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Only in software engineering are you and a coworker, after hours of work, prone to excitedly exclaim: "fuck yeah, it fails! FINALLY! Now we're getting somewhere"

Yeah, yeah, I could spend my money on [x], but--hear me out here--what if I just bought more hand tools instead?

I connected my patreon to discord and it's frankly a little overwhelming in there.

An excellent career-end retrospective for the outgoing conference commish from our local university sportsblogger par excellence:

@hypomodern he was stunned, angry that this administration would gamble with the livelihood of farmers and blue-collar workers; wanted everyone to know that you can’t be an asshole to your friends for very long before they turn on you.

Worried about an isolated, lonely future.

I couldn’t agree more.

Been having a lot of unprompted poliecon conversations with random professionals, is the narrative of the past few days.

Met with our accountant yesterday, and we’re still in line for a refund this year. He editorialized, unprompted, that looking over the aggregate numbers from his clients, it’s obvious that these latest tax cuts were insane, too far. They need to be rolled back.

When you’ve lost the _tax specialists_, you know you’ve really lost the plot with your restructuring.

At the risk of turning into Tom Friedman, I had an interesting conversation with the contracted janitor at the grocery store about international trade policy

I am relieved to discover that we actually have ambassadors to India _and_ Pakistan, but given the state of our, uh, state, it's a little embarrassing I had to check.

This time next week we're probably invading Venezuela. 75-25.

After a long break, it was nice to get back in the swashbuckling swing of things with a plan and a rolling time smashing fish-men-zombie things.

I love how chrome pops up title text from seemingly completely random tabs on a regular basis. Gives me a lot of confidence.

Let's fetch ~100ish records on the first page, and then each subsequent page will be however many records fit in 16MB!

mongo's built in cursor behavior leaves something to be desired

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I hate the "own your data" meme in the decentralized social web. A friend of mine pointed out how useless the phrase is a few years ago and I agree. "Ownership" sounds an awful lot like digital "property", which is nonsense when moving from physical to digital stuff because copying doesn't destroy the original. The path you go down there is the path to artificial constraints like DRM. Yikes!

We should be talking about user autonomy instead. That's a much better meme.

Thought it was quite interesting to hear Bookchin center the American Revolution and the Committees of Correspondence in his thinking about how the left can reclaim it's moral standing. I should read more and try to find info on movements integrating constitutional support for confederal municipal & localist democratic structures.

(Main content grumpiness about the authoritarian left's support for Sandinistas--something we should keep in mind in re: Venezuela.)

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