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My anti-prop-A sign cannot get here fast enough.

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Lawrence Lessig's new podcast (Another Way) is fucking gold for an ol' radical on republican reform issues like yours truly.

Dangerous days, my friends. Dangerous days.

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Watched the game on tape delay--heckuva win on the road; MSU and Dantonio worked their best weather and bad luck hex magic, but a 395-95 yardage whipping was too much to overcome.

I have some gameplanning gripes, but I think Jim's got a particular way he wants to beat MSU.

The first halves of this Month of Strahd are in the bag; I think both my 1849 and 1894 groups are going well, and I am learning a ton about how how to adapt this genre to the table. I have one player playing both ends of the timeline, and it was quite fun to see the wheels turning in her mind--the old 'wait, if that's happening and he's here, then...' :).

Trying to adapt some of Ken Hite's advice--more olfactory and auditory GM narration, less visual.

If you love woodworking, or relaxing videos--or both!--you might love Dorian Bracht's "Joint Venture" series, where he practices amazing joinery from Japan and Europe. Consider this stunning gable join:

The footballing worked out well this fine fall day, as did the hiking (at Huron Meadows) and the apple-orcharding (at Almar Orchards, best doughnuts in the state)!

Do I want to read an open letter to the mayor posted on NextDoor?

Y’all should get on this Romanian minority ethnic cuisine level :)

I am making Szekelyalmas for dinner tonight, good people. Pretty excited :).

Welcome to Night Vale live (at the Michigan!) was a good time, as usual!

Ha, happened to confirm a batch of deletes that started with "Peered in the windows of this Workantile thing downtown. Looks nice, and they're neighbors with one of my favorite coffee shops: Mighty Good. I'll have to look into a membership!"

I have begun the facebook purge. They make this hard, but I have found a chrome extension that lets me delete things in bulk.

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