I really need an outlet for writing, but then I have to actually polish my writing so it's not just an internal monologue and the occasional email to my Dad and brother.

@hypomodern I just wrote a 2000 word preview of the Michigan offensive line that I sent to some friends as an email, so I probably also need an outlet for writing.

@typingmonkey "Them boys are bringing the beef and we got backups now"

@hypomodern I'm really going to enjoy the whiplash between spreadball with slot ninjas and RPOs and then short yardage with the assortment of Brobdingnagian rhinopeople available plus the insane 270 pound fullback.

@hypomodern it's hard but worthwhile to just make yourself polish and publish a thing now and then. even if it's primarily only for you.

I'm always happy to read drafts and offer editorial advice.

@hypomodern me and @samfirke have a very informal "Blogging Support Club" that you are welcome to join

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