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It is vastly earlier than anyone really wants to be at an airport

Started reading Brian Phillips’ essay compilation ”Impossible Owls”, and man... the man is a national treasure. These are so good!

in re: Gilets Jaunes -- the rightwingers I know have conspicuously slowed their hype for these protests as the French left has ramped up and a more social message has taken hold. Interesting tracking.

I put leftover chicken makhani in a calzone and it was delicious, AMA

Watched "the Ballad of Buster Scruggs" this evening and it was pretty darn great, good people. Highly recommended.

I have Middle-Earth: Shadow of War (1 each XB1 / PS4) and Batman: Arkham Knight (same platforms) that I can give away this season, would anyone want them?

It's interesting to see media outlets portraying the "Gilets Jaunes" riots in Paris has about "living costs" and "rising oil costs" when the maga crowd (and their own spox) firmly believes them to be about neofacist rage at the usual "globalist" / "immigrants are destroying white culture" business.

Of course, it's also "funny" to see "law-and-order" rightwingers in favor of rioting. Violence, as ever, is legitimated by its adherence to fascist ideology.

what on earth is going on with comcast today? Anyone else in town having massive problems with them?

Wait wait wait--Scandroid released a preview track off the next album and it's synthwave PLUS 80's METAL:

Picked up an Xs to replace my rapidly dying 6s, and man what a tremendous device this is.

From Manhattans last night, here is the RestrictedPython library we're building some nice stuff on, in case people check here and not twitter:

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