This might be the stupidest thing The Algorithm has decided I’d be in to. Limited edition rifle tributes to America’s Hero, only $2500.

"Well, if you print it at a copy shop, it's no longer 'for personal use' since you paid for the copy."

That's not how any of this works.

Nothing triggers my “someone is wrong on the internet” urge to comment like blatantly false interpretations of intellectual property law.

Everyone has been saying "oh, it takes so long to pack", and "packing up a whole house is going to be a big challenge."

So Heather and I started in on that early. Because we're efficient, we're like... surrounded by boxes now, and mostly done with 2 of 3 floors. I guess I just live and work surrounded by boxes now! 24 boxes of books in this room, and 6 more in storage, plus another box for the things I have kept out.

February 14th!

Probably need to read this again. We're growing because we have more work than our happy little band of 12-or-so can possibly handle, but scaling is hard and specialization is hard, etc.

I feel like this article puts its finger on the pulse of my organizational-level concerns over team size.

Did not get screwed by the appraisal. Now merely waiting on banks.

"Thanks, jackasses. Those are definitely useful independently."

I had to re-up my Adobe subscription, because they took Typekit away and the free tier now does dumb things like: "You can have Caslon Pro... but only bold and semibold".

"Radio Silence" has a track called "Your Flesh Is Irrelevant", which I just love as a track name.

I really like the ambient / soundscape / space artist "Between Interval", good people.

His "Radio Silence" album is a great soundtrack for a casual existentialist movie in the mind, but Legacy and Secret Observatory are tremendous scifi ambient voyages.

I love this stuff when I'm creating.

Miss Rue is apocalyptically bored at 9:30am. It's going to be a long day :)

Ask a site full of web tech nerds for recs on hosting, get a huge range of non-overlapping recs 🤣

Waited too long to try to deal with snow, even with a snowblower that was a miserable hour and a half

Unless the appraisal fucks us we're just waiting on bank loan paperwork now!

We found an amount of money that works for everyone, sweet jesus.

Frickin' older houses. Didn't cut as many corners while building them, but also used shitty materials like asbestos.

Whilst walking to the grocery store last night, I had an older gentleman approach me hoping to talk about attending the baptist church he also attends. "We preach the gospel there," he said.

"Well, that's good to hear," I responded, somewhat lamely. "That's the sort of thing I'd expect from a Baptist church." 🤣

Anyhow, it's clearly been awhile since I've had to interact with proselytizers.

My internet has been supremely comcastic this evening

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