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@hypomodern and it does indeed contain sporting news and horoscopy, as well as a shipping update in its very victoriana-elfpunk style

OMG, "Strata", the sourcebook for The Spire (a game I aim to play soon!) was deposited in my mailbox this morn. Thanks to the largesse of KS backers, this one contains not merely a collection of the city's newspaper cutouts, but a full 12-page newspaper!

I have swooned. 12 pages!

Tormenting my NY-based coworkers by sending them a picture of me enjoying a Pepperidge Farm bagel :)

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The crowning achievement? 3:04, the solo replaced with "The Girl from Ipanema".

Read John Ousterhout's "A Philosophy of Software Design" yesterday; highly recommended. Pull of pragmatic advice for identifying and managing complexity in software systems _and_ avoids dogma. My kind of principles-based design!

I haven't mentioned my admiration for Pharoahe Monch enough recently, so here, here's a great song:

I got home from a little evening jog to a Miss Rue who wasn't _mad_ at me for not taking her walkies... just _disappointed_. 🐺 😅

FFG is offering a custom art promo if you preorder through their website, but then their storefront nags you about supporting your local game store!

Y U NO / not sure if serious.

(I'm supporting my local game store anyway, as I don't need a random piece of game swag.)

Every time I see a new picture of my coworker Chris D's house, I am blown away by how he is living his best 1970s boy life. This morning, a picture of one of his cats luxuriously curled up... on the seat of a motorcycle, surrounded by large spare speaker systems. In a room with a nice, polished wood floor. He has a room for motorcycle and speaker stack storage! That's it, that's all that's in there, except a really nice cat!

Looks like I got done with my outside chores just in time!

Always humorous to look back at notes made as I was dozing off the night before. I remember these being more detailed and, you know, helpful!

Madrid's new regional president, talking about rolling back the city's (excellent!) anticongestion and emissions Madrid Central program:

> Congestion is “part of the life in Madrid”, she said, adding that the city’s nightlife “goes hand in hand with traffic jams”.

> Within a month of its launch last November, Madrid Central had cut urban traffic by up to 24% and nitrogen oxide (NOx) levels by 38%. CO2 emissions also fell by 14%.

What the hell is wrong with right-wingers?

That moment when you left iTunes playing your "classical music smart playlist" overnight and it's rolling over into the Soviet National Anthem when you put the headphones back on.

An ice cream bar is basically a breakfast sandwich, right?

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