I need the product team to do hackathons more often; I'm much more productive when not in meetings / constantly juggling priorities bubbled up by other people 🤣

Plus, I taught myself a couple new things, which is great.

Looking forward to a calmer weekend (no guests, hopefully no sunburn this weekend!) — gotta finish and send out startup guides for my next TTRPG.

Y'all, I just finished a course in the rust programming language, learning how to use it while also learning an entity component system & little game engine.

It had me make a wee little dungeon roguelike, and I quite enjoyed it! It's got levels and loot and is all fancy, multithreaded and memory-safe thanks to rust.

rust: 1
bracket-lib: 1

ngl; it's been a rough week for my GI tract 😞

So good (Kermit and Fozzie have an ad-libbed comedic existential crisis during camera tests)

Outdoor cats; my intense dislike for them 

We tried. This poor rabbit did not survive :(

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Outdoor cats; my intense dislike for them 

In any case—please be respectful of wildlife. Look how adorable this bun is; praying the little one makes it:

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Outdoor cats; my intense dislike for them 

Rescued a baby rabbit from the clutches of our neighbors fucking outdoor cat; fortunately not too much damage done. I hope the little one will pull through with stitches. That cat has murdered a bird and another baby bunny on my property already this year.

I like cats, but I do not understand how humans, with all our other destructiveness towards the natural world, tolerate this. It’s not the cat’s fault; they are what they are. Makes me so mad.

took the day off and spent most of it on the river with Heather and her folks for her birthday.

Despite applying spf 50 three times in 4 hours, I still burned! Outrageous UV intensity, I guess :).

Work is intensely stressful and busy; glad to have a long weekend.

Wee little juvenile squirrels come to visit our bird bath / shade garden most mornings and evenings 😍😍! This is great. Blurry picture, my phone has seen better days :)

The unearthly background howl/buzz of the cicadas (? I assume, been going on for about a week) is really weird.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but it is hot out there if you were planning on cutting sod out and other such heavy yard work 🤣

Made some of ol’ general Tso’s chicken; good stuff. This batch a little less crispy than my first effort—I suspect I left it too juicy from the marinade, or humidity was too high? Delicious, though.

Aesop Rock's "Dorks" has been playing in my head a lot recently. I guess I'm disappointed in the thoughtleadering zeitgeist 🤣

We brought in 10 yards last year too; very little overlap between the two zones, but I think we should be able to get less each year henceforth

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Yesterday and today I moved 10 yards of mulch. This is a lot of mulch! But hey, the gardens that this lot clearly demands are starting to look cared for and maintained 🤣

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