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I have a brilliant idea for a game thing, but I need the skills to manufacture a series of 9 16th century woodcut-style images. Damn you, lack of artistic fluency!

Anyone, uh, anyone here know how to gin up something that looks like a woodcut?

I think this Mother Jones thing (and, by extension, the WaPo thing) about definitional issues is probably misguided water-muddying.

Urbanization is happening at an increasing pace, and that "just is" rural health in decline seen from the city's perspective. I think Will Wilkinson is correct: the opportunity cost of non living in a dense city keeps going up, and that means places are either turning urban or seeing their population drain to cities.

Wait wait wait where did this rain come from?

Fuck yeah, another Italia Squisita video on pizza preparation:

I love these, and I don't know why :)

Ticks all of my boxes:
1. passionate discussion of the dough recipe for the crust for 80% of the video (spoiler: it's basically the same every time)
2. they make enough dough for 4-6 pizzas at a time, because Italy
3. toppings are always lovingly crushed by hand are are: tomatoes, olive oil, an herb (basil or oregano), garlic, and maybe cheese (fior di latte, not much)

Roderick Spode, but instead of bellowing that all true born Englishmen should be issued a bicycle, demanding that all true born Michiganders should be issued an armored car.

A little project I finished this weekend around taking more rotting drywall out of my garage: a holder for my diamond stones! It's got a pad on the bottom and everything. First time using the hand router plane!

Now to figure out how to efficiently resharpen said router's iron :).

Somebody lost a camera that has photos on it they really want back 😬

Kveldssanger remains a goddamn masterpiece.

It's interesting. I used to voraciously read fantasy; much of that has now shifted to voraciously reading history. It is actual history that has raised my standards for fiction. Real people and events turn out to frequently be weirder, more interesting, and certainly more shocking than fiction :).

I really should start that podcast where I tell history like a story instead of as a collection of facts and dates.

Anyhow, not sure there's been a better fantasy show, and it has set the bar really quite high indeed; I mostly really liked it despite my reservations about the shift in storytelling once they really ran out of Martin's material and the jettisoning of interesting plot through-lines. But I also think that _Martin_ got lost in a maze somewhere in the middle of the third book and may not himself have any idea how this was supposed to work.





Lol, found someone’s old weed stash and rolling papers behind a ceiling panel in the garage.

Anyone else have this thing where they often can't just tackle a book head on and have to sort of sneak up on the idea of reading a thing they'd been interested in reading for ages from the side, often by reading a couple other things first? No? Yes?

related: I would be happy to lend this behemoth tome out, should anyone local be interested.

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