, uh, Business Cool Rich Uncle David Haddad (WB Games) all wrote missives, neatly arranged in inverse reporting order :).

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