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My brother's city (Gainesville, FL) is tryna hire Howard Lazarus, who is apparently sick and tired of certain councilors.

"Nobody gets into venture capital because the best-case scenario is doubling their money."

Quote on installing a new front door was surprisingly high. I don't suppose anyone here has installed a door before?

They’re so good! Seb McKinnon’s Kickstarter art mats. Such a mythic looking art style.

"Important information about your credit card account" == "Hey, so, uh... you haven't used it in a while and we wanted to remind you that you totally could"

Thanks, business! I do in fact remember.

Why is it so hard to find pound cake? I mean, I can make one easily enough, but c'mon, local stores!

Dexter, the pup, seems to be 90% better this morning as well.

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Miss Rue has defended the house admirably this morning from construction crews, and has allocated herself a nap.

Dexter, the pup, has come home from the vet and is curled up on his own bed

Dexter, the pup, is clearing out his blocked appendix without so far needing surgery. Hooray, dingo!

Also we have got to figure out how to convince him not to experimentally eat anything he can put his mouth on.

Dexter, the pup, maybe has dog appendicitis or maybe has “ate too much indigestible material and now my dog appendix is real mad”; but either way he’s having a bad day

Anyhow, I've been asked to share this URL with our positions, so here:

Join this group of "men making thinking faces at monitors" , a.k.a. the glamorous world of game services!

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We thought we had a good one in the bag but then when our studio manager mentioned WB does a pro-forma background check he stood up, said no thanks, and was never heard from again.

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