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Happy Multiversus is in open beta release day!

Pleased to welcome this Glenfiddich 15-year Solera to the Wilson Strategic Scotch Reserve.

Max Verstappen should be required to have some minor car problem every outing for the rest of the race calendar. It's only fair to Ferrari and Mercedes :).

Dear Squirrel Mom,

We fae folk waited as long as we could but we took your little lost one and gave it to one of our fae specialists and hopefully it will thrive.

Sorry about whatever happened there.

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I have also spent far, far too long in the bathroom today with stomach trouble that isn’t getting better 😞

This saga is emotionally exhausting! Will some mother squirrel please come claim this foundling?

Trying to convince momma to come fetch it; may have missed the window.

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Found a too-small youngling abandoned in our back yard 😭😭😭. Trying to see if a wildlife center exists that would help us. Unknown species.

Local sports/politics blog gave the Damn Arbor post (co-authored by @Erich, I think?) and @bdimcheff a shout out :)

Second year in a row that some creature (undaunted by fencing) has come through mid-July and wrecked our corn—pulled them down and snapped 'em in half.

Corn-hating raccoons?

They didn't touch anything else in the garden.

DTE currently in a passive-agressiveneess battle with my solarize contractor about interconnection

Seriously: I know people say "never read the comments" but this is the exception that proves the rule—this level of positivity from rando commenters is wild.

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Official Gameplay Trailer

(online sentiment analysis: very strong; online services stress level: 8999 🤣)

Filling out a health survey that asks about one's cigarette smoking habit and there is no option for "I have never had a cigarette".

That feels like a big oversight? Neither Heather nor I have ever smoked a cigarette—are we huge outliers?

Not recommended: this eye infection.

Very much not recommended: the fact that I have been averaging 1 eye infection every two months for the last year.

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