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What a week, eh?

End of year crunchtime here. Looking forward to a week at Thanksgiving and another week or so over the Christmas season. Had my first real test as a team lead—lots of little things combining into the perfect storm—but I think it's going OK. It was a real rough sprint for one of my people from a code quality perspective. There's a lot of reasons why that might be, though, so we'll see how he gets back to it Monday.

Here's to sleep and nice weather!

(I know, I know, it's pro-Romanov absolutist propaganda, but it fits the mood pretty well in its final third)

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I'm going to bed! I hope you all manage to get some sleep tonight too.

Man, how good does a nice shower feel after a lazy Sunday morning? I think very good.

This is good.

Sending over paperwork to our tax people (Heather closed one business, opened a new one, want to make sure we're on track) and it was a nice reminder that this shit-heel president, like most of his shitty aristocratic friends, chipped in a whole $750. I alone have paid more income tax than ~25 purported Trumps.

Quite a festive atmosphere! Someone lined the forest pathways across the way with luminaries, which was incredible and also touched my ol’ pagan heart

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Our skeleton is ready to party, and watch trick or treaters closely!

"Remote Tech Lead opportunities at Facebook"


USPol, Work, MegaCorp Messaging 

I can't remember--and maybe I'm old here-- but I don't think MegaCorp's election day messaging email used to include details from our Global Security Team about how they're monitoring and prepared for unrest and violence directed at media organizations. And how it would be "prudent for all of us to be more proactive and vigilant in how we think about our safety and security" around the election.

I also boggle that we _have_ a Global Security Team.

I was wrong, they've only been on this schedule since sometime this summer. I had mixed up my studios; it is Rockstar and RDR2 that crunched for nearly a year.

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I might be wrong about how long this has been going on; there's some controversy about this.

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"But they're going to get a big bonus on this game"

Sure; I've seen it calculated as high as $45K based on preorder numbers, which is a big deal in Eastern Europe! But they've been clocking 80 hour weeks for a year already.

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My heart goes out to the CDPR team; just been ordered into another 3 weeks of crunch on Cyberpunk 2077. Probably until Christmas, at this point. Big yikes.

Should probably gently stock up on essentials, my friends. It's already happening in NY/MA as cases start to mount there, plus election insecurity.

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