Focaccia: not easy :). Kenji Lopez-Alt told me to put pistachios on but those suckers burned well before the bread itself was done!

It is delicious! Here’s a question: yeast. Yeast never seems to work as well for me as recipes say it will. For instance, this recipe said the dough will rise 4-6x in size. Mine did 2-3x. Is there a trick to getting good yeast results?

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@hypomodern Oooh we have a no-knead we should share (and make)

@Vaguery @hypomodern um, it’s the same recipe. Mostly. Except I don’t put anything on it except rosemary salt. Or pizza toppings. Or just olive oil.

@Vaguery @hypomodern also leaving it in the fridge and baking a bit into rolls... yeah we make it a lot

@logista @Vaguery nice :). This was a no-knead too. Hopefully it’s good! Always up for more recipes!

@hypomodern instant vs. active dry makes a difference. Instant is more active.

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